Chef’s Table Buko Pie Martini

Rockwell UTT Winner #22: 
CHEF’S TABLE by Chef Bruce Lim

  87 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
104 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  86 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  46 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  12 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

This special buko pie concoction served in a martini glass is my favorite dessert at Chef Bruce’s Chef’s Table restaurant. This high-end version of the buko pie is velvety and creamy. An interesting take on a Filipino classic.

Congratulations to Chef’s Table for winning in the Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim was born and raised in the United States of America. Yes, he carries with him a blue passport, but is not ashamed to reveal his real roots. Chef Bruce Lim is a Filipino, loud and very proud.

Graduating from top notch culinary Le Cordon Bleu in London, Chef Bruce managed to work his way inside some of the world’s best French kitchens for more than 10 years. (He also trained) with world-class chefs and establishments in London, England and the United States. He even worked under the tutelage of the fire-breathing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. “It was tough, but, hey, I couldn’t learn these things from anybody else.”

It’s his learnings from the robust culinary experience and fearless rediscovery of his homeland’s cuisine that continue to feed him the inspiration to challenge the culinary status quo. In contrast to his refined culinary backbone, Chef Bruce learned more about the wonders of Filipino cuisine in the boondocks. He shares that his best teachers of Filipino cuisine are the nameless manongs and manangs he’s met through his travels with his Asian Food Channel TV show, Tablescapes.

“I am the anti-(celebrity) chef,” he candidly says. “I’m big AND fat.” But despite this, Chef Bruce evidently has a strong following from his local clientele, who were sometimes willing to wait for a month or two just to get a taste of his cooking.

About Chef’s Table Restaurant
The restaurant showcases (Chef Bruce’s) very roots. Together with groundbreaking architect Jason Buensalido and the guidance of his Feng Shui adviser, Chef Bruce managed to transform Chef’s Table into the hip and happening, yet still warm and inviting, restaurant that it is.

First, Chef Bruce pays homage to his family’s furniture business as the family is one of the biggest furniture suppliers from Cebu City. Chef’s Table’s furnishings are stylized school tables and chairs, complete with Chef’s Table branded yellow pencils (meant for you to take home) and manila paper placemats that guests, both for kids and kids-at-heart, can doodle on while waiting for the food.

Second, and more importantly, Chef Bruce made sure that he retained the same up-close-and-personal chef encounter experience for the customers. The kitchen remains…the heart and center of the restaurant. Literally. One can actually enjoy the view of the well-orchestrated kitchen action from all angles: whether you are seated at the specially designed kitchen counter seats or at the far end of the second floor-cum-function room. Just like you’re watching your favorite cooking show on TV.

“Because, really, I’ve got nothing to hide…,” Chef Bruce says with a grin.

About the product/Pricelist:

Buko Pie Martini (P150). Chef Bruce’s take on a classic buko pie but with a twist.

“This dessert brought the house down, and everyone from our table raved about it… Chef Bruce shared with us that he learned a technique that made it so from an old artisan in Laguna. If you have to order just one dessert, order this one! By the way, this is not your usual dessert because it is served hot!”
OAP Chef’s Table Restaurant by Chef Bruce Lim

Foodies’ Comments:

  • interesting concept
  • too sweet
  • different & interesting textures. wish pie crust was crunchy
  • love the unusual mix
  • buko pie without a crust (it’s my favorite part of the pie)
  • love the sweetness
  • unique delicious dessert!
  • unique presentation
  • subtle taste, nice packaging!
  • it’s too sweet
  • ok lang
  • very good!
  • ordinary buko pie in a martini glass
  • unique
  • light & refreshing
  • very good
  • delicious yet it tastes like a normal filipino dessert
  • 2 thumbs up!
  • i’d appreciate it more if it’s hot
  • great taste. feels different
  • yum!
  • yummy! i’ll definitely go to your resto!
  • interestingly good!
  • its texture is good!
  • the “martini” makes me hope for more alcohol
  • superlike!
  • won’t even try to recreate one for my guests
  •  nothing great
  • thicker crust dapat but flavor was good
  • good texture; flavor
  • yummy!
  • always yummy, wish it were hot.
  • awesome concept
  • good
  • the world must know…
  • nothing special-bukopie martini
  • i <3 it!
  • i <3 it! comfort food
  • sweet
  • nice twist of the traditional buko pie
  • i’m rarely impressed w buko pie but this rocks!
  • upscale buko pie but i don’t know how i’ll eat a full serving
  • nothing new to taste. weird
  • i love the flan but the crust is not so solid
  • the buko pie was too sweet for my liking
  • great buko pie
  • it is delicious
  • creamy
  • not bad
  • it’s a very good food
  • delish!
  • not for me
  • awesome!
  • love the sweetness
  • the buko could still become a bit smoother
  • just the right sweetness
  • nothing really special
  • orgasmic!
  • yummy
  • didn’t taste the martini
  • creamy, luscious, so good
  • macapuno
  • good! amazing!
  • too sweet, crust is nice tho
  • very clever
  • this dessert rocks!
  • it was delicious but there was no pie
  • flavor is good but lacks texture. maybe add crunchy something
  • sarap and unique
  • too sweet & lacks texture
  • ok
  • too sweet
  • hope it becomes available soon
  • awesome!
  • perfect!
  • buko pie, high end style!
  • interesting concept
  • highly recommended
  • buko pie without the crust
  • very nice!
  • prefer the buko pie but buko martini is great idea and well presented
  • sweet! 🙂
  • interesting name but nothing special
  • NOT a martini
  • i want some more!
  • great! buko tastes really fresh 🙂 
  • buko pie martini is fresh and savory
  • d masyadong bagay ang tuyo
  • medyo matamis for me
  • pudding was good but i didn’t like the crust
  • a little bit sloppy
  • love this
  • perfect dessert!
  • love it!
  • didn’t get me excited
  • good quality buko pie; unique crust
  • was disappointed, i expected some kick to it. they should change the name
  • cool concept break from the sweet tooth
  • just right sweetness
  • YUMM! heavenly!
  • too sweet
  • interesting
  • weird
  • can be too sweet
  • the best buko pie ever
  • yummy:)
  • BOGUS!
  • it’s different buko pie
  • didn’t even know it was buko
  • woohoo!
  • warm and buttery
  • would be better colder
  • tasty!
  • where’s the kick? Change the name, we expected alcohol in martini not because of the color
  • so sweet it tastes like leche flan
  • too sweet
  • nice idea but tasted normal


Chef’s Table by Chef Bruce Lim
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