Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

Rockwell UTT Winner #15: 

175 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
206 foodies rated 4- I love it!
173 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
68 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
3 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

“’Aint no bones about it, we’ve got the best ‘cue in town!”

That’s a bold promise, but they indeed served one of the most tender and smoky BBQ ribs in town. I like their home-style cooking feel versus commercialized BBQ Ribs in the market. The downside was that it was served at room temperature during the UTT, so foodies did not really get to fully appreciate its flavor. If you are looking for BBQ Ribs for your Noche Buena, check out Big Daddy Jay’s. 🙂

Congratulations to Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ for winning in Rockwell’s UTT!

The Story of Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ
by Arman Cruz

“’Aint no bones about it, we’ve got the best ‘cue in town!”

Two things I know to be true: nothing’s better than a big pile of pork ribs slathered with BBQ sauce, and nobody does ribs better than we do it in the South!

I grew up and traveled most of the Southern USA. From the rolling hills and flat plains of Missouri, the sprawling terrains of Texas, all the way to charming Charleston, South Carolina where the people are sweet and the tea even sweeter! Barbecue in the South is more than just slapping meat on the grill. It’s a whole sense of community, where your neighbors come out because they smell barbecuing meat wafting in the air, there’s dirty rice and potato salad for everyone to share, and momma’s banana cream pie for dessert!

THIS is what barbecue is, and this is what our family brings to you every time you take a bite of our true Southern-style comfort food. We start off with the choicest cuts of ribs, chicken, and pork marinated in sweet juices and rubbed with different herbs and spices. The secret though is how we cook our meats. Low and slow in our custom-built smoker, using only prime grade charcoal and wood chips that lend our ribs, pulled pork, and chicken that great smoky flavor that can only come from using a smoker such as ours. We finish it off with our Amazing Glaze, Carolina Gold Rush, Drunk Dunk, or signature White ‘Bama BBQ sauce to give it the perfect tang every good barbecue should have. Pair it up with any of our  Down-home sides, and you’ll have the taste of the good ‘ole South right in your plate!

About the product/Pricelist:

“Hugged by smoke, licked by fire, and kissed by sauce… that’s how Big Daddy Jay does it!” 

Li’l Jay’s Plate – 1/3 slab of pork ribs and your choice of 1 Down-home Side (Choose between Durrty Rice or Summer Corn Salad) – P188.00

Big Daddy Jay’s Plate – 1/2 slab of pork ribs and your choice of 1 Down-home Side (Choose between Durrty Rice or Summer Corn Salad) – P277.00

Grand Daddy Jay’s Plate – 1 slab of pork ribs and your choice of 2 Down-home Sides (Choose between Durrty Rice or Summer Corn Salad) – P544.00

Recommended Beer Pairing: Smoked Pork Ribs is best paired with San Miguel Super Dry Beer.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • a little bit dry but tasty
  • just the right balance of sweet, salty & tangy
  • it’s tasty flavorful
  • pork ribs were fatty but flavor is good
  • love the ribs. no chicken
  • a decent BBQ. smoky but not served warm (hot)
  • the flavor exploded in my mouth once i put it there
  • tasty & soft. i would’ve liked to try this chicken
  • soft, tender, tasty but not amazing
  • ribs 🙂 delicious
  • better w less fat
  • pork ribs are tasty
  • very good, very juicy & tasty meat
  • ordinary
  • we went back for more!
  • fatty!
  • yummy but salty
  • good flavor. a bit dry
  • a bit salty good taste
  • not new
  • too much fat
  • love the ribs!
  •  a bit dry
  • tender ribs
  • excellent
  • very flavorful even without a sauce. good!
  • yummy but mejo matigas
  • it’s good
  • soft but no taste
  • nice even without sauce
  • tastes like ham!
  • nothing extraordinary
  • ordinary BBQ sauce
  • nothing special
  • yummy! it tastes like a pugon asado!
  • there’s smell in pork
  • fragrant
  • fragrant!
  • <3ribs! 
  • just good
  • spicy very good
  • very christmas-y
  • good soft smoked pork
  • tastes like hamonado
  • really good. but not fall-off-the-bone level
  • love it
  • yum. a bit salty but yum. oily! great!
  • tasty!
  • where’s the restaurant?!
  • you can really taste the hickory smoke!
  • tasty but too much fat
  • really good even if it’s not hot anymore
  • cooked just right. very thankful.
  •  yummy sauce! ribs had a smoky flavor!
  • recommended a lot! good flavors!
  • tasty & it’s not hard. can be eaten even by kids
  • the ribs need some kind of sauce
  • meat is super tender and delicious
  • good to have BBQ sauce
  • this should be served warm… otherwise- SEBO
  • very tender
  • love! not oily at all even the fat part is Yum!
  • common taste
  • love the same
  • good
  • flavorful but nothing special
  • delicious
  • i’d love it on rice
  • more BBQ sauce pls
  • needs more taste
  • sweet, salty & tender <3 greasy lang
  • love it! SARAP!
  • marvelous!
  • ok din so-so lang
  • i love the smoky taste & boneless ribs
  • want some sauce
  • no BBQ sauce served
  • kakaumay- more sauce!
  • AWESOME!!!
  • i’m not a fan of BBQ but wish i tasted more of it! love the smoked ribs!
  • exelent
  • lacks flavor
  • perfect
  • the meat was soft & savory
  • should be served hot
  • would’ve been better kung hot, mainit!
  • it’s great. love the ribs
  • so tender & appetizing
  • more tender, but good
  • would go back to buy this
  • same old same old
  • sauce is awesome! this meat is tender!
  • not bad ribs. nothing special
  • the ribs were a bit too soft
  • ribs were a bit salty, dry & tough
  • this is how smoked pork ribs should taste like
  • very tender & really good
  • a bit overcooked, dry
  • soft & flavorful <3
  • the ribs are flavorful, not too smoky which is okay
  • tender juicy pork
  • too salty
  • just ok
  • kinda salty
  • full of smoky goodness
  • typical
  • juicy & good flavor
  • meat is soft but it needs sauce bec it’s a bit dry
  • best rib
  • superb smoked pork ribs
  • better if it was served hot
  • meat was tender. great smoky flavor
  • would taste better if warm
  • yummy smoked ribs!
  • tender+flavorful
  • regular
  • good BBQ taste but it was a lil dry. try adding sauce!
  • meat is soft and flavorful
  • my only suggestion: make it more tender but flavor is perfect!
  •  tasty even without sauce
  • tasted like christmas ham, too sweet
  • taste is similar to sweet ham
  • sapat lang
  • could be perfect if there’s sauce
  • wish it has more glaze, sauce
  • meat a bit tough
  • very tender
  • ribs were tender but too fatty
  • the ribs are too greasy. they’re fat
  • really tender, smoky & sweet flavor
  • meat is very tender, flavorful!
  • loved the smoked ribs
  • good but salty
  • very good
  • tender ribs lacking a bit of taste
  • doesn’t stand out
  • well done. meat was very flavorful
  • super sarap!
  • love how it tastes. like it has sauce but not dripping in it
  • a bit bland
  • best so far!!!
  • perfect blend of sweet and smoky
  • it gets better with every bite! 🙂 
  • melts in your mouth ribs! yummy!
  • crunchy yet tender:)
  • very tasty
  • flavorful meat
  • too familiar
  • quite flavorful
  • nothing special
  • needs sauce
  • average
  • too greasy
  • too oily
  • very light and non greasy. loooks non fattening
  • YUMMY! best served hot!
  • okay
  • i wish it had more smoky flavor to it
  • very tender ribs
  • really soft
  • tender meat!
  • flavor was nice. very tender
  • better than i expected. not too fatty! nice taste!
  • ok but ribs were dry
  • salty
  • juicy & smoky flavor are just right!
  • 🙂 
  • needs more taste
  • i can taste the distinct flavor
  • very tasty. a little too slty though
  • v.good
  • love it!
  • good but better with a little more flavor
  • pork ribs are very tender
  • tender juicy, no need for anything else
  • very good
  • bland
  • pork is tender, loved the fat
  • it is very juicy & tasty
  • normal
  • soft!
  • WOW!!!
  • so tender
  • the ribs were very juicy & have nice smoky taste
  • great BBQ taste but taste like asado
  • meat was tender and you can really taste flavor
  • ribs = quality
  • can taste the smokiness which is good
  • delicioso
  • quite fatty tho flavorful
  • good but needs BBQ sauce
  • fatty but good
  • good taste soft ribs
  • less fat please
  • the best!
  • not hot a bit bland
  • nothing special
  • ribs need more seasoning
  • a bit too salty and oily
  • good!
  • same taste as any normal ham
  • tender flavorfu
  • T.E.N.D.E.R.
  • it was a bit dry, typical
  • tender but a bit dry
  • super delicious ribs
  • ordinary but tasty
  • cooked perfectly
  • make the meat less fatty & not that fatty but soft and juicy
  • pork ribs too much fat
  • love the taste
  • really yummy!
  • meal was tender but dry
  • common
  • very good
  • smoked pork ribs had flavor piercing the meat!
  • a bit too greasy
  • too sweet
  • yummy
  • i want to know where to get more of this
  • salty
  • so-so…
  • good but not great
  • the ribs melt in your mouth
  • glaze really good
  • good BBQ
  • doesn’t taste american! Tastes like asado!
  • smokin’ but needs sauce
  • might be better if served hot
  • better if served with BBQ sauce
  • a bit salty at first but love the flavor!
  • some parts tasted great but some didn’t have any flavor


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