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  74 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  51 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  19 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


Trixie was a bit nervous introducing her Bacolod Sisig version to the foodie market, which is more familiar with the Kapampangan type of Sisig. She didn’t have to worry though — it got the foodies’ approval during the recent Ultimate Taste Test 7.0.

Her sisig has a unique taste. You can have it in the original pork or squid version. It can be bought frozen, and then prepared and served in mini shells to make a great appetizer this Christmas season.

Congratulations, Trixie! Let’s support her by introducing her Sassy Sisig to the rest of the foodie market. 🙂

The Story of Sassy Sisig
by Trixie Torralba

In 2005, the history of Sassy Sisig originated in Bacolod City. A young girl named Trixie was so interested to learn the secret recipe of her older brother for the delicious sisig that he used to make. But because he wanted her to discover the recipe on her own, he gave out random ingredients, hoping that Trixie would experiment with them. After mentally taking down notes, Trixie hurried to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. She chose random ingredients that she felt would make the perfect sisig. Since her brother was selling squid, she decided to use it instead of pork.

Needless to say, the first experimental batch of sisig was an instant hit. After mixing ingredients and hoping that they would work, she let her friends taste her sisig recipe. Since she received a number of positive reviews, she decided to go into business for it. Trixie called up common friends and offered them to try her sisig. Selling them at a mere cost, she even hand delivered them to the homes of her customers.

One day, Trixie decided to stop selling because she was not making any money. Since she was still a student, she decided to just invite her friends over whenever she made a new batch. Oh and yes, until now her friends get excited whenever she tells them that she will be making sisig. Even if she is already residing in Manila, her friends are always requesting her to make sisig whenever she comes home. This is how her humble reunions with friends always turn out…

Today, Trixie is working as a freelance writer and (is) a huge foodie. She hopes that, one day, she will be able to showcase her sisig recipe and let people taste it. As they say, ‘the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach’; Trixie is hopeful that her sisig will be that key.

Sassy Sisig is the love child of Trixie Torralba and her quest for delicious, honest-to-goodness home-cooked meals.

For orders and inquiries, she can be contacted at 0905-414-5674. Visit her website:


Pork Sisig Regular: P 550
Pork Sisig Special: P 600
Squid Sisig Regular: P 660
*Orders are delivered in ready-to-cook form.
Directions for heating are available along with each purchase.

What Foodies say about Sassy Sisig:

  • I like the squid sisig! The chili was also really flavourful.
  • Squid and pork sisig really delicious
  • Hope they had rice
  • Namitgid!
  • Too sweet
  • Shell’s too big for the sisig portion
  • Pulutan!
  • Great taste but too oily for me
  • Squid too small serving
  • Pork sisig the best
  • Squid tasted good. Bit too spicy but good
  • Tastes like sisig but feels healthier
  • Good flavour
  • Cup adds a lot to the experience
  • Very tasty pork
  • Loved the squid sisig
  • Sisig and cup both great
  • Just fine
  • One of a kind
  • So so
  • Makunat
  • Should have prepared more
  • Too sweet
  • Love the wrappers
  • Enough fat but not sickening
  • Perfect with beer
  • Different approach to sisig
  • Preferred more meaty or pig’s ear
  • Squid = yummy crunchy taco
  • Too bad there were no shells
  • Squid sisig great with chili
  • Interesting
  • Crispy cup has no taste
  • Sisig is below typical taste
  • Nothing fantastic
  • Black ink sisig is delicious
  • Melts in your mouth

Recommended Beer Pairing: Sassy Sisig is best paired with San Miguel Premium All-Malt.


Sassy Sisig by Trixie Torralba
Mobile: +63 905 414-5674

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