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122 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
137 foodies rated 4- I love it!
120 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  49 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
     9 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


If you are looking for something new in chocolates, check out the rising new Filipino Chocolatiers — Oliver Tiong & Kathy Ong, the couple behind Choclery Artisan Chocolates.

My personal favorites: their Manchego Cheese (yes, cheese with chocolate 🙂 ) and 60% Dark Truffle. They are getting quite popular in the foodie circles because of these flavors.

Choclery joins Theo & Philo and Risa Chocolates in coming up with proudly Filipino Artisan Chocolate creations.

We are proud of you guys. Congratulations for winning in UTT 7.0! 🙂

The Story of Choclery Artisan Chocolates
by John

We aspire to create and lead a following of passionate epicureans, chocoholics and connoisseurs, in our journey of bringing cultures together through our chocolate creations.

Chocolate has been deeply entwined within the fabric of our humanity. It has been with us, through cultures, time and tradition. Today, chocolate is perceived as sweets – either as candy or dessert. This is where the story of Choclery begins, as we attempt to take things further and elevate the level of chocolate here in Manila; because for us, chocolate is food.

At Choclery, being artisan is a movement against mass-produced chocolate that use vegetable oils as substitutes, instead of the real cacao butter. It also speaks of our commitment to hand-made chocolates, emphasizing our deep respect for chocolate craftsmanship and tradition. Our produce in small batches describes our philosophy in our way of doing things, attention to detail and commitment to quality. We ensure that freshness is reflected from the design, taste, aroma, and feel of every “layer” of the indulgent experience. Our passion for chocolates compels us to a constant search for fresher flavour-concepts, introducing and educating our artisan approach to our following.

We pair fine chocolate and blend fresh gourmet ingredients from around the world, as we strive to elevate the level of chocolate appreciation, in the spirit of bringing cultures together.

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Manchego – Php 40 / pc
Almond Cointreau – Php 40/pc

Php 150 for a box of 4
Php 550 for a box of 15

Other flavors – Green tea & black sesame, blueberry cheesecake, 60% dark, banana caramel, cherry-pistachio, and more coming up.

Note: Prices are introductory prices and valid until Dec 31, 2011.

What Foodies say about Choclery Artisan Chocolates:

Choclery-2.jpg Choclery-3.jpg

  • Really good with Cerveza
  • So good
  • I’m a chocolate girl
  • Perfect mix
  • Too bitter
  • Thumbs up
  • Bit too dark for an almond chocolate
  • Needs improvement
  • Tastes lovely
  • Spanish cheese yummy
  • Yummy
  • Super flavourful
  • Smooth and perfect
  • Very decadent
  • Not a fan
  • Good!
  • <3
  • This is my fave
  • Was hoping to try both
  • Where can I find you??
  • YUM
  • Nothing special
  • Too strong
  • Hands down
  • Cheese in chocolate= great all the time
  • Chocolates are small
  • Needs texture
  • Quite normal
  • Very chocolatey
  • Cadbury old gold is better than this
  • Rich and strong flavour
  • Tastes old
  • Almond!
  • Not much flavor
  • Chocolate madness
  • Loved the spanish cheese
  • Rich expensive taste
  • Interesting flavour
  • Orange liquor is a unique blend
  • Didn’t catch the cheese taste
  • Melts in the mouth
  • I liked the dark chocolate
  • Perfect
  • Good without being overpowering
  • Dark chocolate w/ orange BRAVO

Recommended Beer Pairing: Choclery Artisan Chocolates are best paired with Cerveza Negra.

    Choclery Artisan Chocolates
    Mobile: +63 917 895-8168

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