Taguig’s Inutak!

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Taguig’s INUTAK

  98 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
157 foodies rated 4- I love it!
144 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  57 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  14 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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The first time I heard about Inutak, images of soft brain flashed through my head.

But I learned that it is actually one of the unique and popular kakanin treats from Taguig. I’m glad that Kristine’s family decided to brand and market it as one of the best kakanin in Manila.

Sticky rice (galapong), coconut milk and sugar make up this unique dessert. Think of it as a very smooth, ube-flavored bibingka with an almost-mochi type of consistency. I think it would go perfectly well with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks to the people of Taguig for proudly introducing Inutak to more Filipinos! 🙂


The Story of Kristine’s Inutak Premium
by Noreen Musni

We come from a big family in Taguig that really loves food. Almost all members of the family cook. We have lots of unique dishes actually, but this sweet local delicacy is the ONE that we decided to introduce since only very few knew about it. (Since) it is the favorite dessert of the Marcelino siblings, we came up (with the) idea of introducing it to the market. Sayang naman ang sarap at linamnam niya kung kaunti lang nakakaalam, so why not share it (with) others? It is really a must-try delicacy for everybody. That is…our mission.

Since it’s an old recipe passed down from our great grandparents for four generations, we decided to improve and continue the legacy of spreading (its) good taste for everybody to enjoy — hopefully not only in the Philippines, but also abroad. It’s a delicacy made from simple ingredients like sticky rice, coconut milk, and sugar.

For those with adventurous palates, we also developed different flavors like Inutak Tablea. We also are developing one for (the) health-conscious, such as Inutak Organic and Inutak Lite. Maybe we could release them all by next year. For now, let us enjoy Inutak Classic and Inutak Queso De Bola.

We have two sizes available. The big one is 9” in diameter and the smaller one is 4.8” in diameter. Two flavors are out in the market already. The Inutak Classic is priced at P350 for the big one and P120 for the small size. Queso De Bola is available at P380 for the big one and P150 for the small size. By the way, try it with Ice Cream.

For orders, our contact numbers are (0919)9917989, 5025922 and email: inutak@gmail.com.


What Foodies say about Inutak:

  • Really flavourful inutak
  • Like a typical kakanin
  • Like it
  • Normal
  • Awesome!
  • Sarap PINOY
  • Create more variants
  • It’s okay
  • Tastes like ginataan
  • Too sweet
  • Fresh take on bibingka!
  • Bringing some home
  • Good texture
  • Good use of traditional flavours
  • Not too sweet
  • Better if they serve with cheese
  • Tastes like sapin sapin
  • Good. A bit gooey
  • Love it
  • Stickiness is very ok
  • First time to try this
  • Love it cos it’s not too sweet
  • Right texture
  • Might want to add toasted pinipig
  • Too sweet
  • Something new
  • Not sickly sweet
  • Sticky and has ube
  • Worth a try if kakanin is your thing
  • Surprisingly good
  • Good texture
  • Unique but so so taste
  • Comparable to Marcia’s Delicacies’ Royal Bibingka, but better
  • It’s like Christmas
  • Very tasty
  • So Filipino!
  • Honey good
  • Right blend of sticky rice and ube
  • Really good and filling
  • Good fusion of Pinoy delicacies
  • Want another serving!
  • Same as sapin sapin
  • Unoriginal
  • Best kakanin I ever had
  • Better than expected

M Siblings Inutak
Contact: Ma. Kristina Marcelino
Mobile: +63 919 991-7989

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