My Family Kitchen (MFK) – a Hidden Kapampangan Resto in Makati

My Family Kitchen (a.k.a. MFK) is the brainchild of Dada Dayrit. Here, people can taste her family’s Kapampangan signature recipes, including the delicious ensaimada.

Kapampangans are known to serve yummy food without scrimping on ingredients. Taste is prioritized over price. Since the Dayrit family owns the apartment block where the restaurant is located, much of what you pay for really goes to the quality of the food.

When we were looking for the restaurant along Kamagong, we missed it the first time around. A bit hidden, it has an apartment-looking entrance and its signage can’t be easily read. Nevertheless, it’s worth the trip. 🙂

You can find Dada in the restaurant, personally entertaining and serving the customers. She is very proud of all the items on the menu and likes regaling guests with stories of how their family enjoys each dish.

They have an open home-kitchen setup where you can see how your food is prepared.

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You can reserve the second floor for a private function (good for 10-15 people).

The handmade menu is like a scrapbook telling the story behind each dish.

My Family Kitchen’s Menu

MFK’s All-Day Breakfast Page 1 | Page 2
MFK’s Hearty Sandwiches Page 1 | Page 2
MFK’s Savoury Starters
MFK’s Heavyweights (For Sharing) Beef Page 1 | Page 2
MFK’s Heavyweights (For Sharing) Pork Page 1 | Page 2
Manok & Fish Kitchen (For Sharing) Chicken Page 1 | Page 2
Manok & Fish Kitchen (For Sharing) Seafood Page 1 | Page 2
MFK’s Sidekicks
MFK’s Sweet Endings Page 1 | Page 2
A Glass or Cup @ MFK 

It would be nice if they added photos highlighting their best sellers. 🙂

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★ Peping’s Ox Tail Kare-Kare (P400). Ox Tail in Peanut Sauce served with OVO Bagoong.

When I married Rey, this was one dish my father-in-law made very often. This was his specialty in the Dayrit clan. What makes it different is the saba. Det, my sister-in-law, says this is the true Kapampangan style. We make Our Very Own bagoong, of course, smothered with garlic. BTW, the sauce is made from scratch. 🙂

We ordered one of the best sellers, the Kare-Kare. It’s the first time I enjoyed a sweet version of it with Saba. 🙂 The Ox Tail  was delectable, and the peanut sauce was rich and thick.

The OVO Bagoong was interesting because, besides the bagoong (which had the right amount of saltiness), it was made with lots of tomatoes and topped with garlic.

Although it did not have a lot of meat or tuwalya, I think the P400’s justified because of the very yummy sauce. 🙂

★ Beef Salpicado (P400). Beef Steak with lots of Garlic.

Our Salpicado is marinated with obscene amounts of garlic and topped with even more garlic, fried golden, upon serving. We cut our Beef in bite sizes for added tenderness. 🙂

Most of the dishes are rich in garlic, good for a healthy heart. We loved how tender the garlic-infused beef was. Personally, I liked adding the meat to the Kare Kare. 🙂 Sarap!

It’s good to share for 2-3 people — definitely value for money.

Cocoa Loco’s Chocolate Fondue Cake (P120). Moist Chocolate iced with melted Milk and White Chocolate.

My brother Eric’s business is Chocolate Desserts and this is his best-seller. In fact, he has been featured by Magazines and TV shows for his products. I bring this cake into the MFK dessert menu because it is simply delicious. 🙂

For dessert, you can end your meal with this super rich and moist chocolate cake!

★ EnsaimaDADA (My nickname is Dada) (P150)Kapampangan Hand-Rolled Ensaimadas with loads of Butter and Grated Edam.

I was taught by Tito Yoyong (Judge Gregorio Dayrit) to make Ensaimadas and, like my Mom, he had 1 principle… Taste before Price. From time to time, I will also offer my own Creations like the Nutella & Pastillas EnsaimaDADAs. I am proud to say that EnsaimaDADA has received Great Reviews & Features from Media. 🙂

My favorite dessert! Made with three kinds of butter (which gives it its yellow color) and generous servings of grated Edam cheese, this big Kapampangan ensaimada goes really well with their coffee.

Tip: They serve Dada’s signature Nutella & Pastillas Ensaimadas on Fridays and Saturdays only.

MFK is one foodie secret that really needs to be revealed and shared. Great home-cooked Kapampangan meals and desserts wait to be discovered in this homey restaurant in Makati. Budget at least P400/person. It is perfect for a slow lunch or early dinner with friends. 🙂


My Family Kitchen by Dada Dayrit
9723-A Kamagong St. San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati
Telephone: +632 903-6069
Mobile: +63 917 803-6069
Facebook: My Family Kitchen
Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Driving Directions:  MFK is found along Kamagong St. (a one-way street) in Makati, right after the Caltex Gas Station. It is beside Lavada Republic and on the same side as Suzu Kin.

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals. We are not connected in any way to the owners or PR company promoting this restaurant.

★ Happily recommended 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Marmi for the foodie tip! 🙂

P.P.S. Do you think it would be better if they called it Dada’s Kitchen? What’s your favorite in MFK?

11 thoughts on “My Family Kitchen (MFK) – a Hidden Kapampangan Resto in Makati

  1. Ooooh! I didn’t realize this was a resto pala! This used to be a massage parlor, Far East Massage which transferred right across the street. Feels kinda weird to see it transformed into a restaurant.
    PLace looks really nice now, great interiors. Just hope they fixed the plumbing in the bathroom. Really stank before! Will try this later =)

  2. One of Makati’s secrets that I am very willing to give away! The food is always good (great!)and very reasonably priced.:-)

  3. Ay gusto ko ito. I can treat now my friend na kapampangan and she’s residing in Makati also! Sakto..thanks for this post! Mukang masarap lahat…

  4. you should try and check out the sugbahan beside that restaurant. its called bacolod sugbahan. theirs is really really good unlike the commercialized inasals now. juicy inside, crisp chargrilled skin outside.

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