Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Mochi

Rockwell UTT Winner #11:


162 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
165 foodies rated 4- I love it!
129 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  41 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  15 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Mochiko is a consistent favorite in Mercato Centrale. It is credited with starting the mochi ice cream ball craze in Manila. Always innovative with new flavors, Mochiko introduced the cookie dough flavor in the Ultimate Taste Test.

The cookie dough is not too sweet and adds a good texture to this frozen treat. Most foodies loved it too and gave it a good rating. (Tip: To thoroughly enjoy it, you have to wait for the mochi to thaw before eating.)

Congratulations to Mochiko for winning in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

Can you guess what the new flavors will be? 🙂

The Story of Mochiko
by Nowie and Odette Potenciano

The Mochiko story begins with travel and a love for desserts. Nowie and Odette Potenciano first encountered mochi – the sticky Japanese rice cakes – while going around cities all over Asia. They got addicted to the unusual texture of the mochi and imagined infinite possibilities of flavor combinations one could do with them. They began trying all the mochi they could get their hands on – from the simple macha-covered ones to unusual doughnut-shaped mochi.

An opportunity came along when a space at Cliffhouse Tagaytay where they had two other shops – an FIC Summer Café and a Fling Frozen Yogurt – became available. They took the plunge and came up with Mochiko – which specializes in mochi ice cream. Since then, they have made Mochiko available at the Mercato Centrale Weekend Market and other events such as the Eastwood Weekend Gourmet Market, Pinoy Eats World’s “World Eats” fairs and more. They are also planning to open a new shop in Casa Susana along Madrigal Avenue in Alabang very soon. Plus, they are joining the upcoming Soderno Weekend Market as well.

They now have eleven flavors including the best-selling Green Tea, Azuki (Red Bean), Black Sesame, Caramel and Avocado flavors. Their newest flavor – Cookie Dough  was previewed at the Ultimate Taste Test and is now their top-selling flavor.

About the product/Pricelist:

Cookie Dough Mochi – P70/pc but only P400 for 6pcs. 🙂

Recommended Beer Pairing: Mochiko is best paired with Cerveza Negra.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • mochi too thick, ice cream very good
  •  yummy
  •  not my type
  •  yum!
  •  i don’t like ice cream
  •  delicious
  •  tasted the cookie dough. a bit bland. dough is not crunchy enough
  •  i love the taste
  •  awesome. never fails to make me happy
  •  sana walang waiting to thaw
  •  tastes good
  •  the marshmallow wrap made it thin
  •  some parts were too salty
  •  love mochi
  •  interesting!
  •  divine!
  •  too frozen
  •  a little too hard but yummy! 
  •  good
  •  good balance of mochi & ice cream
  •  don’t like the combination
  •  like the new flavors not too sweet. just right
  •  innovative frozen delight
  •  ordinary
  •  very delicious!
  •  sweet ending for the UTT
  •  good texture
  •  great new flavor!?  <3 cookie dough
  •  best thing i’ve had here
  •  continously improving!
  •  LOVE IT!
  •  inconsistent
  •  mochi goodness 🙂
  •  awesome cookie dough!
  •  good. i like the cookie dough
  •   not too sweet. good cookie icecream
  •  would buy this in mercato. liked the taste!
  •  cookie dough is one of the best mochiko
  •  55555 WOW 55555 
  •   great textures
  •  mochi should have more taste
  •  wish they also serve WARM mochi
  •  i don’t like it
  •  <3 LOVE THEM!
  •  delicious & not too sweet
  •  5 STARS!!!
  •  no taste
  •  delicious
  •  lovely
  •  good!
  •  very tasty! not too sweet needs a bit more kick!
  •  wish there were other flavors
  •  hard to eat
  •  yum
  •  :0 more flavors please!
  •  good
  •  raw taste
  •  too frozen; thaw muna before serving
  •  delicious new flavor
  •  the new flavor’s good!
  •  mochi = yum cookie dough = yummier>sarap! 🙂 
  •  really yummy! 
  •  not as good as their other flavors
  •  raw taste
  •  bitter aftertaste
  •  love the new flavor! 
  •  tried mochiko before at midnight mercato
  •  very unique & tasty
  •  tastes good
  •  something different:) 
  •  good thing it was free
  •  way better than what we tried doing at home before… HAHAHA! 
  •  great taste!
  •  not an ice cream lover but i would eat this!
  •  cookie dough inside is too small
  •  didn’t like the combination too much
  •  love cookie dough mochi!
  •  sorry ice cream is so-so…
  •  i recommend this to everyone i know!
  •  new flavor is great!
  •  slightly nakakaumay
  •  just oil
  •  didn’t work for me
  •  loved the filling
  •  delicious new flavor
  •  nice presentation&photowall
  •  <3 nice sweet balance
  •  love cookie dough!!!
  •  good flavor
  •  this should be a 10!!!
  •  best flavor ever, love it!
  •  better if not too frozen so we can appreciate the taste more
  •  flavor was good but it was too frozen
  •  another amazing flavor to watch out for!
  •  it was okay
  •  always reliable. yummy as usual.
  •  a bit too sweet!
  •  YUM YUM!
  •  prefer mochi to be cheezy
  •  cookie dough too little
  •  good combination
  •  cookie dough was too frozen. but good
  •  too hard
  •  friendly staff. nice mochi
  •  pls get this flavor on sales
  •  pleasantly unique and yummy!
  •  best ice cream flavor
  •  i want a tub of it!
  •  cookie dough was ok
  •  interesting
  •  too frozen
  •  loveeet
  •  delicious. unique!
  •  YUMMY!
  •  chewy & not too sweet
  •  good stuff
  •  i will check out your store to try different flavors
  •  a bit hard
  •  mochi & ice cream melt at different times
  •  still very good!!!
  •  cookie dough was cheesy:) 
  •  excellent cookie dough
  •  soo yummy! not too sweet!
  •  i still love green tea more
  •  overrated
  •  love mochi
  •  satisfying dessert – not too sweet with oh so good cookie dough
  •  membrane’s too thick quality = OKAY
  •  all time fave dessert
  •  i love cookie dough
  •  a bit weird 🙂
  •  it tastes great!
  •  bitin yung cookie dough, maybe incorporate it in the ice cream
  •  great
  •  yummy & different
  •  i love the cookie dough
  •  very good
  •  not a fan of the cookie dough
  •  tastes like cookies and cream hot cookie dough
  •  best mochi ever <3 
  •  delicious ice cream
  •  perfect!
  •  interesting
  •  mochi was a bit bland
  •  yum
  •  pretty good
  •  a bit bland
  •  good. not too sweet
  •  too frozen but good
  •  sarap
  •  the mochi is too thick, makes the filling taste bland
  •  it’s addicting!
  •  too hard, should prepare earlier
  •  new flavor!
  •  not too sweet!
  •  I’m a fan
  •  but red bean’s the best
  •  good, not great
  •  yummy! Right to the bite!
  •  good but mochi too thin
  •  hard to eat
  •  awesome flava!
  •  mochi ice cream-another hit!


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2 thoughts on “Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Mochi

  1. Congratulations, Mochiko! Love the Cookie Dough! I think it’s even better than some of the imported cookie dough ice cream out there.
    P.S. Ang sweet naman ng picture ng couple! I smell romance….: )

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