Merry Moo’s Queso de Bola and Food for the Gods!

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utt7.0logoUltimate Taste Test 7.0 Ultimate Winner #1:

MERRY MOO’S Food for the Gods and Queso de Bola Artisan Ice Cream

124 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
122 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  56 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    7 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    3 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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Merry Moo is one of the best Artisan Ice Creams in Manila — even better than the commercialized ice cream versions out there.

Now a 3-time Ultimate Taste Test winner, Merry Moo finally takes first place in UTT 7.0:

The Christmas flavors of Queso de Bola and Food for the Gods were perfectly recreated in ice cream form in time for this Holiday season. I’m always impressed with Merry Moo, and it is certainly pulling its weight in taking Artisan Ice Cream to a whole new level in Manila. 🙂

Congratulations, Kelvin, for capturing the Overall Top Spot in Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!

The Story behind Merry Moo
by Kelvin Ngo

Merry Moo was churned from Kelvin Ngo’s frequent trips to visit his girlfriend in Singapore. In one of those trips, his cousin led him to a small homemade ice cream shop that sells exceptional, unique and creative ice cream, with flavors ranging from Durian toTe Tarik Tea. Being a foodie himself, he was excited in tasting all the different concoctions. From there, the idea of Merry Moo was born.

Our flavors are usually inspired from my personal experiences with food; following of food trends through books, blogs, and food trips here and abroad. Our customers are also a source of inspiration where they give out valuable suggestions on new flavors and tweaking current flavors.  Although making ice cream needs a lot of work, our customers have been a source of continuous inspiration.

What’s Different about Merry Moo?
Merry Moo’s different because of our love to experiment with flavors. We strive to churn out new and exciting flavors, which would delight our customers. We also use fresh local dairy from a farmers’ community in Laguna for our ice cream to give the best tasting ice cream.

What is Merry Moo?
Merry Moo is a newly established homemade ice cream business. Merry Moo ice creamery churns for fresh, yummy, and fun ice cream. Our premium ice cream uses fresh, non-Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy. It is locally sourced from local dairy farmers who offer holstein-fresian cows a huge pasture to graze and roam freely. Since our dairy is non-UHT treated, the flavor of the milk and cream is unaltered and it retains its nutritional content.

Freshness is one of the key aspects to highlight our ice cream’s distinct smooth texture and creamy mooeyness. We strive to source fresh and local ingredients whenever possible so that the real flavors of the ingredients would shine through. Our ice cream is also homemade and done only in small batches to guarantee freshness. We strive to constantly experiment on different flavors and we love to get new ideas from our customers to create udder-ly delicious and unique flavors. We churn for creative flavors that excite, for our goal is to have you beaming with a smile with our ice cream.

Mission & Vision
Merry Moo’s mission is to provide yummy flavors to its customers using ingredients that are fresh, sustainable and sourced locally as much as possible. We want our customers to know where their food is coming from. Constantly innovate new products.
Our vision is to have Merry Moo products as a way for people to come together and enjoy life through our delicious food.

What’s your Flavor?

  • Sea Salt Caramel – light sea salt and slow-cooked caramel, the contrast is surprisingly good
  • Earl Grey Tea – a very special blend of Chinese tea leaves with citrus bergamot
  • Apple Cinnamon – apples cooked in cinnamon
  • Rum and Raisin – Drunken raisins mixed in sweet ice cream
  • French Vanilla – Classic Vanilla ice cream
  • Aztec Chocolate – Chocolate with a hint of spiciness
  • Strawberry Basil – A refreshing combination of fruit and herb
  • Coffee Kahlua – Double roundhouse kick of Philippine Arabica coffee and coffee liquor

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What Foodies say about Merry Moo:

  • Solid ng food for the gods!
  • Love the keso!
  • Peppermint choco was delightful
  • Vote for food for the gods!
  • So original!
  • Queso de bola and peppermint
  • Best dessert
  • Awesome!
  • Peppermint tasted so fresh
  • Always the best!
  • Love the milk/ melted ice cream
  • Queso de bola is perfect
  • Love quezo de bola
  • Food for the gods <3
  • Like this!
  • Too sweet
  • Never fails to amaze me
  • Great flavours
  • Ham ice cream!
  • Unique
  • Peppermint not so minty
  • Love the combination
  • Milky!
  • Very unique
  • Can’t taste the peppermint
  • Creamy
  • Sea salt caramel is happiness!
  • Interesting flavours 


Merry Moo
Mobile: +63 917 528-9590

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5 thoughts on “Merry Moo’s Queso de Bola and Food for the Gods!

  1. It’s good. I bought the Strawberry Basil (not sure if i got the name right). I really liked it. Really unique. Gotta say though it’s pricey. P70 a scoop if i’m not mistaken. The salty caramel (not sure also if i got the name right) is really good as well. Queso de bola…didn’t really taste like it.

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