5Loaves & 2Fish’s Healthy, Crunchy Vegetable Lavosh Chips

Rockwell UTT Winner #3:


118 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
103 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  72 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  16 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    5 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


We first discovered Lavosh Chips when Dinah introduced them to the public when Midnight Mercato opened. Her products are presented well alongside her nicely designed booth. She would always be there, ready to serve with a smile and passionately educating customers on what lavosh chips are.

In Rockwell UTT, I personally loved her Creamy Walnut-Basil Pesto Brulee w/ Coco sugar spread and the Crunchy Sweet Tablea Lavosh Chips with rich Dark Chocolate Dip.

5Loaves & 2Fish deserves the No. 3 spot with a 3.99 rating in the recent Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test! Congratulations, Dinah! We are looking forward to your new creations. 🙂

The Story of 5Loaves & 2Fish
by Dinah Grace M. Miro

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I  came to engage myself in the food business after so many years of dreaming, praying and waiting!

Since childhood, food appealed to me (as) a very fascinating medium of art and science. As expected, this was all because of the great influence of my beloved mother, and I am truly blessed and thankful!  It’s always a happy and sweet  memory reminiscing my childhood years when  my mom would always see to it that every time she bakes a  cake or  prepares a special dish for the family, I have to be by her side — to assist her and observe what transpires in our small but decent kitchen.

Everytime we made our homemade ice cream, I would gladly volunteer to turn our ever-reliable hand-cranked ice cream maker. It amazes me how this ice cream would turn into a frozen delight. And as my mom would transfer it in tin cans, I would oblige myself to lick it ’til the churner got clean and shiny! Delicious! What  a childhood kitchen memory, indeed!

From then on, I started to find interest in collecting and cutting out recipes from magazines and newspapers that caught my attention. As the years went by, it has evolved to collecting cookbooks and kitchen gadgets…then, to my desire to study basic cooking and baking in a culinary school. This eventually led to my dream of finding the perfect venue where I can showcase my own creation.

To be competitive in starting  a food business, one of my  major considerations was  how this product would make a great impact (on) the consumers. Thus,  it’s a wise move to first establish my own niche. The key factor for me is to introduce a product that’s delicious, innovative and marketable… This in turn will serve as my trademark or my  own signature dish  — a marketing strategy for easy recall by consumers, and the rest will just follow.

As the old saying goes: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I so agree with this saying 100%!

With all these considerations, the first thing that came into my mind was the Healthy, Crunchy Lavosh chips (it’s Baked, not Fried!) with the delectable dips and spreads that I never fail to serve as our staple appetizer (in) our countless parties and get-togethers at home.

For me, this is the healthier finger food alternative to the usual salty nachos/chips available in the market. (It) can be enjoyed both by young and old alike. To make it more nutritious,  I incorporated fresh vegetables to it like spinach, carrots, sugarbeets, and even developed  a sweet concoction using the organic cacao locally known as tablea. My children enjoy these veggie chips so much!!!

Personally, I trust the palate of children. If they say it’s yummy, it’s worth exploring! So, when the Lord opened  a wonderful opportunity for me  to market this product last Feb.11, 2011 at the BGC Midnight Mercato, plus the bonus of joining the Ultimate Taste Test 6 at Rockwell last Sept.3, 2011, I believed this was the Lord’s answer to my fervent prayer!!!

I love to entertain !
I love to feed people!
I dared to dream and labored to pray and wait!
By God’s grace, 5Loaves & 2Fish was finally born!!!

About the product/Pricelist:

Healthy,Crunchy Vegetable Lavosh Chips: 
(5 variants: spinach, carrots, sugarbeets, sweet tablea & original)

       50g. – P60.00
     100g. – P120.00
     200g. – P240.00
     300g. – P350.00
     400g. – P450.00
     500g. – P550.00
  (Available in boxes or plastic food grade pouches)

Specialty Dips & Spreads:

     Pure Beef Taco-Mozzarella Melt with Pineapple – P220
     Creamy Walnut-Basil Pesto Brulee w/ Coco sugar – P200
     Caramelized Onion & Kesong Puti Brulee w/ Fresh Arugula – P200
     Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip – P200
     Velvety  Chicken Liver Mousse – P190
     Herbed Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Spread – P190
     Spicy Milkfish Tinapa Spread – P180
     Sweet and Spicy Dulong in Garlic and Olive Oil – P180
     Special Dulong in Garlic and Olive oil – P180
     Basil Pesto & Sundried Tomato Spread – P170
     Queso Blanco Dip  – P150
     Rich Dark Chocolate Dip – P150
     Fresh Red Tomato-Coriander Salsa – P100

Special Order
      > Poached Foie Gras in Pink & Green Peppercorn w/
          –  Homemade Suha Relish
          –  Homemade Watermelon Relish
          –   Figs 
      > Caviar Pie

Note: Brulee Food Items in rectangle foil tray 
              Bottled Food Items in 8 oz.

Please allow 3 days advance notice to place orders. Thank you.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • salsa taste good
  •  liver spread malansa
  •  light & tasty
  •  interesting
  •  very varied, healthy and chips i wouldn’t mind eating again
  •  chicken pate & pesto to die for! chips are nice and fine too!
  •  the tomato- coriander salsa was good
  •  yummy!
  •  good spread!
  •  chips were very light & crispy. love the pesto & pate
  •  never had duck pate, now i’m a convert!
  •  interesting concept!
  •  loved the dips. chips would’ve been better with more crunch
  •  i liked the dips
  •  nice, healthy alternative to potato chips
  •  really delicious
  •  delish
  •  perfect combinations
  •  dips no taste
  •  chicken liver was good. it has rich flavor
  •  nice pesto spread
  •  great flavor combination
  •  my favorite was chips dipped in choco
  •  very unique
  •  love the tablea chocolate
  •  great party food
  •  healthy & super yummy chips!
  •  so good!
  •  good food snacks for afternoon
  •  chips dry, pesto sweet, pasta heaven!
  •  healthy, crunchy, not greasy
  •  dips were good (basil especially)!
  •  extraordinary
  •  yummy dips
  •  tastes good
  •  incredible pesto!
  •  good pesto & tomato combination!
  •  yummy! like the pesto, basil, salsa & choco
  •  presentation & food was good
  •  taste was ok. chips were light and taste good
  •  great!
  •  love it!
  •  it’s delicious!
  •  healthy i suppose, but not my thing. creamy pate
  •  perfect for cocktail parties
  •  everything was awesome as long as there’s dip
  •  pasta was excellent!
  •  sweet basil pesto is my new fave!
  •  basil & chocolate <3
  •  unique & healthy
  •  pesto brulee is soooo good, i forgot my name!
  •  best stuff in ultimate taste test
  •  pesto was really good. HOT
  •  LIKE!
  •  it is okey
  •  interesting.
  •  i love the pesto-queso blanco melt and it’s healthy
  •  the dips melt in your mouth. awesome!
  •  like the pesto & sugar but got a bit sweet
  •  liver & pesto flavors were amazing
  •  adventurous flavors that work!
  •  delish
  •  very healthy plus good for snack
  •  the best!!!!
  •  5 stars!
  •  like your store’s name
  •  dips: pesto & cocosugar=genius:) 
  •  healthy & delicious
  •  put this in mercato
  •  unique
  •  my fave!
  •  it was very healthy & the dips blended
  •  tastes just fine
  •  fave ko!
  •  pesto w sugar is yummy!
  •  tablea w choco also good
  •  uniquely tasted chip
  •  sarap the mousse dip
  •  love the pate!
  •  extraordinary
  •  would want to buy this at mercato
  •  just ok
  •  the cheese dip is yummy
  •  good
  •  great combination of the pesto, tomatoes
  •  tastes good & great for gifts
  •  the chicken liver spread and spinach cracker is good
  •  love the salsa & chocolate fondue. pesto was ace
  •  dips are great
  •  yummy spread
  •  good taste
  •  love everything! superb!
  •  YUM!
  •  pesto is fantastic!
  •  it tastes good
  •  love the chicken liver mousse
  •  love it!
  •  yummy!
  •  healthy chips
  •  nice idea for parties
  •  yum! especially the chicken liver mousse
  •  choco dip tastes great & crunchy dip
  •  chocolate dip was of cheap  quality
  •  extremely good MMMMMMMMM! 
  •  cool concept
  •  the pesto is really good! 
  •  great work on the veggie chips
  •  i like how healthy and light it is
  •  great packaging
  •  great pesto!
  •  light & healthy
  •  a bit expensive
  •  the one i enjoyed the most :)!
  •  pesto was good
  •  veggie chips were good
  •  ordinary
  •  loved the chocolate
  •  tablea was great, chicken liver was overpowering
  •  i love your pesto!
  •  it was very unique
  •  pesto was great
  •  interesting chips
  •  liver = needs acidity
  •  ingenious!!! the mozarella spinach dip was heavenly!
  •  unique good taste!
  •  very unique product
  •  very good. Light and healthy
  •  unique
  •  chips are light, blend well with dips. FANTASTIC!
  •  so great! owner was so friendly!
  •  yummy!
  •  nice texture, great for dessert
  •  great variety & concept
  •  the liver mousse is awesome
  •  really awesome!
  •  OK Good!
  •  spreads are a must try!

5Loaves & 2Fish
Mobile Number: +63 920 960-3778

Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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P.S. Each UTT winner will receive:
  • a Rockwell UTT Winner Certificate;
  • a winner feature in Our Awesome Planet; and
  • a guaranteed spot in any of the Mercato Centrale markets. 🙂

P.P.S. The next Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 event will be held on November 17, 7pm in Mercato Centrale.

For more info about UTT 7.0, check out: Your Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Checklist. Are you ready?

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  1. OMG. I can’t believe I forgot 5 Loaves and 2 Fish. Yes, these are REALLY GOOD. Are they still joining Midnight Mercato? I tried looking for them after UTT 6.0 but couldn’t find them anywhere. Thank you for posting her number! I will be getting in touch with her soon 🙂

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