TIAN WAI TIAN – My BEST Hot Pot Experience

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Exploring other foodie cultures is always a good way to educate and remove any mental barriers on what’s possible with your foodie experience.

A visit to Tian Wai Tian was an eye opener for me — I never thought hot pots could be that awesome.

I was surprised with the high quality and wide variety of ingredients available in the eat-as-much-as-you-want hot pot. Plus, they have a really good selection of drinks and desserts.

When in Taiwan, you must eat in Tian Wai Tian! Check it out…

Flavors of Taiwan Series (2012):

Tian Tian Hot Pot-3.jpgAt 10pm, the place is still jam-packed with foodies enjoying their hot pots.


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There’s a lot of fresh fruits to choose from, such as oranges, pineapples, kiwis,

Tian Tian Hot Pot-6.jpg
watermelon, grapes,

Tian Tian Hot Pot-40.jpg
and not-our-usual-fruits like pomegranate.


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There’s also an extensive selection of shellfish, shrimps, crabs, and different vegetables.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-23.jpg 
You can also get different types of noodles.

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One of our favorites from the available ingredients is the eat-all-you-can sweet mochi balls…

Tian Tian Hot Pot-21.jpg
and the mashed seafood meat in bamboo-like containers.


Tian Tian Hot Pot-13.jpg
For meat lovers, you can get as many servings as you like of certified Angus Beef. 🙂

Tian Tian Hot Pot-12.jpg
You can also feast on Australian Rib Eye and Lamb meat — eat all you can, baby! 🙂


Tian Tian Hot Pot-41.jpg
There’s overflowing draft beer available,

Tian Tian Hot Pot-25.jpg
drink-all-you-can Coca Cola sodas,

Tian Tian Hot Pot-26.jpg
Minute Maid orange, and coffee.

(Tip: Better to just drink water so you can enjoy the hot pot longer without that full feeling from drinking too much.)


Tian Tian Hot Pot-35.jpgOne of the most important components of the hot pot experience is creating your own sate sauce…

Tian Tian Hot Pot-36.jpg
Scoop up different ingredients like onions, leeks, parsley, teriyaki or soy sauce.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-34.jpg
Pour in a generous serving of sate sauce.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-45.jpg
Add raw egg yolk.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-30.jpg
Top with sesame seeds and a little bit of chili.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-51.jpg
Then, mix it all together and pair with your choice of meat or vegetables.


Tian Tian Hot Pot-28.jpg
You can request to have the standard and the chili version of the hot pot soup.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-48.jpg
Cook the meat and the vegetables at your own pace and savor each bite.

Tian Tian Hot Pot-53.jpg
Thanks to Johnlu for sharing with us their favorite hot pot spot in Taiwan!


Tian Tian Hot Pot-9.jpg
There’s also a mouth-watering display of cakes for dessert,

Tian Tian Hot Pot-27.jpgand eat-all-you-can Haagen-Dazs ice cream!

Tian Tian Hot Pot-54.jpg
But even with those dessert choices, I just loved munching on the mochi balls with the sweet filling.

(Tip: Cook them in the hot pot for a few minutes and dunk in the sate sauce. 🙂 )

Tian Tian Hot Pot-1.jpg
It was indeed the best hot pot experience for me (and now I’m craving for it). Hopefully someone brings this kind of hot pot dining to Manila….

Don’t miss Tian Wai Tian when you are in Taiwan! 🙂

Tian Wai Tian Hot Pot
Telephone: +886 2596-3200

Hot Pot Price:
NT$419 (11:00am to 16:00pm),
NT$479 (16:00pm to 7.30am),
NT$219 (100-140 cm)

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13 thoughts on “TIAN WAI TIAN – My BEST Hot Pot Experience

  1. oh my god i was here 2 months ago and it was amazing!! at that time they also had unlimited movenpick ice-cream! its was unbelievable!!!

  2. There are several branches of Tian Wai Tian here in Taiwan. There are two along Minquan West Road (just get off at Zhong Shan Elementary School Station Exit 2) it’s right across the exit.
    Another favorite spicy hotpot among locals here is Ma-La Hotpot. I prefer it here because of the better quality of beef 🙂

  3. I remember this place—I think it’s the same place [only they added a few more selections like overflowing beer]l. When I went there before, I don’t think Haagen Daz was eat all you can. I think they have a branch in Taichung too. Oh dear, now I rreeaally want to go back D: Just to eat.
    [Hahaha magpapa-tourist visa uli just to food trip!]
    Yummmmmmy 🙁 Perfect for the rainy weather D:

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