Sophie’s Mom: A Modern Neighborhood Bakery

Marie Antoinette Rosal is Sophie’s Mom. Sophie is one lucky girl because her mother can create the yummiest treats. It’s a good thing then that her mom decided to open a “Homestyle Bakery and Confectionary” so that the rest of the populace can taste them.

Located on the young and chic Santol St. in San Antonio Village, Makati, the bakery offers cakes, cupcakes, mochi truffles, mochi ice cream and specialty breads like Spanish bread. The place is open as early as 6am and items are baked fresh everyday.

Imagine a wonderful mix of Sonja’s Cupcakes, Mochiko, Dezato and a neighborhood bakeshop (with a modern twist) minus the dine-in option — that’s Sophie’s Mom.

★ Choc-Caramel Homemade Truffle Mochi (P30 each).

We love these very soft balls of chocolate-covered mochi. The pack comes with strict instructions to consume the mochi immediately.

Mochi Ice Cream (P40).

 They also serve the dessert popularized by Mochiko in Mercato Centrale.

It’s the perfect dessert to feed a hungry boy. 🙂

Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cookies.

The cupcakes are good, too. Some even have a surprise filling inside.

Sophie's Kitchen-15.jpgWe didn’t like the eclair that much. It tasted like it had been stored for days already.

★ Spanish Bread (P12 each).

My personal favorite is the Spanish Bread. It has a pastillas-like filling and the bread is still soft even after days of storing it.

Whole Wheat Rolls (P5 each).

The Whole Wheat Rolls were also recommended to us, but we weren’t able to buy. We will try them next time.

Have you tried the other types of bread? What’s your own favorite in Sophie’s Mom? 🙂

Sophie’s Mom is located on the ground floor of 8760 Residences along Santol St.. Check it out!

Sophie’s Mom Homestyle Bakery and Confectionary
8760 Santol St., San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati
by Marie Antoinette Rosal
Telephone: +632 404-8165
Mobile: +63 920 912-9952 
Facebook: Sophie’s Mom
Twitter: @SophiesMomPH

Live an Awesome Life,

Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals (in this case, baked goods). We are not connected in any way to the owners or any PR company promoting it. I recently met Sophie during the DLSU Bloggers Congress 2 where I got to taste their sample goodies. 🙂

★ Happily recommended 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sophie’s Mom: A Modern Neighborhood Bakery

  1. interiors of this place are fantabulous! the people there are nice too, one time i had a craving for sweets and went there near closing. I begged them to sell me a cupcake and spanish bread and they gave in.
    desserts are nice and ok, but red velvet can use a bit more moist in it. Agree that sometimes, desserts tend to taste like the fridge na.
    BTW–Heard they got held up daw last week! Kinda weird cos they live right across Jun Jun Binay’s

  2. that’s not the first time it happened it that area. about 2 years ago a govt official got held up walking from her car to the mayor’s house

  3. Their mochi ice cream is way better than Mochiko, kasi i find Mochiko’s outer mochi layer super makapal kaya it’s inedible na.
    This one is just right.
    Haven’t tried their mochi though. I wonder if it’s better than Dezato…
    Their creme brulee cupcakes are yummy too!

  4. I’m so excited to move into San Antonio Village by early next year! Lately, you’ve been featuring new places to explore and it’s all nearby my future home! Exciting! Thanks, Mr. Anton! Keep on blogging! We are enjoying your reviews and pics!

  5. My favorites are the Spanish bread and Dulce de Leche cupcake. I especially love the cupcake filling and the chocolate icing on top. Heavenly! I tried the mochi ice cream too but I prefer Mochiko. I also tried the wheat rolls and they are good. They are soft even after four days. The latest I bought is the Hazelnut-filled bread. Bitin kasi konti lang ung filling.

  6. super love their red velvet cupcake and their chocolate mochi ice cream. the best for me. i go there at least 2x a week.

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