The Mind Museum…Coming Soon March 2012!

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Did you know that the Philippines is the only country in Asia that does not have a world-class Science Museum?

On December 2011, that is about to change as The Mind Museum — the country’s first world-class Science Museum in the heart of Bonifacio Global City — opens its doors to the public.

Recently, I got the chance to learn more about The Mind Museum project and participate in the sneak peek test of some of the interactive exhibits.

I would like to share with you the reasons why we can’t wait for The Mind Museum to open in December…

About the Mind Museum

The 6,500-sqm museum that looks like a spaceship will be located in a 12,000-sqm Bonifacio Global City prime lot (near Burgos Circle).  It will be an eco-friendly facility, funded by 1 billion pesos — 100% from the donations of corporations and individuals.

I’m excited about the outdoor theme park with giant bubble machines. 🙂

I can’t wait to spend the night at The Mind Museum with my boys, particularly going on that overnight camping trip with them!

I’m curious about The 10 Most Beautiful Experiments

and wonder what will be featured in The Hall of Philippine Science…


The 5 Galleries of The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum will have five main galleries, namely:

1. The Universe Gallery

Marvel at the grandeur of the Universe and its beginnings.

2. Earth Gallery

See how Nature has changed and evolved over time.

3. The Life Gallery

The Mind Museum Life Gallery

Discover Life in its various forms, shapes and sizes.

4. Atom Gallery

Explore the extraordinary environment of the Very Small.

5. Technology Gallery

a. How We Live? (Technologies that sustain Food, Clothing and Shelter)

b. Who We Are? Expressions of Our Humanity (Music, Art, Literature)

c. How We Know : Tools for Discovery & Exploration (How we Measure those that were once Elusive, Invisible and Immeasurable)

d. How Things Work : Machines that Changed the Rhythm of Our Collective Lives

e. Here to There : Our Fascination with Speed (From Shoes to the International Space Station)


The Mind Museum Sneak Peek

The Mind Museum hosted a preview of its interactive exhibits to determine the best ones. Some interactive exhibits are the products of the collaboration between Filipino Artists and Scientists to demonstrate the science principles effectively.

These are our favorite exhibits:

AirPass your hand over the sensor and watch a tornado form.

This is a how-to-make-a-tornado exhibit, and I believe it’s the coolest among the lot. You put your hands over the sensor (found at the bottom). Smoke is released and sucked to the top of the hourglass-type apparatus, which then forms a tornado. Amazing!

Solar BugsThe sun (represented by the halogen lamp) makes the bugs come alive. Learn how solar energy powers the motor that makes the bugs move.

Last December, the boys got electronic bugs, and they loved it. The bugs in the exhibit are solar-powered, and they wiggle when exposed directly to the light.

Bernoulli’s PrincipleTilt the basket and watch the floating ball follow. Learn more about what makes birds and airplanes fly.

It was amusing to see the floating ball follow the direction of the tilted basket.

Canopy of LifeMarvel at nature’s wonder by watching plants grow or animals move in high speed or slow motion through the Spin Browser.

With a spin of the knob, you can watch nature slowly move forward and backwards.

Spelling Life: DNA and GenesHow much do you know about DNA? Answer the multimedia game and know more about this unique code that is responsible for the diversity in living things.

The older kids would enjoy this science quiz, which tests them on their knowledge of DNA.

WhirlpoolMarvel as the balls spiral around the giant gravity well.

The Mind Museum’s version of the gravity well — our boys’ favorite exhibit. 🙂

Big Small WondersHave you ever wondered what lies in the world of the very small? View the tiniest details of various items around you, including your skin, through a hand-held microscope.

This exhibit is promising, but it can be improved. The electronic microscope was difficult to use because of the delay in showing the images.


The Mind Museum Location

The Mind Museum is located near Burgos Circle, on the opposite side of Serendra.

The Mind Museum opens this December 2011.

We can’t wait!

The Mind Museum

Alexandra C. Limcaco
The Mind Museum
2/F Bonifacio Technology Center
31st Street Corner 2nd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Telephone: +632 818-3601 loc. 3201
Fax: (+632) 757-6122
Website: TheMindMuseum.Org

Check this out: Mind Museum at Taguig First Timer’s Guide

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P.S. Help Build the Mind Museum by sponsoring an Element (from the Periodic Table),  a Galaxy or a Star in The Mind Museum at Taguig Virtual Exhibit.

P.P.S. The photos in this blog post are courtesy of The Mind Museum at Taguig.

21 thoughts on “The Mind Museum…Coming Soon March 2012!

  1. I’m also very excited for TMM to open…the country badly needs a world-class museum like this.
    My kids had a blast during the preview, bumped into Rachelle there 🙂

  2. Whatever happened to the Science Museum in MOA? We went there last December 2010, it was almost empty and many of the exhibits didn’t work—at least most of the things we found interesting. I hope they can sustain this new museum and generate enough market pull.

  3. this for me is very very welcome news. just visited the singapore science center last month and boy, was it amazing!!! there were so many galleries that a whole day wasn’t enough to explore the entire complex. the whole establishment was super well-maintained inspite of the fact that it was built in the 1970s. really really great educational experience even for adults like me. my kids even wanted to go back since there still so many things to explore — there was an outdoor waterworks playground and snow city on top of other attractions. i was really hinayang that locally, we didn’t have anything like it. i have long been wishing for an accessible and modern museum like this, a museum whose exhibits don’t give you the feeling that they were put there just for the sake of it. last time i was in one of our local museums, i wanted to cry. the toys on display looked like rejects from some donation box, many were dirty and some even with missing heads. not all the experiments were working and some galleries were either not well-planned, worn-out, or boring to say the least. we really do need more accessible and well-maintained places of art and culture here. what’s next?? a public library, i hope?? (omg i almost died when i entered singapore’s public library — the kids’ section was even better than fully booked!!)

  4. “Did you know that the Philippines is the only country in Asia that does not have a world-class Science Museum?” where did you get this trivia? i doubt it. {just thought}

  5. Hey Anton,
    Aren’t you gonna blog about Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai coming to Manila? I’m sure it’s set to be one of the biggest entertainment events of the year.
    It’s just sad that their marketing isn’t doing that well, so not many people know about it.

  6. Yes we are Cirque du Soleil fans. I’ll blog about it when it opens on June 22. I was wondering how to get a back stage pass for this…

  7. i work around the area and its being built fast! so i’m convinced that budget is not a problem. Only problem that i’m seeing here is parking. Hopefully that will be addressed =)
    I’m excited for this too!

  8. Hi Mr. Blogger, would you have reference(s) for your claim that: “…the Philippines is the only country in Asia that does not have a world-class Science Museum?”
    I’m no expert but I’m guessing we’re better off some countries on this category (i.e. Afghanistan, bangladesh, east timor, etc.).

  9. science museum in MOA is an entertainment slash educational museum while the mind museum’s goal is different; it’s the other way around.

  10. This is so exciting! I just wish more sensible and educational projects will be made so that the youth would not spend much of their time just clubbing 😛 🙂 Clubbing is fun though. 🙂

  11. This is definitely something to look forward to, Anton. Really can’t wait.
    I do have to point out that the statement you mentioned earlier about the Philippines being the only country in Asia without a world class museum is not true. There are a number of countries in Asia that don’t even have a science museum. Example of these include Vietnam, Nepal, and Pakistan. 🙂

  12. Hi, Anton. Would you know if you could stay at the Science in the Park and the Cafe after your 3-hour limit? We plan to use up all 3 hours exploring the galleries, but we also want to explore the park and relax at the cafe.

  13. Wow, that must be built by now. Looks pretty awesome! The museum kind of looks like something out of a sci-fi drawing or something.

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