A Guide to the First-Ever Giant Balloon Parade in Manila

**Final Update: with Photos of the actual parade last June 4, Saturday! 

The BGC Passion Parade was blessed with perfect weather and a good crowd. The kids not only love the giant balloon structures but also the parade of the cars 🙂

Congratulations to a successful BGC Passion Parade! This is promising and we do hope it gets bigger and bigger each year 🙂

June 4, Saturday First Ever BGC Passion Parade:

Tinstaej #85 known as Papa Bear.

The Giant Dog Balloon

A close up detail of the Balloon Camera.

Cool Bikers!

Pinoy Minis…

The Balanghai!

May 28, Saturday First Ever BGC Passion Parade:

Despite the threat of heavy rains, the first ever BGC Passion Parade pushed through last Saturday! Congratulations!

Don’t miss the second and last parade this coming June 4, Saturday with two new balloon sculptures — The Balanghai (Boat) and Papa Bear. 

The Pinoy Mini Club led the parade.

An inside look into how intricate the balloon sculptures are.

Congratulations to Jing Simpao Callanta aka Jiggles the Balloon lady for creating the awesome balloon sculptures!

The 55-piece drum and lyre band set the mood of the parade playing the theme song of the BGC Passion Parade.

Ice Cream Balloon 🙂

Balloon House sponsored by Two Serendra Community. 

Reginald Yuson’s Specific Gravity (the rock waterfalls along Boni High Street)

Mountain Biker showing off his skills. 

Dog Balloon 🙂

I was impressed with this camera balloon 🙂

Reginald Yuson’s Hearsay

Flower balloons sponsored by One Serendra Community.

Last but not the least — Miata Club Philippines 

Here is a guide to the first-ever BGC Passion Parade:

Imagine 7 – 12ft giant balloon sculptures shaped into different passions (like a camera representing photography) and passion communities (like running and cycling) coming together for the first-ever Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Passion Parade.

The vision is to have something similar to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, showcasing various life passions using giant balloons.  The balloons will be paraded around the “running oval” around Bonifacio High Street. Hopefully, in the future, the balloons will be helium-based so that people can see them flying high up in the air.

The BGC Passion Parade will happen this coming Saturday, May 28, and on June 4 at 5pm.

The parade will be led by a 55-piece drum and lyre band, which will play music specially composed for this festival.

It will start along 9th Avenue (near Krispy Kreme), move on to 7th Avenue (where ROX is located), then return to 9th Avenue again, before finally going around the 11th Avenue (in the Fully Booked area).

The parade is expected to last around 45 – 60 minutes. The current plan is to leave the balloons in Boni High Street for photo op purposes with a backdrop of the Manila sunset.

TIP: Bring your kids to this event because free handmade balloons — shaped into ladybug bracelets, skateboard helmets, flower headdresses and fish head pieces — will be given along Bonifacio High Street before and after the parade.


Aside from the Giant Camera Balloon, don’t miss the Giant Dog Balloon

…and the giant balloon replica of BGC’s famous art installations, like Reginald Yuson’s ‘Hearsay’

…and ‘Specific Gravity’.


To represent the different passion communities:

Loop Bikers and Mountain Bike Philippines will lead the passion for Cycling.

Barely Legal, a group of runners from the legal profession, will represent the Running Community.

Pinoy Mini Club, a car group passionate about Mini Coopers, will be part of the parade.

Also joining is the Miata Club Philippines, a group composed of sports car aficionados.

Other passion communities will also be present and represented by different giant balloons on May 28 and June 4.

Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. will also hold a ‘Sketch Up’ where five sketch artists will be providing sketches of people with the public art installations as their backdrop.

BGC Passion Parade
May 28 and June 4, 2011, Saturday, 5.00pm
Bonifacio High Street along 7th, 9th and 11th streets.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and be part of this historic event. 🙂

See you at the first-ever Giant Balloon Parade in Manila!

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P.S. Expect traffic around the Bonifacio High Street area. So if you are planning to see the parade, be in BHS early (around lunch time).


25 thoughts on “A Guide to the First-Ever Giant Balloon Parade in Manila

  1. We were supposed to go last Saturday, we were at the Mommy Diaries at the NBC tent, but since it rained really hard we decided not. I will make sure that we will be there this Saturday, looks like the kids and us adults will have a good time 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that helium should be treated as a precious resource since there’s only a finite amount of this fairly rare element. I guess using it in balloons is not the prudent thing to do. I think they use it in scientific and medical instruments like mri machines.

  3. While I congratulate you for this event, please be responsible and do not release the balloons in the air. Balloons have been implicated in the deaths of many marine animals, including dolphins, turtles and whales. The balloons litter the oceans and are mistaken as food by these gentle creatures. The balloons can also become entangled in their flippers, limbs and fins leading to infections, amputation, and death.
    You can refer to the following for more information on this:
    Thank you and I hope you consider this appeal.

  4. Hi Gerry, thank you for the information. I bet the organizers thought of this that’s why they used non-flying balloons. 🙂

  5. Hi Soleil, thank you for the reference materials. I heard that BGC used biodegradable balloons and they didn’t use helium that’s why they are all non-flying. 🙂

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