De Original Jamaican Patties’ Beef Pinatubo

Rockwell UTT Winner #23: 

56 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
96 foodies rated 4- I love it!
85 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
29 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
7 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Jamaican Pattie Shop is an all-time favorite. Even before I started the blog, their beef pattie is our comfort snack whenever we are in the mall. I personally love the Beef Pinatubo because I prefer my pattie extremely hot and spicy. 🙂

Congratulations, Jamaican Patties, for capturing the foodies’ hearts in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Jamaican Patties in the Philippines
by Kennedy Delos Santos

For all the loyal customers and soon-to-be customers and curious foodies, this is a short ” primer” on Jamaican  Patties in the Philippines….

First of all…….let’s start with……what is a Jamaican Pattie? A Jamaican Pattie (spelt pattY in Jamaica) is a meat-filled pastry crust similar to empanadas, turnovers, Cornish pasties, etc. Similar…..but definitely NOT the same! The meat of choice by Pattie makers in Jamaica is ground beef, seasoned, sautéed and simmered to a delicious, juicy, saucy filling, which is then placed on a pastry sheet, wrapped and baked. Of all the Caribbean islands, it was Jamaica that created this particular “version” of ” meat wrapped in pastry”. It is widely believed to have been derived from the English Cornish pasty as a direct result of  the colonial period of English rule in Jamaica, which lasted for more than 10 generations.

Ok….that’s our little primer…….but how did it come to the Philippines…..and more importantly to many foodies…….is what we are eating in the Philippines really and truly a JAMAICAN PATTIE or is it just the result ofanother marketing soundbite exploiting the JAMAICA theme, which seems to be so popular worldwide……?

Foodies in the Philippines may be happy to know that the recipes and cooking and baking procedures for the patties sold at de Original Jamaican Pattie were brought to the Philippines in 1990 by Chinese -Jamaicans from the Prominent Chang/Yee families in Jamaica whose core businesses are bakeries and restaurants. Plant facilities were set up in Manila to produce authentic Jamaican Patties to  the same standards as would be found in Jamaica. Authenticity throughout the years was further  guaranteed by on-going affiliation with Pattie makers in Jamaica to provide recipes, new production techniques and to keep abreast of pattie trends in Jamaica.

De Original Jamaican Pattie in Manila therefore assures all customers that when you buy from us , you will have a truly Jamaican Pattie Experience!

It bears noting that Jamaicans visiting Manila throughout the years have resoundingly endorsed the patties of de Original Jamaican Pattie Shop as, and we quote, “Ya man dis is di real ting…’ a waan’ tell yuh……it even better  than  di patty in Jamaica.”

About the product/Pricelist:

Beef Pinatubo  – very spicy
Created by Jamaican Chef/entrepreneur Peter Chang for the Manila market after Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991. Launched at Greenbelt Mall in 1991 “……..immediate hit!”  Still a top seller today.

Available in budget size 25.00 and regular size. 45.00

Beef Original Pattie –  lightly spiced
The first pattie introduced in Manila at South Supermarket, Magallanes in March of 1991. By May, we had 15 – 20 customers waiting at 3:00pm every day for the hot, fresh baked, beef original patties to arrive at our kiosk.

Available in budget size P25.00 and regular size P45.00

Foodies’ Comments:

  • classic
  • it’s yummy coz it’s jamaican
  • love it
  • beef & mushroom
  • i love the spicy thing
  • good. not greasy like the other J.P’s
  • kind of artificial tasting
  • nothing special
  • nice mild spice w savory beef
  • tasty & generous serving
  • crust too hard! 
  • not suited for the event
  • tried this before. still good
  • nice not too sweet
  • good quality
  • all time favorite… PINATUBO!
  • i’m a fan.
  • always liked jamaican patties
  • pinatubo is really spicy that i can’t taste the flavor anymore
  • always loved jamaican patties
  • tried it outside as a pie, yummy SOMETIME FOOD
  • favorite patty
  • just ok
  • good
  • full
  • favorite
  • filling- taste is good but nothing special
  • old product
  • of course it’s good
  • been loving this since college 🙂
  •  <3 
  • just by the looks
  • it doesn’t stand out
  • spicy pattie is LUV 🙂
  • all time favorite! affordable! 
  • JAH MAN!
  • high school memories!
  • it stinks up the whole trinoma cinema!
  • spicy that i  wasn’t able to taste as much
  • enjoyed the beefy
  • for commercial products this is tasty!
  • is there anything new? wala.
  • never fails to make me smile! hot!
  • yummy!
  • it was kinda dry
  • just right
  • nothing new
  • good snack, filling
  • ok the best
  • could be more unique
  • spicy goodness
  • spicy but ok


De Original Jamaican Patties
Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Makati
Facebook: De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop

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One thought on “De Original Jamaican Patties’ Beef Pinatubo

  1. I live and work here in Cayman Islands (on British West Indies) where patties are abundant. I tasted also the above patty when I was in Manila and it didn’t come close to the ones they have here. The pastry here are flakier; and has more authentic Jamaican filling.
    No offense meant…

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