Carmen’s BEST Ice Cream Indeed!

9/19/2015 Update: CARMEN’S BEST: The Secret Behind One of the Best Ice Creams in the World?

Rockwell UTT Winner #1

200 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
 132 foodies rated 4- I love it!
   74 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
     8 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
     2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

From the creator of the Best Fresh Milk in Manila, Holly’s Milk, comes the Creamiest Artisan Ice Cream of All — Carmen’s Best! The secret to their ice cream’s yumminess is that they produce their own milk and get only the very best ingredients for their ice cream.

Paco Magsaysay’s Carmen’s Best is the creamiest and most indulgent artisan ice cream I’ve ever tasted in Manila! We love the Malted Milk and Salted Caramel flavors. You will literally close your eyes as you savor the creamy taste of Carmen’s Best ice cream. A pint is never enough.

Foodies rated Carmen’s Best as the No. 1 food in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test! Congratulations, Paco!

Carmen’s Best joins the overall winners in the Ultimate Taste Test Series (since 2009):

UTT 1.0 overall winner rating 4.6: Dulcelin,
UTT 2.0 overall winner rating 3.8: Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez Cafe,
UTT 3.0 overall winner rating 3.8: Dulcelin
UTT 4.0 overall winner rating 4.2:
JAM Foods Tapa,
UTT 5.0 overall winner rating 4.11: Risa Chocolates!,
UTT 6.0 (Rockwell UTT) overall winner rating 4.24: Carmen’s BEST Ice Cream Indeed!

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The Story of Carmen’s Best
by Christian Espiritu

About the product/Pricelist:

BUTTER PECAN – P350 (pint)
BUTTERSCOTCH – P350 (pint)
STRAWBERRY  – P350 (pint)
COFFEE  – P350 (pint)
ROCKY ROAD – P350 (pint)
CHEESE – P350 (pint)
CHOCOLATE – P350 (pint)
COOKIE DOUGH – P350 (pint)
SALTED CARAMEL – P350 (pint)
VANILLA – P350 (pint)
AVOCADO – P350 (pint)

Foodies’ Comments:

  • the malted milk ice cream was great
  • super creamy. THE BOMB!
  • really creamy & tasty
  • delicious! i’m already craving for it!
  • didn’t expect it to be so good. last thing i ate bec i thought nothing would beat it
  • very natural delicious
  • good milk
  • creamy
  • ice cream is smooth. milk has awesome taste!
  • malt ice cream – best idea
  • deceptively simple. both milk & ice cream are better than most manufactured stuff today
  • ice cream was good
  • it’s healthy
  • malted milk ice cream was delicious
  • needs a little more of taste 🙂
  • great
  • too sweet!
  • the yummiest!
  • creamy! loved the malted milk!
  • very interesting! expand to makati!
  • great tasting milk
  • really good & creamy ice cream. also the milk… top quality!
  • i like the malted ice cream
  • best ice cream so far. creamy comfort
  • malted milk ice cream was good
  • milk & ice cream are both good. they’re fresh & it’s not artificially good
  • nice ice cream!
  • tastes fresh & creamy
  • all natural!
  • <3 choco milk
  • we bought the chocolate milk. loved it.
  • OMG
  • creamy
  • delicious salted caramel
  • emphasis on milky taste. good. YUM!
  • rich!
  • something to be proud of. very good productline
  • great dairy products!
  • malted milk the best!
  • the most thoughtful & entertaining stall ever!
  • yummiest ice cream!
  • great!
  • nothing new
  • milk-creamy & delicious
  • alright!
  • i wouldn’t buy it
  • best ice cream i’ve ever tasted
  • malted milk is amazingly creamy!
  • great milk, awesome malt ice cream!
  • ice cream was good. yummy & sweet
  • great
  • the creamiest ice cream ever <3 creamiest milk as well <3
  • good milk! the malted ice cream was excellent
  • creamy
  • milk & ice cream are refreshing!
  • (20!) the best supplier! can’t get over their ice cream
  • love the ice cream
  • really good ice cream
  • has the right sweetness & creaminess
  • real fresh milk! really good
  • good milk
  • milk is just ok. brazilian coffee ice cream is actually good though
  • really tastes fresh
  • liked the taste of the chocomilk. liked the ice cream too
  • very creamy ice cream not too sweet. like that their milk is not full cream
  • good
  • the milk is tasty
  • the milk was the best!
  • salted caramel was awesome!
  • tastes great
  • kasi mas ok pa rin ang yohgee. but good malt ice cream
  • terrific ice cream dense &creamy!
  • 5stars!
  • love the malted milk!
  • excellent fresh tasting milk & ice cream
  • very fresh
  • love the ice cream!!!
  • i wanna give you guys a “10”best milk!!!
  • bitin sa sample
  • yummy ice cream
  • fantastic
  • chocolate milk for the win!
  • love the raw & pure milky taste
  • i’m not a fan of milk but the chocolate milk is good! ice cream is great! love the coffee flavor!
  •  very creamy!
  • i love paco’s cream milk choco FTW!
  • yummy! malted ice cream, excellent
  • braziliano coffee is nice
  • really creamy
  • loved the milk & coffee ice cream
  • love that they have thier own dairy farm so everything was fresh
  • really good taste & texture
  • love the whole milk
  • really creamy- flavor lingers in mouth
  • good ice cream
  • best tasting ice cream yet!
  • just ok
  • malted milk was yummy!
  • too expensive
  • the malted milk ice cream is superb! sooo yummy!
  • awesome malt ice cream!
  • everything was good!
  • healthy yet yummy! very creamy & rich
  • flavor lingers
  • chocomilk lacks richness
  • the owner was friendly
  • ok milk
  • i recommend the coffee ice cream
  • very creamy
  • great milk!
  • really creamy
  • what an ice cream should taste like
  • malted ice cream – you will crave for more VG
  • ice cream & milk = GOOD!
  • great delicious fresh milk
  • i will start buying your milk
  • nice ice cream too!
  • great concept
  • love the milk from home
  • best milk i’ve had in the philippines so far
  • yummy ice cream, love the malt ice cream
  • awesome! creamy
  • perfect taste & texture for all products
  • awesome flavor, perfect texture
  • super yummy milk (chocolate and vanilla) malty malted ice cream is indeed heavenly
  • very good
  • full creamy ice cream
  • choco milk- ok creamy
  • i love the yogurt milk:) 
  • malted milk flavor is great, super creamy and not too sweet
  • very creamy ice cream
  • nice ice cream
  • happiness!
  • malted milk ice cream is the best!
  • the male owner is annoying!
  • all natural
  • i really like malted milk ice cream
  • tastes great!
  • texture is smooth
  •  light and refreshing
  • great products but the owner (male) has to tone down his marketing
  • delicious cold
  • fresh and has enough sweetness
  • this is how milk ice cream should be
  • melted ice cream – like!
  • expected it to be creamier, but coffee ice cream is awesome:)
  • assumptotic!
  • milk tasted really fresh!
  • creamy!
  • makes ice cream a novelty food
  • so crreamy! get stalls in the north!
  • scary dude!
  • common but nice packaging
  • creamy
  • malted milk
  • awesome ice cream, loved the chocolate milk too!
  • great taste
  • annoying seller was “too creamy”
  •  fresh milk tastes great
  • I love the melted milk
  • friendly owner-vendor
  • Best ice cream
  • salted ice cream, the best!
  • truly the best tasting smooth milk in the world!
  • sweet was just right
  • ice cream milk’s good
  • best milk I’ve tasted since I was 2!

Carmen’s BEST
Centrum II Building, 150 Valero Street, Salcedo Village,  Makati, Philippines
Mission: To delight our customers with the best gelato and ice cream experience by using only the best ingredients.
Telephone: +632 809-2042 to arrange your order, +632 815-4406 loc.701
Pick up points are in Makati and Alabang.
Best selling Ice Cream flavors: salted caramel, coffee, butter pecan, and malted milk.

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CARMEN’S BEST: The Secret Behind One of the Best Ice Creams in the World? @CarmensBest

5 thoughts on “Carmen’s BEST Ice Cream Indeed!

  1. Congrats Sir Paco for Carmen’s Best being Numero Uno in UTT ratings!!! Truly amazing. How I missed your Butter Pecan…Cheers!!!

  2. Foodies rated Carmen’s Best as the No. 1 food in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!
    BUT WHY PUT UP THESE Foodies’ Comments?
    needs a little more of taste 🙂
    too sweet!
    nothing new
    i wouldn’t buy it
    great milk, awesome malt ice cream!
    really good ice cream
    milk is just ok
    kasi mas ok pa rin ang yohgee
    just ok
    too expensive
    chocomilk lacks richness
    ok milk
    ice cream & milk = GOOD!
    love the milk from home
    choco milk- ok creamy
    the male owner is annoying!
    the owner (male) has to tone down his marketing
    scary dude!
    common but nice packaging
    annoying seller was “too creamy”

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