Daims Deli Farm’s Wasabi Sausage!

Rockwell UTT Winner #16:


  97 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
161 foodies rated 4- I love it!
128 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  27 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    6 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

We’ve tried a lot of different sausages from various delis, but when we tasted Daim’s premium sausages, we immediately noticed the yummy difference.

A lot of the foodies like the BBQ Griller Sausage. But since I enjoy spicy food, it’s no surprise that my personal favorite is their Wasabi Sausage (you have the option to try the hotter version).

Congratulations to Daims for getting the foodie seal of approval in the Rockwell UTT!

The Story of Daims Deli Farms

All who know me associate me with good food and good company, and I am deeply honoured.
As a child, my siblings and I were exposed to food and various food preparations, having the
town’s cook come to our house every month to slaughter a whole pig, dozens of chickens
and butcher half a carcass of beef. From dawn to dusk for two days, the chief cook and his
assistants would simultaneously orchestrate big cauldrons resting on open pits in our backyard, simply because my mother doesn’t cook, but she made sure there is good food properly
organized for the family and guests.

Food tripping was our passion. I was from Lipa City, Batangas and going to Manila in the late
’60s was literally a pilgrimage experience. Still, we would go at least twice a month to tour a
place and eat at a new restaurant. Yes, Manila was our travel destination then.

Deciding what to take up in college was easy. I wanted Food and Nutrition and, at that time,
PWU was the noted school for such a course. Luckily, PWU was offering an experimental
course in Institutional Food Administration, which was a 5-year course with a thesis. It’s the first
and only one of its kind wherein food science courses namely Food Technology, Nutrition &
Dietetics were integrated with Hotel and Restaurant Management. The main objective was to
prepare a special group of professionals with a well-rounded knowledge on food. Indeed, our
professors were college deans, department heads and former faculty from Cornell University.

After earning a degree in IFA, I was employed by SMC’s Magnolia Division to head the Magnolia
Test Kitchen under the R&D Department (which eventually was placed under the Marketing
Department). For 11 years, I had the best job a foodie would love to have. Endless recipe
development, cooking demonstrations, writing food articles and food styling were my routine
activities. My palate became so attuned to finding the distinct tastes that I could identify the
brand and kind of butter, cheese and other dairy products being used by a hotel or restaurant.
Not to mention the herbs and spices that make up a particular dish.

Career-wise, my entire existence in the corporate world revolved on food, good food. After
Magnolia, next came 19 years with Tupperware Brands, makers of premium food containers,
wherein I used my food background in developing theme parties that catapulted Tupperware
home parties. Eventually, I became the Director for Promotions and Events and (then) came endless
big functions in the US, Europe and Asia. This was followed by 3 years as a restaurant consultant
for the most diversified catering business in the Philippines. After 33 years dealing with food
here and abroad, empty nested and retired, I stayed more often in Singapore to be with my 1st
grandson. Singapore is a food haven and I couldn’t be in a better place and so the foodie’s saga

Just barely 10 months ago, I came back to the Philippines to manage two food franchising
businesses namely Hotshots (premium gourmet burgers) and Inang’s Tinapayan. Being a COO
and GM was challenging and stressful. I loved the challenge and all I needed was some playtime
so that my creativity could flow more freely. Thus, when the opportunity came, I ventured in
a sausage manufacturing plant with Marketing guru Ding Salvador (brother-in-law), a young
Marketing wiz Atchoo Ilagan and highly experienced staff. DAIMS was incorporated barely two
months ago and, already, we have a steady pool of institutional accounts. I couldn’t be happier.

Joining Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test 6 is our gateway to the public. For our opening
salvo, we are featuring not our best sellers, which are the popular European sausages, but
our new signature blends for Debrecziner, BBQ Griller and Vienna. Guests brave enough to
try the “hot stuff” may sample our original Wasabi Sausage. Pocket Deli brings you premium
sausages at affordable prices. What a deal!

About the Product/Pricelist:

Debrecziner – P495 Per kilo
BBQ Griller – P435 Per kilo
Vienna Sausage – P435 Per kilo
Wasabi Sausage – P495 Per kilo

Recommended Beer Pairing: Daims’ Sausages are best paired with San Miguel Super Dry.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • wasabi sausage (mild) very interesting
  • BBQ grilled sausage had good balance of sweet & salty
  • normal sausage flavor
  • wasabi excellent!
  • love the bbq sausage, can stand alone
  • hungarian & BBQ griller so good i want to cry!
  • i love the chocolate & bacon 🙂
  • hungarian & BBQ griller were good
  • BBQ griller sausages are good
  • it’s not hot at all! 
  • wasabi is HOT! LOVE!
  • wasabi is great!
  • loved the hungarian sausage. the rest are ok
  • good
  • good sausages
  • tasty
  • really tasty
  • each flavor has its own distinct taste
  • hungarian was good
  • nothing extraordinary
  • it’s good
  • sausages great
  • flavorful!
  • common
  • wasabi was tasty good!
  • hungarian’s great!
  • hungarian was the best!
  • we liked wasabi! BBQ is flavorful!
  • BBQ griller was great!
  • liked the BBQ and wasabi!
  • BBQ grilled
  • great sausages
  • good quality
  • no plates, difficult to eat
  • tasty. loved it!
  • good cocktail food hits for parties!
  • loved the BBQ & wasabi!
  • dry
  • vienna was good
  • very tasty
  • friendly servers
  • good! very nice concept!
  • i was never a fan of wasabi but i really love their sausage wasabi!
  • where can i get this?
  • i am in love with the wasabi sausage!
  • tasted good!
  • italian sausage could be improved. it’s a bit so-so…
  • hungarian yung masarap. others are “eh”
  • very nicely done
  • YUM!
  • warm probably better
  • nice cheese
  • LOVE IT!
  • really good. wasabi is not too spicy. good combination
  • BBQ griller very tasty
  • wasabi hot not ok. did not like any of the sausages served
  • BBQ griller is very flavorful
  • BBQ griller 5, Hungarian 4, wasabi 5, bacon 5
  • vienna sausage was plain
  • i liked the hungarian
  • i really liked the hungarian
  • i am a wasabi sausage convert
  • tastes really great 🙂 
  • average
  • BBQ griller – BEST
  • good!
  • it is sweet
  • wasabi = unique!
  • common sausage
  • good!
  • wasabi sausage is 🙂 
  • wasabi was good- wish stronger
  • BBQ grilller i really liked!
  • delicious sausages! something new to look forward to
  • just ok
  • wasabi is unique. has a nice taste to it!
  • nothing personal. i just don’t like sausages
  • loved the smokiness of the BBQ griller, good business
  • very delicious, rich in flavor
  • wasabi hottiest is very interesting
  • okay
  • i love hottiest!
  • yummy sausages!
  • just ok
  • BBQ was good
  • unique dish
  • hands down great idea for the wasabi sausage
  • the wasabi flavor is unique. 1st time to try
  • can’t distinguish flavors from each other
  • i love the hottiest wasabi!
  • wasabi sausage is unique!
  • their wasabi flavored sausages are a big hit for wasabi lovers like me
  • good flavors
  • wasabi was good but wouldn’t rave
  • love the wasabi sausage. could be spicier
  • love the wasabi sausage. great great great
  • hungarian good
  • normal
  • ok lang
  • good
  • great tasting
  • like the wasabi
  • creative flavors
  • hungarian
  • okay taste
  • love the flavor selection
  • delish! 🙂 
  • the best. different from the other sausages that i taste
  • nice combi of wasabi and sausage
  • wasabi sausage stays true to its flavor
  • bland food
  • the BBQ griller is good
  • excellent wasabi flavor
  • love the wasabi
  • not all of the sausages were good
  • average nothing special
  • i love the wasabi sausage
  • all time sausage escapade
  • the wasabi was good
  • hungarian sausage the best!
  • nothing special
  • okay
  • you should do more study pa for the sausage
  • BBQ yum!
  • looove sausage with wasabi
  • excellent cooking of sausage with wasabi
  • would love to try the whole sausage
  • wasabi=best!
  • ok sausages
  • very light
  •  excellent!
  • loved the BBQ griller!, hungarian had the right spice
  • i like the bbq, hungarian lacks taste
  • love the hungarian
  • divine!
  • nothing special
  • good service and sausages
  • you deserve a 5 for making me eat something wasabi
  • very yummy!
  • sana served hot!
  • really good unique
  • i’d buy sausages here
  • unique
  • OK was the sausage
  • WASABI!!
  • loved grilled sausages. great marketing!
  •  wasabi awesome!
  • bbq griller -YUM!
  • kulang sa “hot” ang wasabi but hungarian bbq was great
  • great mixture of flavors
  • ungood taste
  • love the hungarian
  • good sausages
  • hungarian is best!
  • haven’t eaten product this good in a while
  • wasabi!
  • excellent. tasty and not salty
  • BBQ griller was ok!
  • i liked them all! taste and smell!
  • BBQ sauce was the best!
  • bland, nothing special, I’ve had better
  • flavorful!
  • Yummy!
  • the light wasabi was good while the strong ones kill the sausage flavor
  • that dog was winner!

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