Mang Pedro’s Taho — One of the Best Flavored Taho in Town :)

Rockwell UTT Winner #28: Mang Pedro’s Food Products 3.56

UTT Rating Breakdown: 
73 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
116 foodies rated 4- I love it!
90 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
45 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
13 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Mang Pedro’s Taho is not your usual neighborhood taho. They serve flavored taho wherein the flavor is infused in the taho itself. (Other taho vendors offer flavored options via toppings or syrups.) They supply taho to hotels and restaurants, and also joined Mercato Centrale once.

I just love the milkiness of their taho and their almond taho flavor. You can buy their product in bulk, which comes in 4-Liter to 12-Liter special containers that you can bring to potluck parties or family gatherings.

Congratulations to Mang Pedro’s Taho for doing well in Rockwell’s UTT!

The Story of Mang Pedro’s Taho
by Sharon Fangon

Taho (is) one of the favorite snack foods in our country. What is this wonderful treat? Taho is basically made of soft and silken (tofu that comes with) sweet brown syrup to add flavor. Don’t forget the cute circles of gelatinous sago!

As a child, I always loved (eating/drinking) Taho early in the morning as a source of energy for breakfast, and as a yummy treat in the afternoon. Every time I hear the call of the mangtataho in the street, I would run down and try to catch him to buy a cup of his delicious taho. I thought, why not make my own Taho in a better and improved way?

So, back in February 2009, I started to experiment on perfecting the softest and silkiest taho. I wanted my Taho to be creamy. After months of trial and error…, I finally came up with the ultimate Taho, which I knew (would be a hit with) the taste buds of Filipinos today. I had the finalized product, but I (had yet to) come up with a fabulous name. I decided to call it Mang Pedro’s Taho — derived from the ‘Mang’ in mangtataho and ‘Pedro’ since it is a (popular) name…here in the Philippines. And thus, by the 28th day of August in the year 2009, Mang Pedro’s Taho was born.

Mang Pedro’s Taho Pricelist


4 Liters (good for 10-20 persons) – P350.00
6 Liters (good for 20-30 persons) – P650.00
8 Liters (good for 30-40 persons) – P750.00
12 Liters (good for 40-50 persons) – P1,100.00


*Prices include the caterer, cart, cutlery 

150 pax    – P4,025.00                                                                    
200 pax   – P5,200.00

Mang Pedro’s Taho
Contact: Sharon Fangon
Telephone: +632 340-6420

Foodies’ Comments:

  • yummy taste!
  • good smooth taho!
  • well done!
  • not that special
  • regular taho taste
  • i love taho… flavors are distinctly almond & coffee
  • range of flavors made me curious
  • i love taho!
  • would havebeen better if they used strawberry sauce in strawberry taho
  • tastes good
  • nice sweet taho
  • fave!
  • cappucino is good
  • good simple food
  • almond was ok
  • the almond flavor doesn’t taste good
  • almond taho delicious
  • strawberry flavor really good
  • very innovative!
  • kakaiba! 
  • taho with a twist
  • taho made better
  • taho out of the box 🙂 BRAVE!
  • ok lang
  • flavored taho- another great way to enjoy taho
  • just ok
  • good
  • cappuccino is really good
  • like an ordinary taho. the choco flavor is not distinct
  • just usual
  • strawberry was very good
  • normal. got too ordinary taho
  • ube is good
  • would’ve liked it softer
  • creamier
  • almond taho? wooohooo!!!
  • nice flavors
  • very good
  • can be a lot sweeter
  • love it!
  • nice concept but the different flavors don’t come through
  • normal taho
  • so awesome! 
  •  thumbs up!
  • really good & innovative
  • not really a fan of taho but good enough
  • nothing special
  • almond is good
  • taste is ok
  • <3 the almond!
  • great!
  • yummy almond
  • strawberry was good! yummy!
  • yummy flavored taho!
  • good taho variation
  • ube is a must try!
  • needs more flavor
  • can’t sense the choco, nothing new
  • yummy taho!
  • very refreshing!
  • better if chilled, i think
  • ube is fantastic!
  • almond taho:)
  • really really delicious
  • num-num almond
  • just like the usual taho
  • chocolate was great!
  • tofu is nice. smells great. sugar is too sweet
  • so-so… 
  • nothing really special
  • synthetic flavor
  • very synthetic flavorings
  • good idea!
  • didn’t like the almond taho:(
  • nice
  • loved the almond taho
  • chocolate was not too sweet
  • okay
  • good!
  • i liked it!
  • quite unique!
  • a new taste w a twist!
  • yumm ube
  • too artificial tasting
  • unique flavor
  • very good
  • almond taho was amazing!
  • almond! no available flavors
  • almond!!!
  • just like the ordinary taho
  • i love coffee! good alternative
  • light flavors
  • i don’t taste ube at all
  • nothing special. average
  • chocolate taho is very good. not too sweet!
  • it tastes like taho in the streets
  • taho is taho
  • nothing special
  • Taho with a twist!
  • very unique!
  • very creative!
  • lack of taste
  • i like the fact that the flavor is in the taho itself
  • creative and yummy!
  • love the almond taho!
  • fun almond flavor!
  • good taho:)
  • interesting twist to taho:)
  • out of this world!
  • almond:)
  • it’s new, really good
  • something new
  • taste is really good
  • di masyado lasa si choco
  • very good ube taho
  • preferred it plain



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