Join JCI Asia Pacific Conference Manila 2011!

JCI Manila, together with co-hosts JCI Iloilo, JCI Philippines and all our other JCIP Local Organizations, present the JCI Asia Pacific Conference in Manila 2011! This is the 8th time that the JCI ASPAC Conference will be proudly hosted in Manila. 🙂

I highly recommend Manila Jaycees to all young professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make a difference in the Philippines through developing personal leadership and giving back through community service activities. One of the main reasons why people join JCI is for the awesome business networking, most especially in the JCI Manila Chapter.

To get an immersion into Jayceeism, you may join the 2011 JCI ASPAC Conference this coming May 26-29, 2011 at SMX, Manila. This is the best time to be part of the Jaycees movement!

About JCI

The Junior Chamber is one of the most respected young volunteer organizations in the world. It was founded by a young man named Henry Giessenbier, Jr. in St. Louis, Missouri in 1910. He had the foresight to believe that character and citizenship could contribute toward permanent world peace. Junior Chamber members are simply known as Jaycees.

The JCI Manila, also known as “Manila Jaycees”, is the first and premier chapter in the Philippines and in Asia, which contributed to the growth of other chapters all over the Asia-Pacific region. The Manila Jaycees is an association formed to develop the leadership abilities of young men, aged 18 to 40, through community service activities. Membership in the Manila Jaycees is open to everyone, regardless of nationality or creed, for as long as he belongs to the 18-40 age bracket and possesses good moral character.

3 Days to go to JCI ASPAC 2011 in Manila! You can still register if you are not yet a member.

ONSITE registration will commence on May 25, 2011 (Wed). The registration booths will be located inside the SMX Convention Center and will be open from 9:00am – 6:00pm.

Download the official 2011 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference Program.

For more information, visit:

JCI Asia Pacific Conference 2011 – Manila
Offical Program: JCI ASPAC 2011 Program
Official Website: JCI ASPAC 2011 Website
Connect in Facebook: JCI ASPAC 2011
To register, click here.

Register now and be part of the 2011 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Manila, Philippines!

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P.S. Mental note: I will encourage my boys Aidan, Joshua, and Raphael to become members of the Manila Jaycees when they grow up. 🙂

Thanks to all our JCI ASPAC 2011 sponsors for supporting the event!

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  1. I’d also like to plug that in line with the JCI conference, we’re also organizing an Explore the Philippines Trade Expo in SMX in the hall right beside the conference function room. It’s going to be from May 27-May 29. 10am-6pm at the SMX Function Room 2.
    Please visit for more details.

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