ILOILO FOOD TRIP: Netong’s Original Special Lapaz Batchoy

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Iloilo is the home of Batchoy, and there is a never-ending debate on who offers the best version – Ted’s or Deco’s. However, the best authentic Batchoy for me can be found in Netong’s Lapaz Batchoy.

Ultimate Visayan Food Trip Series:

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It is located in the birthplace of this beloved dish in the La Paz Public Market in La Paz, Iloilo.

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The owner’s great-grandfather is credited with the invention of the Batchoy mixture.

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Batchoy or “Ba-chui” means pieces of meat in Chinese.

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The authentic Batchoy contains fresh egg noodles called miki,

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… buto-buto broth slow-cooked for hours, and beef, pork and bulalo mixed with the local guinamos (shrimp paste).

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Its generous toppings include fried garlic, crushed chicharon (crispy fried pork skin), scallions,

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… slivers of pork, intestines and liver,

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…. with a spoonful of bone marrow.

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You can tell your servers not to put MSG in your order.

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To complete the Batchoy experience, you can order an extra bowl of the soup, 

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… add an extra serving of chicharon, or  

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… pair it with Roberto’s Siopao for merienda 🙂

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Overall, if you really want to taste an authentic batchoy, you have to eat in Netong’s complete with the Lapaz Public Market Ambiance. (Don’t worry they have an airconditioned dining area)

Netong’s Original Lapaz Batchoy
Inside Lapaz Public Market, Lapaz, Iloilo 
Operating Hours: 7.00am – 7.00pm
Phone: +63 33 396-2189
FacebookNetong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy


Ultimate Visayan Food Trip Series:

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the owners or the organizations promoting this restaurant. 

P.S. Thanks to Eugene Jamerlan for sharing with us this Lapaz Batchoy secret 🙂

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12 thoughts on “ILOILO FOOD TRIP: Netong’s Original Special Lapaz Batchoy

  1. Wow! Sarap!
    We never went there. We should have! 🙁
    I’d love to go to Deco’s now and have a bowl of piping hot Batchoy! 🙂

  2. OMG, you had Roberto’s siopao! What did you think of it? Did you get to have the Queen flavor? They say that Roberto’s only makes the Queen siopao once a month, and it runs out right away.

  3. It’s nice to know that you have been to the birthplace of Lapaz Batchoy. Netong’s is good(and maybe a personal favorite of E.J.) but for me and a good majority of the Ilonggo’s, the preferred taste would still be Ted’s. Ted’s may have expanded all over the country, but it should be noted that it also started inside the Lapaz public market, specifically at the rear portion of the market near the old train station, along with Deco’s and Netong. These establishments are as old as the History of Lapaz Batchoy itself and they all started almost at the same time. However, I laugh when one after the other starts to claim that they invented Lapaz Batchoy. If you invented it, how come some other guy’s Great Grand Parent also knows about it? hmmmmm
    (Btw, I have never ever heard that Netong’s was credited to be the inventor of Lapaz Batchoy but there is this other establishment here named Inggo’s who claims to be existing since 1921 and disputing Deco’s claim of 1938 hehehe)

  4. My goodness…How long has it been since I last had a proper bowl of batchoy… I was nearly in tears after reading your entry. If I weren’t at work I would probably try to lick my monitor…

  5. we did try it when we went home this november 2012. my brother told me about the place and to my surprise it is the best batchoy i have tasted for quite some time imoh! decos and teds now taste like diluted soup to me. and here, you dont even have to ask for extra chicharon, garlic and scallions. they just serve it right up.from now on, this is the place to go if i want authentic ilonggo batchoy no doubt!

  6. Good evening! May we use your pictures for our project about Philippine Cuisine? It’s about a website we’re developing for a class in school! Thank you!

  7. baw… ginakamot gid iya? amo na siguro ngaa namit kay wala usar-usar sang gloves… ginakamot gid iya magkuha sang miki kag iban pa nga mga panakot… wala kaso kung may kagaw ang kamot sang naga sukob kay mainit man kuno ang sabaw… teh, mapatay man ang kagaw ah… ayus ini.

  8. I’ve been to netong’s lapaz batchoy but sad to say, there batchoy was too far near than Decos and Teds. I wonder how these people appreciate netong’s Batchoy which in my own opinion have never even pass the taste of a traditional Ilonggo Lapaz Batchoy. Aside from the location of their batchoy shop inside lapaz market, I can’t think of things why they were considered the best Lapaz Batchoy in Iloilo City. Wow.. I totally disagree.

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