The Flying Chef’s Chocolate and Bacon Empanada!

Rockwell UTT Winner #17: 

118 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
136 foodies rated 4- I love it!
94 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
50 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
10 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

At first, I dismissed this as just another empanada. But during the Rockwell UTT, when I asked people about their top bets, they kept voting for the chocolate bacon empanada.

I finally tried it and liked the contrasting sweet and salty flavors. It was the first time I tasted this combination used in an empanada. This would be good to bring to potluck parties or give as a foodie gift this Christmas. 🙂

Congratulations to The Flying Chef’s Casa Empanada for winning in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Casa Empanada
by Katz Lazaro

Since I am on pregnancy leave, without any other source of income (since I had to stop work), I wanted to embark on a business to primarily augment the family income. Looking into the different business opportunities out there, we thought it best to just put up our own home-based business to have better control over the type and quality of product we wanted to sell and to incur as little overhead cost as possible. We loaned the money from family and decided that we should sell food that we wanted to eat. We first experimented with making our own version of the ensaimada. And though the results were promising, we decided to try something else.
We are great fans of empanadas, and thought maybe we could make our own. Our aunt gave us a great recipe for empanada dough, and we got a recipe for the classic chicken filling online. The result was nothing short of heavenly. We then decided to create different fillings that would complement the great dough that we have, and that’s how we have the different flavors of empanada (we) sell today.

About the Product/Pricelist:


Ham and Cheese Empanada: box with 5 pieces – P175
Chocolate and Bacon Empanadita: box with 6 pieces – P100

Foodies’ Comments:

  • ham & cheese=excellent, bacon & chocolate = super excellent
  •  crust too thick
  •  chocobacontastic!!!!
  •  love the flavors inside
  •  i couldn’t tell that there was bacon; ham & cheese was good
  •  too sweet
  •  i can’t taste the ham or the cheese
  •  crunchy pastry but not earth shattering
  •  chocolate & bacon WIN!
  •  chocobacon great. wish there was more bacon
  •  cute empanadas & delicious
  •  choc +bacon was unique
  •  okay
  •  choco&bacon YUM
  •  bacon and chocolate needs more bacon
  •  bacon choco! very good!
  •  bacon -choco is unfair!
  •  bacon 2 chocolate<3!!! very flavorful & crust was just right
  •  i didn’t appreciate it, just strange
  •  choco & bacon not a good combo!
  •  tastes good but nothingspectacular. chocolate one is better
  •  nakakaumay
  •  love the choco & bacon
  •  masarap
  •  loved the choco bacon combo!
  •  <3 choco & bacon!
  •  good
  •  chocolate & bacon FTW!
  •  love bacon & chocolate
  •  i love the nutella & bacon!
  •  nothing different from other empanada
  •  i like ham & cheese
  •  choco empanada was good
  •  love the ham & cheese
  •  nutella & bacon was really good
  •  a new twist to empanada
  •  chocolate & ham &cheese empanada is <3 
  •  good chocolate & bacon
  •  the chocobacon was yummy!
  •  great flavor, taste
  •  tastes good more cheese flavor for the H&C
  •  nothing great!
  •  really tasty
  •  doesn’t quite work well together
  •  like the crunchy taste
  •  choco & bacon
  •  choco empanada was unique & good
  •  flaky pastry! sarap!
  •  taste is good. a bit oily. choco & bacon was not good.
  •  ham & cheese 5, choco & bacon 5, 
  •  surprised that it tastes really good
  •  love the choco bacon!
  •  great crispiness
  •  chocolate a little dry otherwise delicious
  •  interesting
  •  choco empanada is unique
  •  i enjoyed choco & bacon
  •  delicious!
  •  loved the bacon & chocolate
  •  bacon & choco is good!
  •  i liked the chocobacon
  •  loved the bacon & chocolate empanada
  •  it is delicious
  •  ham & cheese not special
  •  great crust!
  •  the chocolate was awesome!
  •  love the chocolate empanada
  •  this is soooo good!
  •  bacon+chocolate was too much! tone down the choco
  •  YUM YUM
  •  very innovative. choco & bacon was delicious
  •  good for snacking. bite size too!
  •  greasy!
  •  i love love love this perfect size & would be great as gifts
  •  love the chocobacon empanada
  •  <3 chocobacon
  •  choc+bacon=yummy!
  •  yummy
  •  good
  •  oklang
  •  the dough was great
  •  bacon &chocolate was a winner!
  •  chocolate and bacon empanada rocks!
  •  the choco flavor overpowered the ham
  •  i HEART this
  •  love the choco bacon.
  • chocolate bacon is good specially when newly cooked
  •  liked the bacon
  •  very good
  •  SUPER GOOD PASTRY love the chocobacon
  •  ham & cheese was better
  •  chocolate empanada = heaven!
  •  chocolate+bacon!
  •  flaky & buttery crust! YUM!
  • crunchy crust
  •  yummy choco bacon
  •  small but good
  •  love the serving size
  •  cheezy
  •  love it! 🙂 
  •  chocolate+bacon perfect!
  •  orgasmic 🙂 
  •  great & it really tastes good
  •  YUMMY!
  •  good
  •  love the combo of choco & bacon
  • chocolate & bacon was nice
  •  ham & cheese i like more!
  •  yummy cheese & bacon
  •  average flavor
  •  sarap ng bread crust
  •  the best in the bazaar
  •  (4) for the choco empanada
  •  very good crust
  •  choco+bacon rocks! 1st to provide hot food!
  •  Love it!
  •  love the ham and cheese
  •  chocolate empanada tasted weird
  •  the ham & cheese was too mushy
  •  smooth choco!
  •  can explore more on the flavors
  •  winning ham & cheese
  •  nutella empanada
  •  choco bacon
  • i recommend it!
  •  chocolate was weird
  •  choco & bacon yummy!
  •  vg 🙂 
  •  choco +bacon good!
  •  i like the choco + bacon
  •   bacon & nutella do go well together
  • cheese is good. what’s the other one?
  •  very ordinary
  •  i love empanada mas better
  •  chocolate and bacon!!!
  •  nutella is overwhelming
  •  could be better
  •  no bacon naman
  •  a bit bread-y
  •  bacon and chocolate
  •  choco + bacon is good
  •  i wish empanada was softer
  •  bacon+ chocolate
  •  too heavy
  •  yummy flaky empanada
  •  didn’t get too many kasi i don’t eat pork, freshly cooked though!:)
  •  choco is different
  •  too sweet
  • ham &cheese was ok, wish they used more bacon in the other empanada
  • goes well with beer!
  • buttery, filling
  •  great crust. don’t like choco
  • bland, chocolate was ok
  • choco+bacon super surprisingly good!
  • so so taste but looks cute
  • can’t recognize the bacon’s with the chocolate
  • not so special


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  • a winner feature in Our Awesome Planet; and
  • a guaranteed spot in any of the Mercato Centrale markets. 🙂

P.P.S. The next Ultimate Taste Test event will be held on November 17, 7pm in Mercato Centrale.

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