It’s More Fun in the Philippines, Indeed!

(Watch First for Background about this Campaign: DOT’s “fun” slogan becomes online hit)

It's More Fun in the Philippines

The more I chew on the idea, the more that I like it, and the more that I want to contribute to it.

It’s brilliant and I believe it would work because…

1. It’s a Social Media “Campaignable” Idea.

I like thinking about it this way — the Philippines’ Social Media Citizens are members of one of the biggest orchestras ever assembled online, giving us the title “The Social Media Capital of the World”.

The DOT is the conductor that synchronizes different tunes, styles, and instruments into one single beat, or in this case, a campaign that we can all participate in.  The more that we “jam”, the more that we’ll love playing together, the more that the campaign will be sustainable.

2. Simple but Insightful to Our Very Core.

Unlike previous DOT campaigns where the slogan is the product, the product in this campaign is the desire to provide awesome experiences — ingrained in every Filipino — to every visitor that we encounter.

We want to make our visitors laugh, we want them to have a good time, and we want them to remember the experience as long as they live.

We somehow inherently feel that it is our mandate as Filipinos to enjoy in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, offline and online, with all the people that we meet.

#1 for FUN3. It Challenges our Collective Social Media Creativity — Filipinos love a challenge!

Step 1: The initial launch poses a challenge to us.

Do you believe in your heart that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines?”

That is the hook; you have to answer YES or NO.

Step 2: If you answer YES, then you are now part of the tribe. As a tribe member, our cheer is we are “#1 for FUN”.

It’s our social media battle cry designed with the Twitter hashtag in mind to build our enthusiasm to, indeed, be the #1 People in the World for Fun.

(At last, a better hashtag than #helpDOT!)

Step 3: If you believe the campaign and you are part of the team, how do we creatively communicate to the world that it is really more fun in the Philippines?

The DOT’s job is to capture the interest of the world’s tourists and intrigue them about why it is more FUN in the Philippines.

Our job is not as simple as communicating it via a video or an image of a scene in the Philippines with a slogan or optimizing our website with our SEO skills for the keywords related to the campaign.

Our task is to effectively deliver the actual awesome experience to our visitors so that, at the end of the day, they would conclude for themselves, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines, Indeed!”


Create Your Own #It’sMoreFUNinthePhilippines Campaign

Commuting. It's More Fun in the Philippines

To get started with your own campaign, here is the baseline information where you can get your initial inspiration:

Official Website:

Official Twitter Accounts and Hashtags (Update your Tweetdeck):
#ItsMoreFUNinthePhilippines – Hashtag to promote the FUN in the Philippines to the world.
#1forFUN – Hashtag of our National Tourism Cheer
@DOT Philippines – Official DOT Twitter Account
@MonJQuotes – Official DOT Secretary Twitter Account (insights from the man himself)
@BBDOGuerrero – Official Twitter Account of David Guerrero, the genius behind the campaign.
@ItsMoreFUNinPH – Official Twitter Account of the Campaign.

Official Facebook Page: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Official Font used: Harabara Font

Official Logos:
Download the official It’s More Fun in the Philippines logo.
Download the official battle cry: #1 for FUN logo.

Tutorial: Check out How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme

Meme Generator: It’s More FUN in the Philippines Meme Generator

Twitter Pics: It’s More FUN in the Philippines Twitter Pictures

TIP: Use Photos with Philippine Scene and Filipino People. Use Humor in your Caption.


Contribute to the Virtual Pinboard: It’s More FUN in the Philippines

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Now, it’s our turn. Blog, Tweet, Facebook, and Be Counted.

Let’s show the world what Filipino FUN is all about!

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: We were personally brought onboard by the DOT Secretary regarding the rationale of this campaign. We understand the insight behind it and agree with it, that’s why we support the campaign.

P.S. Quotable Quotes I love about the Campaign:

Re: Loving Support for the Campaign

It was refreshing to speak to a man with a vision. He echoed many of the same ideas that power Rappler. I’m all too aware of the dangers of embracing this technology: it can’t be controlled; and it depends on critical mass. If you release too soon, you can fail to get to the number of people needed to hit a tipping point. The wisdom of crowds can also turn into a lynch mob instantaneously.” – Mon Jimenez and Rappler by Maria A. Ressa

#itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot.” – Neil Gaiman @neilhimself

Fun is not the perfect word to describe the Philippines, but it is the best word simple enough for all Filipinos to play around with and share with everyone around the world.” –Donald Lim

“In the way that ‘Wow, Philippines!’ started the conversation but never got to finish it,  this new campaign attempts to jumpstart that conversation in the same vein and invites us, who know and love the Philippines, to complete the sentence. And, that’s part of the fun.” Completing the sentence…. by Ted Te

I think it’s cool kase the new DOT campaign will be user and crowdsource driven. It can be flexible.” – @carlosceldran

Tell Filipinos that they’re doing well, tomorrow, they will do better.” – Tourism Thoughts @MonJQuotes

Re: Our Insightful Meeting with the DOT Secretary

There were some things said in private, which gave me an idea about where the Secretary was coming from. And there was the campaign that he explained to us, where it was coming from, the low budget they were working with, the bureaucracy, the frustrations and the limitations. With that, I decided to support before fighting for changes (that’s for later ;) )

Eight ad agencies were invited to bid. In the end, BBDO won with a simple campaign that sells an idea instead of a rhyme or an adjective. That idea is fun.” – What is Heart Warming… by Chuvaness

Re: Negative Comments about the Campaign

“To all the DOT haters, OK. How about this as our new tagline, ‘Hey, We’re a shitty country full of dirt and bad people who hate themselves, Come on over if ya want K?’ Seriously, is that what you want? If not, then stop being f*cking nega stars.

Telling people to STFU: #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines” – @carlosceldran

“Tourism is successful in Thailand because their positive voice is louder than their negative voice.”
Tourism Thoughts @MonJQuotes

Re: It’s More Fun in Switzerland!:

“No one can own the expression ‘it’s more fun’ but it’s very true for the #Philippines so it becomes ours.

‘FUN’ is a fusion of place and people. A place is not fun if there is no fun people in it.

This Switzerland coincidence only makes our line truer. Sun Tanning IS more fun in the Philippines.

The line isn’t a manufactured slogan. It’s simply the truth about our country. Don’t be swayed by people who are trying to punch holes in it.

If you look hard enough, you might even find an old ad that says ‘it’s more fun in Alcatraz!'”

Tourism Thoughts @MonJQuotes

“If its more fun in BOTH the Philippines and Switzerland, then Old Swiss Inn must be the funnest place to be in! 🙂 #justsaying”  – @Old Swiss Inn




27 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in the Philippines, Indeed!

  1. ‎”It’s more fun in the Philippines!”
    5.Eto nalang dapat, “Pinas Astig!” o kaya “Angas Pinas!” hehe

  2. Kung maka astig ka wagas eh, parang nasa kanto lang ah? What we are aiming for are tourists hindi taga kanto. It will take time pa to translate those words in english for them to understand. Tama lang na english ang slogan para mauunawaan agad nila. KUng maka angas pinas WAGAS! UNoriginal daw. Bakit ? Nagmamay-ari ba sa mga salitang yan? Kung naging slogan man yan ng other countries before hindi ibig sabihin na ginaya lang o kinopya. Pagmamay-ari ba nila ang mga salitang yon? Tingok!

  3. Sa palagay ko kahit ikaw nga di maka-explain ng “angas” sa mga tourists eh. NO wonder na yan ang nasabi mo. Slogan ng mga tambay yan! Gawa ka ng bansa mo tapos yan gawin mong slogan mo if you want. Hahaha! Baka ikaw nga mismo di alam i-translate sa english yang gusto mong maging slogan…hahaha!

  4. If i were an american at kung wala akong mapagtanungan what is ANGAS in english, well …ita-translate ko siya by google and the result of translation is ANGAS = ARROGANT! Hahaha! Sa tingin mo maganda? hahaha! Nkakatawa!

  5. Great article! 🙂
    GO support and positivity!
    I die a little inside upon hearing negative comments. Mejo LOL din kasi some people here acting as if they are the target audience of the new slogan.

  6. The genius of this slogan is that in can encompass even the negative/self bashing tendencies of some – it could actually make tourists more curious to discover such things.
    “Incredible India” demonstrated that – the incredible caste system, the poverty, the garbage, the honor killings, etc.
    #It’s more fun in the Phils!

  7. ” its more fun in the Philippines.” hindi nga siya ganun ka original pero we can get the attention from the tourist to visit our country.

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