Luigi Muhlach’s Phillychanga

Rockwell UTT Winner #2:
LUIGI’S Phillychanga and Chicken Cordon Bleu


291 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
239 foodies rated 4- I love it!
120 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  38 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
     4 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Luigi received the most number of I love it! (4) ratings with 239 foodies, and the most number of Awesome! I would recommend it! (5) ratings with 291 foodies. More than half of the foodies raved about Luigi’s Phillychanga and Chicken Cordon Bleu during the Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test.

The food speaks for itself — he does not even need to use his celebrity parents’ name to market himself as a rising, respected chef in Manila. His celebrity chef mom and famous dad would be proud of him.

He has been a popular favorite in Midnight Mercato ever since he opened a stall. When he applied with a taste test sample of Shepherd’s Pie in Mercato, it was refreshingly memorable that I took note of his name and started to watch how foodies would get excited about his food.

Luigi’s Phillychanga is a deep-fried classic Philly Cheese Steak with a crispy tortilla wrap containing tender meat with onions and melted cheese. (It does resemble a lumpia, as some foodies commented.) Sarap!

Congratulations to Luigi, a celebrity chef on the rise, for getting a 4.11 rating and getting the No. 2 spot in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Luigi’s
by Luigi Muhlach

The idea of joining Mercato started when the owner of this small tea house in our village asked me to supply food for his place (but) rejected my creations because he found my food too expensive.

It was then that we decided to try selling at the Midnight Mercato. At first, we
were just selling different kinds of Shepherd’s Pie till we thought of adding
something that would go well with the Aligue Mayo which I learned to make in
my previous job.

My wife Patty thought that this would go well with my Chicken Cordon Bleu, and
so we paired this with the Aligue Mayo, which was an instant hit.

My other best seller though is the Phillychangga, a deep-fried Philly
Cheesesteak in a tortilla wrap, which was created because of my love for Philly
cheesesteaks and a previous trip to a neighborhood café that serves really good

Growing up, I used to invade my Mom’s kitchen to invent whatever I could
get my hands on, so I decided to take up culinary arts. I am a graduate of the
American Hospitality Academy and I also attended a Kitchen Management course
at Enderun College. I have trained at the Bellevue Hotel, Robot Japanese-French
cuisine restaurant and at Chef Jessie’s (Le Souffle).

The Midnight Mercato experience, so far, has been extremely overwhelming and
humbling because of the positive feedbacks, the fact that we get sold out almost
every night, the returning customers and the numerous blogs about my food.
Anton Diaz of even blogged and tweeted about my food.

Cooking and selling food isn’t an easy job but seeing people enjoying my food
makes all the hard work pay off.

About the product/Pricelist:

Phillychanga and Chicken Cordon Bleu (P150 each)

Foodies’ Comments:

  • phillychanga was very good, cordon bleu was good
  • the best!
  • very yummy! crispy
  • i wanted a second serving! and a 3rd, and a 4th and a…
  • phillychanga was great!
  • innovative idea but ordinary taste
  • first cordon bleu that i enjoyed
  • just ok. all fried
  • cordon bleu a bit greasy
  • roll was crisp but a little too cheezy
  • delicious & very extraordinary yet could have pushed for more
  • yummy aligue mayo! phillychanga was good too but the fried wrapping makes it oily
  • loved philly cheese steak!
  • wrapper a bit oily & cold. chicken a bit dry
  • interesting flavors
  • the phillychanga was awesome!
  • chimichanga ok lang, cordon bleu is great
  • phillychanga is good. light but tasty
  • great cordon bleu 🙂
  • philly w hair!!! 🙁
  • very unique yummy taste
  • <3 
  • great food. new taste
  • very good
  • cheese steak!!
  • phillychanga is 5!!!
  • a bit oily
  •  phillychanga was good. nice mix of chewy & crunchy
  • yummy!
  • chicken cordon bleu & aligue mayo was too salty together. would’ve been better if the chicken was seasoned less. phillychanga was good though
  • tastes really good!
  •  1st one i tried. off to a good start!
  • cheese in cordon bleu can be milder
  • the fried philly cheese steak sandwich is very tasty
  • bite sized lumpia is good. larger version would be nakakaumay
  • cordon bleu-sooo. phillychanga-like lumpia but yummy!
  • delicious
  • it’s so delicious!
  • chicken in aligue mayo is yummy & pretty!
  • chicken is juicy
  • tender, flavorful & juicy
  • very tasty
  • taste good. cooked well
  • really good phillychanga!
  • philly super good!
  • egg roll was good. cordon bleu could be better when hot.
  • cordon bleu lacks aligue taste
  • yummy!
  • yummy aligue mayo!
  • awesome!
  • creamy good ingredients!
  • chix normal. no biggie. philly a bit too oily for me
  • loved the phillychanga!
  • the crispness is amazing! more aligue please for the mayo
  • nice crisp phillychanga
  • excellent
  • rich in taste
  • the cordon bleu is kinda predictable. nothing really special. phillychanga-i love it!
  • it’s great that someone took the event seriously!
  • phillychanga rocks!
  • phillychanga was good but too oily
  •  best food in the taste test
  • more aligue for the mayo. philly was crispy
  • aligue mayo creative!
  • phillychanga party starter!
  • good taste, good balance, enjoyed it a lot!!!
  • really good. you can taste each flavor
  • chicken is not dry
  • phillychanga has crisp wrap
  • the aligue mayo is very good compliment to the chicken
  • cordon bleu too dry. phillychanga too oily
  • expected more
  • phillychanga tasted great
  • the meat was super chunky & flavor was really infused!
  • LOVE IT!
  • i like the cordon bleu & phillychanga maybe more seasoning?
  • great! loved the cordon bleu
  • phillychanga needs sauce to add acidity to the balance
  • terrific when hot. terrible when cold
  • super loved the deep fried philly cheese steak… specially the onion sweetness!
  • excellent!
  • phillychanga is a hit! crust is good, cheesybest!
  • AWESOME!!!
  • cordon bleu is awesome! <3 the phillychanga
  • aligue mayo FTW! 
  • YUMMY!
  • love the soft crust of the lumpia. you can bite into it without falling off
  • <3<3<3
  • phillychanga is kinda oily. cordon bleu kinda dry
  • fancy taste!
  • it is rich!
  • masarap talaga!
  • phillychanga is the bomb
  • very good
  • loving the phillychanga. cordon bleu- nothing special
  • cheesy good!
  • needs something more
  • love the chicken cordon bleu & cream cheese
  • yummy chicken cordon bleu! oklang
  • cordon bleu was fine, nothing too special
  • the cheese is really good. the combination of the different flavors was fantastic!
  •  liked how the food tasted. tasting prtions were enough
  • good
  • chicken cooked well but aligue mayo failed 🙁 
  • phillychanga a lil too salty for me. chix cordon bleu was dry. salty too
  • aligue mayo was good
  • phillychanga DON’T LOSE IT!
  • loved the phillychanga! not as impressed w cordon bleu
  • really delicious
  • cordon bleu chicken a bit dry but phillychanga is awesome
  • ho hum
  • cordon bleu taste too strong. changa was great
  • love the phillychanga
  • good enough
  • as a cheese lover i like it a lot
  • craving for more 🙂
  • perfect!
  • great cordon bleu even when not hot anymore
  • great cordon bleu
  • phillychanga was good!
  • dry
  • phillychanga was ok didn’t like the cordon bleu
  • great start
  • the food was tasty & creamy
  • phillychanga was ok
  • <3
  • love the food
  • cordon bleu was cold, usual. phillychanga was exceptionally tough
  • want more of this!
  • love it! very filling & tasty
  • great food
  • love the phillycheese lumpia
  • cordon bleu was tasty, if it were hot & cheese melted = 4 
  • cordon bleu was good. phillychanga should have more cheese (melted preferably)
  • good!
  • phillychanga wow! 
  • very delicious two thumbs up!
  • really good. loved the phillychanga
  • masarap
  • phillychanga is creative but nothing different. cordon bleu is great!
  • cordon bleu wasn’t too special but philychanga was super
  • like the lumpia cheese steak – cheesy &meaty goodness. aligue mayo – genius!
  • cheesy & flavorful. one of our faves!!!
  • loved the cordon bleu w aligue mayo
  • very good
  • the best savory dish in the whole tent
  • chicken is ok. good job on the phillychanga
  • best i’ve tasted
  • flavorful lumpia
  • cheese was delicious
  • i love phillychanga
  • best in the whole tent
  • LOVE IT!
  • love the aligue mayo. it makes me crave for more cordon bleu. phillychanga is also yummy
  • chicken was cooked very well
  • aligue mayo is yummy!
  • aligue mayo was rich
  • cordon bleu overall was filling, phillycheesesteak fried was too hard
  • phillychanga is a good concept. pinoy lumpia type. CCB is typical, nothing new
  • my kid loved it!
  • good food!
  • aligue mayo is yummy! chimichanga is nakakaumay maybe try it w salsa.
  • love the aligue mayo & food but it’s oily
  • interesting
  • best chicken cordon bleu
  • perfect cordon bleu
  • cordon bleu is dry &underseasoned
  • great serving size. cordon bleu was tasty
  • phillychanga could be improved
  • mayo on the chicken is overpowering if the cheesestick is eaten 2nd
  • love the cordon bleu w cream cheese
  • good but lumpia was a bit salty
  • FTW!
  • phillychanga was awesome!
  • aligue is really good,chimichanga a bit oily. could be served w salsa
  • cordon bleu w aligue was excellent
  • phillysteak chimichanga needs more meat
  • aligue mayo is amazing! more meat in wrap
  • phillychanga favorite!
  • lumpia is good, cordon bleu is weird
  • love the phillychanga but the aligue mayo tastes kinda off
  • phillychanga is unique, cordon bleu just ok
  • LOVE THIS!!!
  •  great food! pls use less oil on the spring roll though
  • nice & warm but a lil cheesy
  • yummy
  • delicious
  • <3 the phillychanga
  • i love the cordon bleu!PCS will taste better if it was freshly fried
  • lumpia stayed crunchy
  • i liked the idea of the deep fried lumpia
  • you can really taste the cheese
  • great cordon bleu
  • phillychanga was awesome, didn’t like the cordon bleu much
  • yum but ordinary
  • loved it! 🙂 recommended pica pica:) aligue mayo, new combi:) philly so cheesy yummy!
  • highly recommended
  • delicious cordon bleu
  • love the combination
  • i like the cordon bleu best served hot!
  • it tastes good! awesome!
  • the combination was good
  • good flavor combination
  • too salty
  • i like the creamcheeseyummyfriedsteakthingy!
  • good
  • very tasty!
  • cold for fried food
  • food was good with flair
  • aligue mayo compliments the cordon bleu
  • chicken mayo was very good, really good & unique phillychanga
  • delicious food!!!
  • love the flaky and warm crust, and that it is generously stuffed. YES phillychanga!!! 
  • one of the best
  • good taste of asian fusion!
  • awesome!
  • flavorful cordon bleu & delicious phillychanga two thumbs up!!!
  • really good!
  • love the aligue mayo!
  • phillychanga!
  • philly’s sauce is amazing!
  • very good
  • the best
  • winner! panalo!
  • i love the phillycheese lumpia!
  • cordon bleu is dry but the sauce is good
  • good. nothing extraordinary
  • phillychanga is good
  • good in taste
  • phillychanga loved it meat was tender
  • cordon bleu worked well with cream cheese and aligue crunchy eating with very tender meat
  • i give both a 5, you have a choice for the cordon bleu and it is delicious. both are not oily
  •  good chicken CB
  • we enjoyed the beef roll
  • my favorite. spring roll is very tasty
  • phillychanga was dry and oily
  •  verygood!
  • CCB aligue sauce nakakaumay but good
  • phillychanga love! not oily perfect!
  • cheesesteak was moist; of quality
  • excellent something new to the palate
  • tastes great!
  • moist and tasty cheesesteak great!
  • YUMMY!
  •  the crust of the phillychanga is yummy!
  • phillychanga is divine!
  • awesome! great taste and not too fat
  • good apetizers
  • love the chimichangas
  • dry
  • really yummy! simple but tasty
  • love it! deep fried philly!
  • love the phillychanga
  • looks dry so didn’t try
  • cordon bleu sauce was unique
  • sinfully good
  • the best!
  • phillychanga is the BOMB! i can eat this all day!
  • super sarap
  • love it!
  • loved the phillychanga, more!!!
  • i love the philly cheesesteak!!
  • very original recipe for philly cheese steak! i love it so much!!!
  • yummy! sayang no utensils
  • philly better than cordon bleu
  • Great!!!
  • one more please 🙂 so good!
  • phillychanga was unique and delicious
  • very good
  • good but a bit too rich for me
  • walang sauce?
  • phillycheese steak!:)
  • philly cheese was excellent!
  • unique and deliciuos
  • sobrang sarap
  • 2 thumbs up!
  • yummy!
  • exquisite!
  • phillychanga left me wanting for more!
  • a tad too oily
  • excellent phillychanga
  • good taste and cordon bleu was expertly done!
  • Yummy
  • fantastic
  • yummy phillychanga
  • nice crunch
  • most awesome
  • phillychanga 5!
  • love the mayo
  • really recommended
  • oily roll
  • philly changa is yummy!
  • if I can rate a 10, I’d give it a 20!
  • Cordon bleu’s a bit dry but phillychanga’s awesome!
  • flavorful food!
  • dry, no must with the cordon bleu but tastes good
  • mouth watering dish!:)
  • Love the Shanghai roll!
  • OK Great!
  • Great snack!

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