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 69 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  14 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    3 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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Mio Gelati is best known for its gelato innovations in Midnight Mercato, offering not only the classic cream- and fruit-based flavors but also alcoholic ones and special premium flavors.

Recently, they introduced the first Mio Gelati Mobile in Distrito and they presented the Mochilato (gelato nicely tucked in a mochi ball) in UTT 7.0. I love it because of its soft mochi cover and delicious gelato taste.

Congratulations, Mio Gelati, for winning the Top 2 spot in Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!

Mio Gelati
by Celina Nolasco

Mio Gelati was founded by a young individual with the love and passion for desserts and sweets. Mio Gelati comes from an Italian phrase, which means “My Gelato”. In the hopes of sharing a new way of eating ice cream to the market, newfound concoctions were developed and an idea for an ice cream dessert shop was born.

About our Gelato

Mio Gelati promises to give satisfaction to each and every customer. We make our gelato in small batches and make (them) fresh everyday. Our cream-based gelato has natural ingredients, which came from Italy, while our fruit-based is made with real fresh fruits that are avilable here in our country. It is made (using an) authentic gelato machine from Italy as well. In Mio Gelati, we never store batches of gelato or deep freeze it. We use what we made immediately so customers can savor its freshness. Our Gelato has less fat than American ice cream — (it) contains 5-8% fat while American ice cream has 15-25%. It is also denser and contains less air that is why we promise to give rich, creamy, (and) flavorful gelato to our customers (who) will surely go back to our store.

Our Concept

Because the Philippines is a tropical country where heat is inevitable, Filipinos are
always finding ways to cool down after their day-to-day activities. Mio Gelati is a new
but promising variety — from cream-based gelato to fruit-based sorbet. Mio Gelati does
not only serve gelato but also has variants like gelato shake, mochilato (our version of
mochi with gelato filling), affogato, gelato cup cakes, gelato cakes, and even gelato
fondue. Mio Gelati offers a wide range of desserts to enjoy and indulge in the whole

Our Mission

In Mio Gelati, we want people to rediscover ice cream.

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(P80-P120 per scoop)
Fruit base, Cream base & Alcoholic base homemade gelatos

Gelato Flavors:
Bubble gum
White Truffle
White Chocolate
Blue Angel

Pink Grapefruit
Plain Yogurt
Blueberry Yogurt
Strawberry Yogurt

Premium Flavors:
Mango Torte
Cookie Dough
Chocolate Overdose
Caffe Premiun
Mangor Cream Pie
Butter Pecan
Cream Cheese frosting
Crème Brulee
Fior de latte
Green Tea
Blueberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake

Alcoholic Base:
Tequila Rose
Strawberry Grand Marnier

Mochilato flavors:
Matcha Green tea
Vanilla Nutella
Mangoes and Cream
Choco Ganache
Very Strawberry

In Mio Gelati, our flavors are endless.

1 scoop: P80 regular flavor | P100 premium | P120 alcoholic base.
2 scoops: P150 regular | P180 premium | P220 alcoholic.
2 scoops:  P160 regular+ premium | P180 regular +alcohol | P200 premium+alcohol.

Mochilato: P70 per piece

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What Foodies say about Mio Gelato:

  • Thumbs up!
  • Love the peppermint mocha
  • Very good
  • I love the mocha
  • Different
  • I <3 Pistachio
  • I want to try them all!!
  • Other flavours unavailable 
  • T Rose taste was subtle yet soothing
  • I like this
  • Peppermint mocha and tequila rose ice cream the best
  • Love your products
  • Red velvet was yummy
  • Caramel Mochi <3
  • Yummy. More flavours to taste next time
  • Sinfully delicious
  • Creamy and flavourful
  • Red velvet is heavenly
  • The best
  • Mochi ice cream!
  • Mochi is divine
  • Hands down
  • Shortcake gelato was so so
  • Love the salted ice cream
  • Best dessert of the night
  • Love the Bailey’s
  • Loved the Ferrero ice cream
  • Milky pistachio gelato mmm
  • Starchy mochi ice cream the best
  • Just okay
  • Superb
  • Made me smile! 🙂
  • Ferrero!
  • Ice cream heaven
  • Choco mint just right
  • Generous portioning
  • Mochi wasn’t that good
  • Kakaiba!
  • Loved the Mua Chi  with ice cream


by Celina Nolasco
Email: miogelati@yahoo.com
Telephone: +632 353-6675
Mobile Number: +63 917 582-7124

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