SODERNO Nights and Alabang Mornings

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The Opening of Soderno-18.jpgThank you for all the support for the first opening weekend of Soderno @ Molito, Alabang!

Here is a photo essay of the first of many Soderno weekends in Molito, Alabang:

Soderno Nights: November 18, 2011 Friday

The Opening of Soderno-2.jpg
Welcome to Soderno! This is the facade of the Soderno Tent…

The Opening of Soderno-7.jpg
The air-conditioned area at night has dining areas in the middle and a selection of desserts plus arts & crafts vendors.

The Opening of Soderno-29.jpg
The popular Mochi Ice Cream Balls from Mochiko!

The Opening of Soderno-28.jpg
Hi Anita! She is famous for her Gourmet Mini-Cupcakes. 🙂

The Opening of Soderno-26.jpg
Our lucky charm — Lola Fortune and Baby Fortune Ledesma 🙂

The Opening of Soderno-24.jpg
The secret behind the success of any man…

The Opening of Soderno-15.jpg
The Mercato favorite — Big Bob’s Charcoal-Grilled Burgers!

The Opening of Soderno-31.jpg
For Ribs, go for Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ. 🙂

The Opening of Soderno-21.jpg
For authentic Mexican Burritos, try Olveras!

The Opening of Soderno-14.jpg
Isaw, anyone?

The Opening of Soderno-19.jpg
One of our favorites that is uniquely Soderno — Rice Bowls Dimsum. 🙂

The Opening of Soderno-11.jpg
Welcome to Bawai — authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Tagaytay!

The Opening of Soderno-9.jpg
We truly felt the love from the people in the south during Soderno’s opening night!


Soderno Lifestyle Market: November 19, 2011 Saturday

The morning market is relatively quiet with an alfresco ambiance for breakfast, merienda, and lunch.

Soderno Nights: November 19, 2011 Saturday

Soderno Saturday Nights-4.jpg
We had a bigger crowd on Saturday night…

Soderno Saturday Nights-1.jpg
The alfresco dining areas got quickly filled up during dinner time.

Soderno Saturday Nights-10.jpg
My favorite part: the picnic area at the back of the tents overlooking Commerce and Madrigal Avenue. (Tip: Why not bring your own picnic mat? 🙂 )

Soderno Organic: November 20, 2011 Sunday

Soderno Sunday-13.jpg
Sunday is family day, so we brought all the boys to see Soderno. 🙂

Soderno Sunday-35.jpg
Tsokolate Eh, anyone? From Choco ATBP…

Soderno Sunday-40.jpg
Every Saturday and Sunday mornings, we have a Super Sale Bazaar in the middle of the air-conditioned tent. Welcome to Super Sale Bazaar @ Soderno!

Soderno Sunday-33.jpg
Sunday Brunch is more easy and relaxed. We noticed a significant difference in air quality in Alabang versus in Manila, which is why we love to hang out more in Soderno.

Soderno Sunday-31.jpg
A new discovery — Lechon Arroz Caldo!

Soderno Sunday-30.jpg
Manila Q’s Bagwang…now in Alabang! 🙂

Soderno Sunday-29.jpg
Our favorite in the Soderno Mornings — Sushi Ninja, hiya!

Soderno Sunday-28.jpg
Here’s another favorite — Authentic Mexican Vegetarian Food by Silly Sili. 🙂 Catch them on Soderno Nights this coming weekend.

Soderno Sunday-27.jpg
Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station is blessed with long lines anytime of the day in Soderno. 🙂

Soderno Sunday-25.jpg
Manang’s Chicken finally in Alabang!

Soderno Sunday-17.jpg
Snow Cones are a hit among kids (and kids at heart)…

Soderno Sunday-16.jpg
Raphael enjoying his Anita’s Wasabi Mini-Cupcake. 🙂

Soderno Sunday-15.jpg
Joshua with Lolo Popsy in Soderno… It’s very hard to capture Joshua in photos lately…

Soderno Sunday-39.jpg
Aidan’s favorite – Mochiko!

He was very happy to go to Soderno and see why Mama and Papa are very busy lately. He wants to suggest Soderno as the next field trip destination for his class. 🙂

(Tip: There is a big Time Zone area just across Soderno, on the 3rd floor of Alabang Town Center.)

Soderno Sunday-11.jpg
Raphael Diaz and Baby Fortune Ledesma. Hmmm… 🙂

The Opening of Soderno-4.jpg
Soderno Partners: RJ and Vanessa Ledesma, Janice and Gary Villanueva, Rache and Anton Diaz.

Thank you so much for the super warm support on the opening weekend of Soderno @ Molito! 

See you tonight @Soderno! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “SODERNO Nights and Alabang Mornings

  1. Congrats on Soderno! Got to go last weekend and enjoyed the place! Nice dining area! Will try to drop by on one Soderno night. I’m sure the latter will have higher traffic since most establishments in the area close at 9-10 pm.

  2. Congrats! Really surprised when I found out you are a part-owner of Soderno, Mercato, Distrito. 🙂 One thing though, more tables and seats for Soderno. Tends to get realllly crowded on Soderno Nights. Keep it up!

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