The Fruit Garden’s Lychee Berry Rose and Winter Season

Rockwell UTT Winner #10:


57 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
60 foodies rated 4- I love it!
45 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
17 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

The Fruit Garden is a consistent winner with improving ratings in the Ultimate Taste Test series:

UTT 3.0 | The Fruit Garden – Best Fruit Jams in Manila (Rating – 3.60) 
UTT 4.0 | Strawberry Ginger & Orange Whisky — The Fruit Garden Jam Love! (Rating – 3.70) 
UTT 6.0 (Rockwell) | The Fruit Garden’s Lychee Berry Rose and Winter Season (Rating – 3.83)

This Christmas season, they are introducing the Wave Collection, using a specially designed sexy jar with two flavors — Fruit Cocktail and the Four (Winter) Season. I personally like the latter because of its guyabano taste combined with mango, pineapple and orange (a very Pinoy combination) with a vodka kick.

I think their best Jam flavor so far is the Lychee Berry Rose, which is made of Lychee, Blackberry and Rose. I like the exotic combination and the rose flower flavor ending.

No doubt, The Fruit Garden is the best Fruit Jam in Manila. 🙂  Congratulations, Pierre!

The Story of The Fruit Garden’s Lychee Berry Rose and Winter Season
by Pierre Marmonier

The Wave Collection
For this Christmas, The Fruit Garden has developed special jam flavors by combining fruits, and is packing them in a special designed glass jar: the wave bottle imported from Europe. The Wave collection has 2 flavors,  the “Fruit Cocktail” and  the “Four Season“. The Fruit Cocktail combines blueberry, papaya, orange, mango and has a rhum finish, while the Four Season combines guyabano, mango, pineapple, orange with a Vodka finish. Those 2 waves bottles are beautifully packed in their own exclusive gift box.
The Lychee Berry Rose
Inspired by the famous french Patissier Pierre Herme (Laduree and Pierre Herme inc) who has created his “Ispahan Macaron” made out of lychee, raspberry and rose flavor, The Fruit Garden has developed a Lychee Berry Rose jam. The lychee fruit flavor combined with a light touch of black berry with the added subtle rose flavor gives to this jam a unique flavor intensity.

The flavors introduced at UTT 6.0 are all unique flavors created by The Fruit Garden.

Created in Paris……Made in Manila.

Foodies’ Comments:

    • lychee-unique! tastes fresh
    • very creative mixes of fruit
    • i love the flavors & Pierre is really nice!
    • awesome fruit combination for the jams! 🙂 
    • lycheeberryrose! 
    • i <3 it!, best jam ever! i would buy this company! 
    • really good combinations. nice packaging
    • really different and organic. taste is really great! one of a kind
    • interesting mix of fruits
    • love the lychee
    • great jams
    • great gift suggestion for christmas!
    • good flavors
    • four seasons was lovely
    • lychee was great
    • good flavor
    • good!
    • loved the fruitcocktail
    • good lychee
    • good depends on the bread
    • good lychee jam!
    • lychee is good!
    • i’m not a jam fan
    • love the jams
    • the fruit cocktail & winter season’s really good!
    • ok lang, better if bread was NOT savory
    • four seasons is yummy! 
    • good jams 🙂 
    • fancy!
    • my only suggestion is to have fruity bits or a jam version:) 
    • love love love love the rose jam
    • lychee is powerful can’t taste the berry or rose part
    • good stuff
    • yummy and interesting
    • the combination of flavors used worked great together
    • i would love these jams with my breakfast toast
    • winter cocktaill is my favorite
    • winter season was good
    • lychee erry rose was fragrantly good
    • love the winter season
    • bread was quite hard
    • love winter flavor
    • four (winter) season has guyabano taste that i like so much
    • great!
    • it works!
    • awesome packaging, loved lychee
    • unique
    • great jam. love the bottles
    • i like the winter cocktail
    • quite good and not too sweet
    • i hope we can taste more of the fruitcocktail part
    • LOVE IT!
    • not so sweet & smooth jams
    • good jams but expensive
    • great packaging!
    • delicious, not too sweet
    • nice packaging
    • sweet!
    • great combination of flavors
    • fruit cocktail is the best among the spreads
    • lycheeberryrose is surprisingly very refreshing!
    • love the packaging
    • awful combination of flavors
    • winter season-Best
    • I really like the flavor & sweetness
    • very refreshing
    • packaging is really nice too!
    • truly a cut above the rest among all other jams
    • lychee berry rose:)!!! 
    • great jam, can tell it’s from europe:)
    •  the winter season jam was really a knock out!
    • good jam
    • flavorful but ok lang
    • lychee berry yum!
    • love the smell of the rose!
    • will really recommend this to my family and friends
    •  loved the lychee berry rose – something new to my palate
    • very good mix of flavors
    • good spread, great package
    • Lychee lasa good aroma
    • the fruit cocktail is good

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    1. Congratulations, Pierre and Ria! I so agree with whoever gave this comment: “i <3 it!, best jam ever! i would buy this company! " It really is the best jam, not just in Manila. It outdoes other jams I've tried in other countries. Really good. Addictive.

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