Empire French Macarons!

Rockwell UTT Winner #18: 


115 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
145 foodies rated 4- I love it!
106 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  46 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  10 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


I like macarons that are executed well– with a smooth glossy shell, crispy feel on the first bite, chewy as you eat along, and with the flavors exploding in your mouth.  

My top  French Macarons in Manila are Lusso’s Macarons,  Empire Macarons, and Christa’s Kitchen Macarons.

I personally like Empire’s Pistacchio. Some foodies recommend the Chili Choco and Salted Caramel flavors.

Congratulations to Empire for winning in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test! 

The Story of Empire French Macarons:
by Georgia Rocha

I started Empire in 2008 because I love to bake. My specialty, macarons, came from the prodding of my husband who was so fond of them and, together, we discovered a suitable recipe and created the different flavors we have now. Empire is a home-based business, and proudly boasts of using the traditional method of macaron-making. We also offer souvenir packages, macaron towers, and macaron cakes.

Macarons  (P390/dozen, P290/9 pcs, P35/pc)
Mini Macarons P200/dozen (assorted)

+63 917 886 11 90

Recommended Beer Pairing: Macarons is best paired with San Miguel Beer’s Cerveza Negra.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • a bit sweet but great aftertaste
  • i liked the rose flavor because of uniqueness
  • ok ordinary
  • not too sweet, melts in mouth. best macaroons i’ve ever had
  • colorful
  • yummy
  • 5 for the 3 choc. macaroons
  • perfect! choco with chili surprise that lingers
  • tastes luxurious
  • delicious!
  • i tried the chili choco, did not like it. did not taste the sweetness of the chocolate
  • interesting taste of rose
  • chili too subtle
  • love it! more branches
  • too sweet
  • fresh
  • chilichoco <3 good
  • triple chocolate too sweet
  • liked the pistaccio flavor. would’ve liked it to be firmer though
  • salted caramel is great
  • too sweet :s
  • good taste but quite too sweet
  • mocha-my tooth ached. very sweet
  • i’ve had better
  • love them. a good surprise
  • chili macaroon is <3
  • my favorite macaroon is manila
  • salted caramel is the best!
  • good. soft
  • i love my sweets!
  • flaovrful!
  • the only thing i don’t like about it is i can’t come back for seconds!
  • salted caramel is <3
  • yummy!
  • had eaten better tasting macaroons
  • soft but too sweet
  • the candied rose is too sweet
  • too sweet
  • good combination of flavor
  • lemon = good
  • rose is still weird
  • too sweet
  • yum
  • creamy but not flavorful
  • delicate & unique
  • chili choco is salty. better than pizza
  • chili choco very good
  • chilichoco rocks!
  • lacks the chewy factor but nevertheless OK
  • yummy!
  • <3 
  • excellent
  • yummy!
  • FTW!
  • good
  • better than any other i’ve tasted
  • best macaroni i’ve tasted
  • flavors are distinct but too strong & sweet
  • maybe a bit too sweet
  • better & slightly creamier than other macaroons
  • lemon-artificial flavoring! could not taste the flavors!
  • caramel & lemon are sweet
  • really good
  • pistaccio was good
  • it was ok
  • macaroons with a twist<3 
  • I LOVE IT!!!
  •  could be a bit chewier
  • 5 points for salted caramel!
  • good texture but too sweet
  • too common
  • good
  • very tasty
  • love this one
  • just like bizu!
  •  sweet but tastes nice & cool
  • chili chocolates the best!
  • i always come back for more!
  •  i like the rose flavor
  • a lil too sweet for me
  • loved the chili choco & pistaccio as well
  • chili choco!
  • chilichocolate was a spicy delight!
  • too sweet
  • a tad too sweet
  • still my favorite comfort food
  • awesome!!
  • i liked the pistachio macaroons
  • melts in your mouth but a little too sweet
  • highly addictive
  • i liked the cookies & cream
  • a little too sweet for me 🙁
  • one of the better macaroons’s i’ve had
  • triple chocolate = LOVE!
  • hazelnut 🙂 
  • chili choco is yummy!
  • rose good but too sweet
  • triple chocolate! 
  • good!
  • yum!
  • normal
  • triple chocolate!
  • chilli choco the best!
  • love the chili choco
  • very flavorful
  • normal
  • melts in your mouth
  • nice flavor but too hard. candied rose too sweet
  • chili flavor was great
  • interesting:)
  • intense flavors
  • tried chilichoco & lemon! nice combo!
  • normal
  • mocha was too sweet
  • first bite-great burst of flavor! last bit-umay!
  • i recommend their macaroons
  • salted caramel is really good but could be saltier
  • salted caramel is good!
  • quality but too much sugar
  • too sweet
  • sweetness is perfect!
  • pistachio was yummy!
  • white choco is the best
  • teh flavor i got (triple choco) was too sweet
  • chilli choco- nuff said!!!    🙂 
  • chilichoco was great!
  • TASTY!
  • i love the hazelnut!
  • supergood:) 
  •  yummy!
  • nice wokie
  • strawberry!!!
  • verygood, moist & nice flavors
  • like!!!
  • a lil too sweet
  • good!
  • delicious!
  • perfect consistency!
  • well made
  • very accomodating
  • good
  • not a fan, but good
  • it tastes good
  • salt & caramel &triplechoc is love
  • really good
  • chilli chocolate has a kill to it! very me!
  • pistaccio!!!
  • ho-hum
  • nice variety
  • xcellent!
  • my 1st macaroon!
  • too sweet(rosa)
  • chilli choco djah!
  • you can never go wrong with these
  • not too nice texture
  • best thing! Lemon the best!
  • tastes better than bizu’s
  • better than bizu
  • Loved them
  • Sarap!

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    One thought on “Empire French Macarons!

    1. My favourite pastry of them all! They are awesome morsels of joy!
      You are right – glossy surface, slight crisp at first and delicate chewy
      towards the middle is a perfect macaron! Don’t forget the feet! I’m still trying
      to get the glossy surface with my macarons. I like the
      sound of Empire macarons. Will give them a try on my next Manila visit.
      Cheers from Sydney!

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