Eat My GF (Garlic Fries)!

Rockwell UTT Winner #27: EAT MY GF Original GF with Toppings, Virgin Chips 3.57

UTT Rating Breakdown: 
134 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
143 foodies rated 4- I love it! 
175 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
67 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
16 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Eat My GF‘s product is simple — garlic fries done well. It has that good garlicky taste and crispy texture. It is definitely better than the other commercial versions out there. I guess it also helps that its name is very catchy (with a slightly sexual tone). Foodies can’t stop raving about this GF!

Congratulations to Eat My GF for garnering great scores at Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Eat My GF
by Kim Patrick Cariaso 

I thought of starting a business back in the summer of 2009 when I was in California. I am an avid fan of ball games, and whenever I would watch with my friends, we would always order garlic fries. I loved it ever since I was a kid. I would put ketchup and mustard all over it and be pretty stuffed by just eating that.

So when I got back in Manila, I thought of introducing garlic fries here in the Philippines.  I asked two of my closest friends, Jordy (who is a chef) and May, to help me out.  Jordy was the main man in getting the taste right.  We had to experiment, cook, and eat kilos and kilos of fries for a month until we finally got the taste that I was looking for. As for the name, we really wanted it to be unique and unforgettable. We were brainstorming for the perfect brand name until May came up with “GF”. We thought it was really catchy and I subsequently added my own personal touch when I named it “Eat My GF”.

We started our venture at the yearly Cuenca Bazaars in Ayala Alabang Village. During our first bazaar, everything got sold out! One balikbayan from California even said that, “This tastes just like the one at the San Francisco Giants games.” I knew right then that I was on the right track.

Due to its success in the Christmas bazaars, we joined Rockwell, Nuvali and Megatent bazaars, among others, to see if people would respond well to our product.  The outcome…was very positive, and that is when I finally decided to open a more permanent stall. I currently have my first stall at the Food Choices in Alabang Town Center, which opened last May 2011. As demand started to rise, I decided to open another one at the Food Choices in Glorietta 4, which opened last September 2011.

One thing I learned from “Eat My GF”: JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Eat My GF:

1) Original GF – P69
2)  Virgin Chips – P80
3) Put Meat on your GF – Add P36

Foodies’ Comments:

  • better than powdered flavor fries of potato corner
  • yummy!
  • tasty & crispy
  • salty- sorry!
  • good.
  • garlic & parmesan is good
  • garlic too strong
  • not tasty & very greasy
  • i like that the fries are crunchy
  • i’m a fan of garlic too
  • perfect with san miguel 🙂 addicting!
  • liked dips
  • a bit salty
  • i love garlic
  • good flavor but fries are too “instant” 
  • too much garlic
  • too garlicky for my taste
  • good garlic taste
  • nothing extraordinary
  • love the sticker!
  • ok
  • awesome spicy!
  • excellent
  • flavor is a bit too much. texture is weird
  • greasy. good garlic taste
  • ran out
  • potato fries & chips ok lang
  • tasty but the flavors are a bit overpowering
  • original with good flavor
  • normal fries with garlic… better fries needed
  • good not too oily
  • nothing special
  • new & tasteful
  • best fries ever! great flavors!
  • 🙂 
  • the best fries i’ve ever tasted
  • too salty
  • super liked the garlic
  • flavorful
  • good taste but not a great idea for street food
  • enjoyed eating your GF
  • yum! a bit salty though
  • too salty
  • your GF is YUMMY. i’d like to take her home 🙂
  • it’s ok
  • good beer companion
  • good choice of spices
  • nothing extraordinary
  • unlike any other flavored fries
  • very good
  • good
  • yum!
  • ok. it is wonderful
  • lacks taste
  • good
  • garlic w fries tastes good
  • crunchy & flavorful
  • too salty
  • a bit salty
  • i love the sticker! delicious food as well!
  • very flavorful! <3 
  • not bad
  • the fries were hard
  • good fries!
  • too oily & chips lacks crispiness
  • ok it’s great
  • the garlic flavor enrich the fries
  • OK love the taste
  • OK GOOD!
  • a bit too much garlic
  • good snack
  • nothing special
  • fries itself was good
  • wish you didn’t add salt anymore, ended up salty
  • you can really taste the garlic!
  • i prefer potatoes to be thicker slices
  • a bit oily. should’ve been served hot. taste ok
  • virgin chips still crisp… garlic fries
  • just ok
  • don’t usually like fries but these i could come back for! yummy!
  • can replace popcorn in movies, kinky name!
  • common tasting fries
  • i can really taste the garlic
  • as much as i love garlic, the main ingredient just isn’t sticking
  • garlic flavor too strong
  • <3 garlicky!!! 
  • love the garlic
  • it’s delicious
  • a bit oily. nothing special
  • RAN OUT!
  •  fantastic flavor!
  • good way to incorporate garlic in fries but it is salty after a while
  • good good fries
  • nice for snacking
  • creative and witty name
  • fries lacked seasoning and were greasy
  • great combi cheese & garlic
  • unique take on fries; loved it!
  • really flavorful. cool names
  • the best flavored fries and real at that
  • good fries
  • cold fries
  • ok lang
  • would’ve been better with bacon
  • garlicky awesome!
  • nice fries
  • garlic taste was too strong!
  • not my favorite
  • good garlic flavor but a bit salty
  • it was too garlicky for me
  • masyadong plain
  • fries+++
  • sarap
  • ok naiba
  • tastes as good as sbarro garlic bread
  • needs bacon
  • simple yet great
  • nice!! addicted ako!
  • ok tasty flavorful
  • sinfully delicious
  • bacon & nutella
  • thanks for letting me eat your GF!!!
  • nice! i always see this in ATC! glad to finally try it!
  • can’t go wrong with fries
  • too garlicky
  • perfect taste of garlic and parmesan
  • great snack!
  • the garlic flavor is just perfect!
  • too salty
  • packs  a punch!
  • great service
  • cool name! 
  • WOW! the pinoys really love the garlic
  • BURP!
  • liked the cut of the chips
  • love the garlic and parmesan taste
  • it tastes good!
  • LOVE IT 🙂
  • love it
  • nice flavor for fries but should offer variety
  • too oily
  • not your usual fries
  • so garlicky; so fries!
  • bigger fries, wedges style!
  • good idea on the flavor. maybe you can add more flavors:) 
  • tasty
  • flavorful but chips could be crispier
  • the best
  • nice garlicky flavor but too greasy for me
  • tastes great
  • nice choice of ingredients
  • too salty kulang sa garlic taste
  • garlic nga!
  • it would have been great if garlic + parmesan was mixed together
  • i’m sorry but the chips are too salty
  • good but nothing special
  • common
  • fresh garlic taste. love it
  • fries better than chips
  • there is no dip
  • never knew fries could taste this good
  • it’s delicious!
  • eat my gf comes first, second is mcdo
  • cute name
  • not bad
  • Medyo salty!
  • didn’t taste like my GF but still delicious!
  •   maybe you can try potato wedges
  • garlic flavor
  • not ordinary potato fries
  • too garlicky
  • doesn’t have much taste
  • normal
  • ordinary
  • fries should be made this way!
  • very different and tastes good
  • love the garlic flavor but i have to eat something to get rid of the garlic in my breath
  • love the garlic fries and virgin chips
  • SOLID!
  • one of the best fries i’ve tasted
  • scientific!
  • too salty
  • found the fries a bit too salty
  • addictive
  • more! more! more!
  • kinky <3!!!
  •  no bacon?!
  • amazing fries, make more branches!
  • so garlicky good!
  • comfort food
  • normal
  • i think better if with sauces
  • good but gets salty after a while
  • very good even if it’s just garlic fries
  • my sample is a bit too salty but nice flavor to the garlic and parmesan topping
  • i like the garlic taste but it is too overpowering
  • garlic
  • too strong herbs
  • really flavorful
  • yummy shake
  • very tasty
  • the friendly reminder was a nice touch
  • very good
  • ok
  • fun pero salty masyado
  • fresh garlic, awesome!
  • good but a lil too much parsley
  • garlic goody fries
  • cool name but too salty, inconsistent – no crispness
  • I’m addicted to your GF!


Eat My GF – Garlic Fries
Food Choices at Alabang Town Center and Glorietta 4
Contact: Kim Patrick Cariaso
Telephone: +917-819-5875
FacebookEAT MY GF – Garlic Fries

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