What to Do and Eat in Apulit?

The West Beach of Apulit Island Resort is where we enjoyed the most. Since there were only a few people in the resort then, we got to have the whole beach to ourselves. 🙂


The resort just opened after years of being abandoned, so it would take some time before the marine life will be abundant again.

The waters were a bit rough during the December season and there were no island-hopping activities, so we just stayed within the vicinity of the island.

What to Do in Apulit?

The boys loved kayaking! Although there’s no lagoon to visit with the kayak, we decided to kayak all the way to the West beach. 🙂 It took us 30 minutes to get there.

Note: The resort fees already include the use of available non-motorized water sports equipment (ex. hobie cat, windsurf, kayak, etc.).

I like El Nido resorts because of the group’s focus on environment and safety, especially for kids. They have life vests for kids and babies, which seems to be quite rare in a lot of resorts.

I taught Aidan how to snorkel. 🙂 This was the first time he experienced it. I tried to teach Joshua, but I guess he is still too young to learn since he panics when he can’t breath through the nose.

Note: The use of mask, snorkel and full foot fins is complimentary for the duration of your stay.

We tried to go snorkeling in the house reef with the boys, but Joshua decided not to go and Aidan panicked when he saw a big fish staring at him in the water. He pleaded to go back to the shore with Joshua.

It’s good to note that a lot of fishes are back in the house reef. You can see that the reef is starting to be rehabilitated again since it is now protected from abusive fishermen.

Raphael’s first beach encounter! He loved every second of it. 🙂

He even had a good nap along the beach… Sarap!

On the way back, we decided to take the motor boat. Aidan had fun driving it. 🙂

Another activity you can do in the resort is Find the Baby Shark — just try to spot these black-tipped baby sharks swimming around the water cottages. Feeding them is not allowed because the resort wants nature to take its course and not to artificially induce their feeding process.

Some people told me that during the resort’s Club Noah days, the waters below the water cottages were full of fishes. I guess it would take some time before the other fishes go back to Apulit Island.

Board games are also available in the resort. It was fun playing Mastermind and Jenga with the boys because they’re more interactive instead of fiddling with the iPhone or iPad.

The sun sets directly in front of the East water cottages, so we just hung around the balcony, waiting for the sun to disappear on the horizon.

I like teaching the kids to appreciate sunsets early on because I believe the Philippines has the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Exercising your photography skills is a must on the island. The resort makes a great background for jump shots. 🙂

What to Eat in Apulit?

For breakfast, Joshua loved eating the unlimited servings of watermelon and mangoes with yogurt. 🙂

Another thing I love about El Nido resorts is that they allow a beach picnic set-up for lunch and they prepare everything for you. Make sure to request to have lunch on the West Beach.

A variety of drinks are available and billed on a separate basis. Just to give you an idea of the bar drinks menu (price ranges from P150-P250/drink):

Non Alcoholic Drinks, Spirits & Liqueurs | Spirits & Liqueurs, Beer & Mixed Drinks

These two are officially the first Honeymoon Couple of Apulit Island Resort. They usually have private lunch and dinners all around the area. We were only able to catch and see them during breakfast time.

All the meals are buffet style. Most of the cooked dishes still need improvement. 🙁 It’s understandable, though, since they’re still training the staff and stabilizing the supply of ingredients when they opened in December.

We did love the grilled section, where they grilled seafood and meat on the spot for the guests.

The secret weapon of the Apulit Kitchen is Chef Rey — the head chef of Lagen Resort who transferred here.

My wife and boys loved the crabs! They were our staple food during our stay. 🙂

Before we left, we requested for suha, which was freshly picked from the suha tree in the resort.

Overall, a trip to Apulit Island Resort will revolve around exploring and enjoying nature with your family and friends.  It is a good escape from your busy life, but don’t expect any nightlife or something exotic to do.

The food is acceptable but I’m expecting more from a high-end resort (at least the food needs to be at par with Miniloc or Lagen). The service is attentive and the ambiance is homey. Don’t forget to request for a beach picnic set-up or a private dining set-up around the resort (at no extra charge).

to be concluded…

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For more info: visit Apulit Island Resort Official Website

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Full Disclosure: My friend from El Nido gave us an Apulit Island Resort gift certificate for the accommodation before she left the company, so the entire family decided to check it out last December.

We paid for our buffet meals (about P1,000 for lunch, and P1,500 for dinner per adult per meal) and incidentals during our 3 Days 2 Nights stay. We paid for our flight to Palawan and transportation going to Taytay.

I’m NOT connected with or compensated by El Nido resorts. I’m NOT connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firm.

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6 thoughts on “What to Do and Eat in Apulit?

  1. We stayed in Club Noah about 8 years ago. Indeed, there were a lot of fishes around the water cottages. We loved the site of them everytime we are in our water cottage. The reason for that was because the guests feed the fishes, so they come regularly for the feeding. I think El Nido should re-think their policy now of not feeding the fishes. As long as good food is being given (in those times, the kitchen provides day-old bread), I don’t think it would be a problem. Fish feeding and watching the fishes from our balcony were two of our most memorable bonding tie when we were at the Club Noah. I am glad they have re-opened the resort. Are the rates cheaper than Miniloc and Lagen?

  2. Hi Carol,
    Yeah the fishes are starting to come back and I heard stories of how beautiful the fishes were.  Do you have a photo?
    Here is the rate:
    Water Cottages (Capacity: 2 Persons) Package Rates:
    Single (P15,500 | P16,500 | P17,500 per person per night)
    Twin (P11,500 | P12,500 | P13,500 per person per night)

  3. Hi Carol,
    Fish feeding is highly discouraged as it changes the fishes’ natural feeding habits. They become accustomed to receiving handouts from people and no longer look for food on their own. Also, the fishes tend to become more aggressive towards people (i.e. biting fingers and toes) as they expect to be fed. Also, foods like bread and crackers are like junk food for the fishes.

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