Yoh-gee’s Frozen Kefir

Rockwell UTT Winner #19:

123 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
121 foodies rated 4- I love it!
102 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
 47 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
 18 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Yoh-gee is an Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Top 5 Winner (See: YOH-GEE Premium Froyo) and one of our favorite healthy premium frozen yogurt desserts in Mercato Centrale.

I love their Frozen Kefir, which is more maasim than the frozen yogurt. (Note: See how Kefir looks like in this post: Kefir-licious.) It’s just good to know that what we’re eating is healthier. I like the plain version because it is still creamy but has that strong, fermented kefir taste. It is a good and healthy substitute if you are craving for dessert.

Congratulations to Yoh-gee for doing well in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test!

The Story of Yoh-Gee’s Frozen Kefir
by Vincent Lim Fideles

It all started with Yoh-gee’s success with last year’s Ultimate Test Taste (I got 5th place).
People loved my frozen yogurt. It got me to thinking, “If people are starting to embrace
healthier alternatives to frozen desserts, maybe it’s time I step it up to another level.”

Introducing Yoh-gee’s second addition to its healthy frozen treats, Frozen Kefir.

Where did I get the idea? From my surplus of kefir at home. I started drinking kefir after
finding out the wonders it does to a person’s body. Kefir is like yogurt, only a million times
better. It has more good bacteria, it stays in your body more, it cleanses you more, it makes
you feel better!

I chug down a glass of fresh, homegrown kefir as my first meal of the day. It made me face
my busy day less stressed, less cranky and less tense. At night I get to sleep better, too.
Why didn’t anyone tell me about this potion earlier? I wanted to share this magical treat to

However, it’s not easy to chug down that glass of thick, gooey consistency. Imagine, milk
minus the creaminess, plus an awful stench (smells like, well…, fermented milk), plus
curdling. Yes, kefir is not a good sight to see. If I am having a hard time drinking this wonder
drug, how will I share this to the world?

Same thing with yogurt, if you wanna make it fun and friendly for everyone, churn it into
something frozen. Thus, the birth of my new product, frozen kefir. I experimented by replacing
yogurt from my recipe for Yoh-gee’s frozen yogurt with kefir. After a few hits and misses, I
was able to create a frozen treat that I’m pretty sure frozen yogurt junkies will also like.

When frozen yogurt was first introduced to the market, people shunned it and thought it
tasted weird and funny. A year or so later, it’s the biggest craze in the country. Frozen yogurt
bars sprouted left and right like mushrooms. It’s proof that people are now leaning towards
healthier alternatives to ice cream. I want to keep that craze burning. I want to take healthy
desserts to another level. I hope that after introducing Frozen Kefir, people will also embrace
this ‘feel good dessert’ that does wonders.

About the product/Pricelist:

Current flavors available: Plain, Mango, Strawberry (Pint- P360, Liter – P640)

Foodies’ Comments:

    •  plain one is better
    •  plain flavor is great!
    •  it’s okay
    •  wonderfully tart!
    •  mangoes have a strange yummy texture
    •  while i recommend it, i highly doubt that a lot would try (except health nuts)
    •  very creamy
    •  love the flavors
    •  kefir is refreshing
    •  sour
    •  interesting new taste
    •  good taste!
    •  maasim
    •  accommodating people but kefir lacks something (wow factor)
    •  thick & creamy
    •  the best!
    •  bitin serving
    •  interesting concept
    •  would’ve loved more flavor from mango & strawberry
    •  5 EFFIN’ STARS!!!
    •  very creamy, very yummy!
    •  texture is 5 out of 5
    •  acquired taste but not bad
    •  love it!? interesting concept
    •  plain is best
    •  very innovative
    •  tastes great too!
    •  5 for the plain one
    •  i like plain
    •  malinamnam
    •  tastes good
    •  i’m not really a fan of yogurt
    •  great product. release it soon
    •  yummy sour kefir
    •  kefir <3, strawberry is good
    •  the plain kefir is already like flavored ice cream
    •  found it too sour
    •  MEH
    •  weird aftertaste
    •  plain flavor is good. creamy
    •  clean! light! refreshing!
    •  so awesome! unique!
    •  great substitute to ice cream & yogurt
    •  great!
    •  terrific but expensive
    •  great texture – NICE balance of sweet & tartness!
    •  plain kefir!
    •  good
    •  new
    •  ang sarap. nice consistency parang cheesecake
    •  has lip gloss aftertaste
    •  love plain kefir!
    •  plain is best, good balance of sweetness & sourness
    •  tastes better than yogurt
    •  too sour
    •  innovative, would recommend
    •  plain was sooo good- needs more mango & strawberry flavor
    •   maasim
    •  gelato-like but better
    •  tart
    •  very good! 
    •  YUM! 
    •  plain the best!
    •  i’ll buy it!
    •  plain flavor is the best!
    •  it’s ok
    •  i’m not into yogurt
    •  only the plain one is good
    •  one of the best frozen yogurts i’ve tasted. no toppings required
    •  tastes great! better than the one @ MOA
    •  healthy “ice cream”
    •  i like the plain
    •  will prefer this over frozen yogurt. the best was the original
    •  add more fruit flavors. plain was good
    •  only plain is good
    •  okay
    •  health dessert to the highest level
    •  was too bitter for me but creamy
    •  yummy & healthy
    •  plain kefir is a discovery
    •  strawberry too sour for my taste
    •  asim sobra
    •  very dense, needs to improve on flavor
    •  taste doesn’t linger
    •  prefer plain
    •  dense. i love it!
    •  kefir rocks!
    •  plain is better
    •  plain kefir’s great!
    •  ASIM!
    •  tasted medicinal
    •  mango too sour, very tasty
    •  needs more texture
    •  a gelato version?
    •  yogurt ice cream too strong
    •  i like the plain one best. i suggest calling it “classic” instead!
    •  excellent
    •  never expected yogurt to taste this smooth!
    •  strawberry kefir +plain awesome
    •  strawberry kefir needs more texture (berry bits)
    •  great taste
    •  good alternative to yogurt
    •  too sour for me
    •  good; only holey’s & fic’s is better
    •  strawberry+plain!
    •  i absolutely love this!
    •   i’m a huge fan!
    •  love creamy textured taste
    •  texture is good, smooth but taste bland
    •  like the sourness
    •  plain flavor is good
    •  too sour
    •  healthy for me
    •  sour food made more sour
    •  yummy and sour
    •  healthy yummy treat!
    •  strong flavor no special taste
    •  too sour even for yogurt
    •  better than yogurt
    •  plain fave was the best
    •  plain is better
    •  strawberry:)
    •  good tanginess
    •  it’s good enough
    •  healthy
    •  strawberry was ok
    •  plain alone, sarap na!
    •  good alternative to froyo, good consistency
    •  new taste, not too sweet, good
    •  so creamy! walang umay!
    •  yogurt like taste but better!
    •  good yogurt alternative
    •  good
    •  uniquely sour
    •  yummy alternative
    •  excellent and healthy
    •  into yogurts, I wish I liked it
    •  good but a little musky
    •  interesting alternative


    Email: yohgeeyogurt@gmail.com
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    Rolly Rabanes +63 922 8889648

    Email: yohgeeyogurt@gmail.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/yohgee
    Twitter: yohgeeyogurt

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