Heaven is for Real and the Prince of Peace!

I believe that there is Heaven because of our Catholic faith.

But after reading these two books on the stories of two young persons’ personal encounters with Heaven, it became really real for me. I accepted it as a fact rather than just depending on blind faith about its existence.

The story of  3-year-old Colton Burpo’s encounters with Jesus in Heaven was both reassuring and chilling, powerfully told through the innocence of a child. It answered the questions on:

  • What happens with our loved ones when they die?
  • Do the unborn really have a soul? (a timely question in light of the RH Bill)
  • Is Heaven just a concept or is it physically real? What does it feel like?
  • What does it mean to get a Power Shot from Heaven?
  • What does Jesus look like?

It was very comforting to learn the answers, and it further strengthens our Faith in Him.

After reading Todd Burpo’s (Colton’s father) account in the book, “Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, I also read the story of Akiane Kramarik‘s impressionistic and spiritual painting of “The Prince of Peace” in her self-titled book, “Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry

I couldn’t stop reading the two books back-to-back, and I was crying when I finished them.

You can buy your online copies of the books via Amazon Kindle:

  • Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of
    His Trip to Heaven and Back 
    [Kindle Edition] $6.13
    For more info, visit http://heavenisforreal.net/

Read them now and, guaranteed, you’ll have an awesome weekend. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

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P.S. After reading the books, check out this good reflection video post on the 11-yr-old (Who) Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw!


13 thoughts on “Heaven is for Real and the Prince of Peace!

  1. fascinating! and this time, the accounts are from the mouths of babes so we know they couldn’t be making these up. stories like these really validate my belief in heaven and give me hope that there is MORE to life here on earth. thanks, will def look out for these books!

  2. I was wondering what the girl’s painting looked like. As Colton said that it was the painting closest to what Jesus looks like. Thanks for putting this up. Now I have a special image of Him when I pray 🙂 God Bless, Anton

  3. checked both powerbooks and fullybooked. no stock. Fullybooked may restock in a few months.. havent checked national bookstore yet.
    i love stories like these! thanks for recommending anton.
    OT: Job is already in Taiwan in case you didnt know.. operation done a few weeks back. Hoping for his fast recovery!

  4. Great to know. Please update us 🙂 These books are really good, if you can download an online copy via Kindle, you got to read it. 

  5. Anton, I would not attempt to argue with you on matters of religion, because that is a personal matter which no one should interfere with. In the same way that the Catholic Church has no right to interfere with how people — especially those who may not be Catholic — choose to plan their families. What I would like to suggest to you, however, is to study the issue fully and fairly, and to read the provisions of the RH Bill, before you blindly believe the lies (and YES, they are lies, and they know it) that the CBCP is promulgating. Let’s not be like the Filipinos from the Spanish times, who just accepted everything the corrupt friars told them. The repercussions of that are still with us today.
    I apologize for bringing up this topic in what may seem like an inappropriate venue, but you are my friend, and I know you to be an intelligent, educated and good person. Therefore, I hope that you would form your opinion based on facts and logic, not the misinformation spread by those who have only their own interests in mind. Thanks for the time, Anton.

  6. OK Katrina, I keep an open mind and I'll more into this issue. I'll research on my own and know the data first hand.
    Thanks for this comment!

  7. Thanks for being open, Anton. That’s all I ask — that you study the facts instead of just accepting the opinions of others (especially since some of them are lies or just plain idiocy). There are many logical reasons why the RH Bill should be passed, and why the CBCP is out of line. To state just a few:
    1. Our Constitution says we have a separation of church and state, so matters of national importance and law should NOT be influenced in any way by any religion. While the majority of Filipinos are Catholic, a large percentage is not. And even those who *are* Catholic, may not agree with the Church’s stand, so they should not be forced to follow the beliefs of others.
    2. Countless studies have proven that economic progress cannot take place if a nation is over-populated. It’s a simple matter of demand and supply. More mouths means less food. And no, the answer is not simply to produce more food. Apart from the planet already being over-taxed, it simply isn’t doable. I heard that an agriculture expert said that even if we greatly improve our rice industry, we will always have to import, because there are just too many of us and we simply cannot grow enough rice in the Phils. to feed everyone. Isn’t that terrible?
    3. The RH Bill is NOT pro-abortion. That is very clear in the law. People who claim that it allows abortion are either misinformed or lying. In fact, the bill will help prevent abortions because there will be fewer unwanted pregnancies. On top of that, people’s *quality* of life will be better, because they’ll have more money. Which is why I refuse to call the anti-RH people “pro-life.” Because *I* am pro-life, that’s why I’m pro-RH. 🙂

  8. i have been regularly visiting Anton’s blog for so many years now. I am deeply disturbed that you have chosen this venue for your “crusade” i respect your opinion but would prefer that you post it on a more appropriate site where people wish to discuss this topic.

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