Falling in Love with Closeup Pyromusical

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The Valentine season is not only the season of love but also a time to fall in love with the Closeup Pyromusical competition 🙂 


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Here are some tips to get the best experience in The 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition: 

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If you were to choose which day to watch, I would recommend watching United Kingdom , the defending champions, China, and the last day when the Philippines  perform.

Competition Schedule:

February 11, 2012, Saturday:  South Korea vs. Malta
February 18, 2012, Saturday: United Kingdom vs. Spain
February 25, 2012, Saturday: Finland vs. Portugal
March 3, 2012, Saturday: China vs. The Netherlands
March 10, 2012, Saturday: Australia vs. Canada
March 17, 2012, Saturday: Italy vs. Philipines

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The first competitor usually fires around 7.00pm and the second competitor around 8pm. It is super traffic going into the MOA area, so make sure you are in the MOA grounds by 6pm.

Be prepared to walk from the parking lot to the SM by the Bay area. 

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The best place to experience the pyro competition is in the VIP area where you can immerse yourself in the music and be front and  center with the fireworks. 

Tickets are available from all SM Tickets, TicketNet, and TicketWorld outlets.

Patron (w/dinner): P1,500
VIP: P500
Gold: P300
Silver: P100 

(TIP:Get free access to this spectacular event by simply exchanging P100 proof of purchase of any Close Up product for a FREE ticket worth P100, or 50% discount on P300 or P500 tickets.)

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Since the competition is best experienced outdoors, be prepared for rain so bring an umbrella, and jacket. 

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To shoot fireworks, you have to bring a tripod, and a remote shutter device to best capture it. 

The fireworks would last for 20 minutes per competitor, but the start of the fireworks display is the best time to capture your photo because there won’t be a lot of smoke. 

Closeup PyroMusical Competition-25.jpg
Cropping your fireworks photos could reveal interesting composition and shapes 🙂

Closeup PyroMusical Competition-28.jpg
Make sure you have a foreground with fireworks in the background. 

Closeup PyroMusical Competition-20.jpg
Don’t forget to visit Manny Pacquiao 🙂

Closeup PyroMusical Competition-38.jpg
Don’t forget to get the Closer You & I Photo 🙂

Closeup PyroMusical Competition-32.jpg
Overall, this is one of the highly recommended passion festival in the country. It is best experienced with your friends and family (specially the kids)!

3rd Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition
Official Website: www.PyroPhilippines.com
Venue: SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Grounds

For inquiries, please call:
Mobile: +63 917 811-4001, 513-6001
Telephone: +632 359-1486
For block reservations, please call: Jen Sta. Ana +63 917 811-4001. 

Related Blog Post: PyroMusical 2012 Battle: China vs. Netherlands

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Full Disclosure: We got complimentary tickets to the opening Closeup Pyromusical Show last Saturday.


What’s more, get a chance to win romantic prizes such dinners for two (2) in some of the most romantic hotspots in the metro and Close Up Valentine’s gift packs with the Close Up Get Closer photo contest. Simply capture your most kilig Close Up moments at the Close Up Pyromusical event and posting it on your Facebook wall or blogs.

3 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Closeup Pyromusical

  1. The best place to experience the pyro competition is in the VIP area where you can immerse yourself in the music and be front and center with the fireworks.
    Full Disclosure: We got complimentary tickets to the opening Closeup Pyromusical Show
    And I bet you wonder why all those people are behind the barrier in the picture of you and your family in the VIP area, squashed like sardines, elbow to elbow and you have no one within sight of you.

  2. If you want to get a good shot of the fireworks, you need to be in the VIP area.
    The reason there were many people behind us is that they are DIRECTLY in front of the Closeup Stage where JAMICH and David Achuetta were performing. They had a great view of the performers 🙂

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