ILOILO FOOD TRIP: Breakthrough, Number 1 Tourist Destination in Iloilo!

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Breakthrough is the undisputed king of fresh seafood in Iloilo and the number one tourist spot in the city.

Ultimate Visayan Food Trip Series:

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It’s a fresh seafood restaurant by the beach…

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with a simple carinderia turo-turo display where you order. 

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It is famous for its Aligue Rice, 

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the Managat fish (also known as red snapper or mangrove jack) that they culture on their own, and …

Imbao, a large fatty clam version which is a pride of the Visayan region and best eaten raw.

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Native chicken inasal,

Breakthrough Iloilo-31.jpg
fresh oysters, and …

Breakthrough Iloilo-10.jpg
… baked clams are also served here.

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If you are lucky, you can eat the seasonal angel-wing shaped diwal from Capiz! 

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The restaurant is the brainchild of marine biologist Raymundo Robles, who just wanted to have a side restaurant business for his wife.  It was named after every scientist’s aspiration, which is to achieve a breakthrough in his/her field.

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The best part of the Breakthrough experience is being able to enjoy the glorious food (and their popular vinegar called Sinamak)

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… with the fresh sea breeze blowing around you.

Breakthrough Iloilo-1.jpg Breakthrough Iloilo-6.jpg
For a native dessert, watch out for manong selling these native molasses 🙂 

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Villa Beach, Barangay Sto. Niño Sur, Arevalo, Iloilo, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 33 337-3027

Ultimate Visayan Food Trip Series:

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the owners or the organizations promoting this restaurant. 

P.S. If you don’t have the time to travel all the way to Breakthroug in Arevalo, Iloilo, you can try their branch in the city called Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Plazuela de Iloilo. 

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13 thoughts on “ILOILO FOOD TRIP: Breakthrough, Number 1 Tourist Destination in Iloilo!

  1. Grabe Sir nagutom ako parang ang sarap jan sa Iloilo. Thanks for this post and your wife is really pretty btw, God Bless You & ur Family!

  2. We haven’t eaten at Breakthrough when we were there in Iloilo last year. But we were able to eat at Tatoy’s. Every local in town thinks that Tatoy’s dishes is way much better than Breakthrough’s specially it’s Native Chicken. I even learned that Tatoy’s is the favorite of Erap whenever he visits the City.
    Anton, have you tried the KBL (Kadios, Baboy at Langka)? That dish is awesome!
    And that Diwal, perfect when grilled! Yum! 🙂

  3. For “Full disclosure” what does it mean “nothing to disclose”? Does it mean the trip, the meals, etc were paid for but you do not want to disclose?
    Let’s be honest and upfront and unequivocal.

  4. Thanks for the comment and I agree that it needs to be more specific. I updated it already: “Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the owners or the organizations promoting this restaurant. ”

  5. Hi Anton,
    A good resto indeed. You might also want to visit and blog about Afrique’s in Ilo-Ilo. Should I known about the Blog Carnival with the theme “Your Most Awesome Road Food Trip” sooner, I could have joined and have Afrique’s, Ted’s, Breakthrough, Rub Ribs, Cafe Juanita and more in my entry.
    Thanks for always posting good reads. =)

  6. We always go to this restaurant whenever we have guests staying with us. So far, this is the only seafood restaurant in this city that has not changed through the years, be it for its taste, ambiance, selection of dishes. Im sure this opinion is also shared by many who frequents this restaurant. It is located about 15 minutes from the city center without traffic…it is in a suburb area.

  7. Hi! 🙂 Yes, the best seafood in Iloilo are in Breakthrough! 🙂 You’ll surely enjoy having Sunday lunch with the family there. You could also try eating at Allan’s in Oton, Iloilo but it’s farther than Breakthrough. They are known for their baked oysters. Also try Griller’s Oyster House, it’s just in the city :)This is a good food and travel blog by the way. We are also starting ours, you might want to visit it

  8. its really more fun in the philippines!!a must try food to makes me waana fly there at iloilo as in now just to taste their food..but unfortunately im here at CA. i should try that some other time when we visit philippines..:)

  9. We’ve been there at Breakthrough with my batch mate in the military for a simple reunion and we have enjoyed so much the services and food that they have served us…. And are planning again next year this time with my high school classmates of batch 1975 of Iloilo City High School, Lapaz, Iloilo, hopefully on summer of 2015….

  10. iloilo city the finest tourist destination of all travelers like me.Its place for those individual need a rest of mind.Specially in time of frustration need a place that relax your mind..Please go to iloilo city ,the ambiance that you never forget..ilove you iloilo city,I m not totally legitimate resident of iloilo.i from province of Rizal..Iloilo is my favorite tourist destination ever since..Love you iloilo city..

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