Recap: Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 Winners

Here are the Top 30 winners of Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

1. Carmen’s BEST Ice Cream Indeed! 4.24

2. Luigi Muhlach’s Phillychanga 4.11

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-46.jpg
3. 5Loaves & 2Fish’s Healthy, Crunchy Vegetable Lavosh Chips 3.99

4. Merry Moo’s Artisan Ice Cream – Sea Salt Caramel, Milo & Brown Bread Flavor 3.94

5. The Sweet Life by Ange – The Sweetest of Them All 🙂 3.93

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-128.jpg
6. Spring by Ha Yuan’s Ka-Pao! 3.92

7. Gourmet Keso’s Chevre Goat Cheese from GK Enchanted Farm 3.88

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-68.jpg
8. Theo & Philo – One of the Best Artisan Filipino Chocolates! 3.85

9. Farm N’ Deli’s Barang’s Tinapa and Longganiza 3.84

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-64.jpg
10. The Fruit Garden’s Lychee Berry Rose and Winter Season 3.83

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11. Mochiko’s Cookie Dough Mochi 3.81

12. HKR’s Yummy Asado and Baked Chicken 3.79

13. Tina Pie’s Savoury Tarts and Callos! 3.78

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-127.jpg
14. Cupcake Boutique by Klar 3.78

15. Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ 3.76

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-169.jpg
16. Daims Deli Farm’s Wasabi Sausage! 3.75

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-86.jpg
17. The Flying Chef’s Chocolate and Bacon Empanada! 3.73

18. Empire French Macarons! 3.72

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-140.jpg
19. Yoh-gee’s Frozen Kefir 3.68

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-53.jpg
20. Hyphy’s Calamansi Tuyo Spaghetti 3.63

21. Sugarhouse’s Yema Balls and Sylvannas 3.62

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-163.jpg
22. Chef’s Table Buko Pie Martini 3.62

23. De Original Jamaican Patties’ Beef Pinatubo 3.60

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-216.jpg
24. Chef C’s Paella de Andaluz – a New Paella Discovery! 3.59

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-149.jpg
25. Baked by Anita Mini Gourmet Cupcakes! 3.58

The Cereal Bar
26. Muesli Granola Healthy Snacks 🙂 3.58

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-60.jpg
27. Eat My GF (Garlic Fries)! 3.57

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-83.jpg
28. Mang Pedro’s Taho — One of the Best Flavored Taho in Town 🙂 3.56

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-184.jpg
29. Symphony of Flavors Leche Flan Cheesecake 🙂 3.55

30. PINAKBEST Bagnet, Chicharon and Empanada! 3.52


Here are the Top 3 Drinks Winners of Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-241.jpg
1. El Kapitan’s Spiced Chai 4.25

2. Party Fuel’s Mojito Mocktail 3.91

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test-166.jpg
3. Bugle Buy’s Arizona Iced Tea 3.51


About Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

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