REPUBLIC WAKEPARK @ NUVALI First Look (from a Non-Wakeboarder Point of View)

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Finally, Republ1c Wakepark @ Nuvali is now open! No need to go all the way to CamSur or Calatagan just to enjoy a world-class Wake Boarding experience. Nuvali in Sta. Rosa is just one hour away from Manila, and you can even go to Tagaytay to eat after. 🙂

We enjoyed the Wakeboard park in Camsur (even if we are not wakeboarders) because of its yummy food and water park facilities for the kids, so we wanted to know how this one would compare.

Here is a first look at REPUBL1C WAKEPARK from a non-wakeboarder’s POV…

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I couldn’t believe that a wakeboarding facility was set up so close to Manila, so I brought the family along so we could see it for ourselves.

Take note that it is still on its soft opening, with a lot of construction happening all around.

Republic Wake PArk-5.jpgFor beginners, a one-hour pass is already enough to exercise your body, especially the upper arms.

It costs P250/person (with the appropriate waiver, even kids as young as 7 years old can ride). You have to deposit P600, which is refundable for the rental of the helmet and life jacket.

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The best time to go is on a weekday, when it is not that crowded. Here, in the photo above, you can see the passionate wakeboarders waiting for their turn.

Republic Wake PArk-40.jpg
It’s beautiful to see the wakeboarders launch into the water, successfully land on their two feet and joyously ride around the park.

Republic Wake PArk-36.jpg
The boys had fun watching the wakeboarders…

Republic Wake PArk-28.jpg
…especially when one would go up the ramp.

Republic Wake PArk-33.jpg
There’s a beginner’s area where the cable just goes in one straight line. Kids with a minimum age of 7 years old are allowed, provided you sign a waiver.

There are no other water park facilities for the kids (unlike in Camsur), so it does not make sense to go here if you won’t try wakeboarding.

Republic Wake PArk-10.jpg
We decided to have merienda in a nice, al fresco tent area overlooking the cable park.

(Note: There’s no entrance fee if you will just eat. You just need to log your name with security.)

Republic Wake PArk-8.jpg
See Republ1c Wakepark Menu (bigger version)

The food prices are a bit expensive — just like Manila prices but located in the Sta. Rosa area.

Republic Wake PArk-13.jpg
Cereal Calamari Rings (P220). A healthy take on a favorite served with lemon cilantro mayo.

I liked their version of calamari, which was coated with cereal and complemented by a nice mayo dip.

Republic Wake PArk-12.jpg
The kids battled it out for the calamari. (As usual, Aidan got the first piece.)

Republic Wake PArk-18.jpg
Hakaw (4pcs – P155) and Beef Balls (3 pcs. – P140). Served with calamansi, soy sauce, and homemade chili sauce.

The dimsum and homemade chili sauce were surprisingly yummy. Although, the skin of the dumpling was already destroyed when served. Hopefully, they could improve the process of preparing it.

Republic Wake PArk-19.jpg
Laing Star Pizza (P360), 12″ hand-tossed, thin-crust Artisan Pizza with our very own local taro leaves in spicy coconut with mozzarella.

The pizza’s dough and mozzarella were really good. But the Laing pizza in Camsur’s better — why not just bring that version here? It would be nice if they could add a Five-Cheese Pizza version in their menu, too.

Republic Wake PArk-25.jpg
This was our view from the dining tent. 🙂

Eating in the Wakepark could be a unique attraction on its own in Nuvali. The food is promising and we are OK with paying more for yummy food, especially in the Sta. Rosa area where you don’t have much of a choice (aside from commercialized chains).

I just hope they consider family-friendly facilities, particularly for the kids, like the water park in Camsur.

Republic Wake PArk-44.jpg
Kudos to L-Ray Villafuerte for succesfully opening REPUBL1C WAKEPARK in Nuvali!

West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, Calamba City
(Enter Nuvali and go straight until the end of Nuvali Blvd. Turn left at West Diversity Blvd. REPUBL1C WAKEPARK will be on your left.)
Soft Opening Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30am to 5.30pm
Telephone: +632 864-0402
Official Website
FacebookRepubl1c Wakepark Official
Twitter: @rpwakepark

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P.S. Here’s the official Map to Republ1c Wakepark. You can download it here.


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  1. I beg to differ, there are a lot of food choices in Santa Rosa, you just have to know where to look.

  2. so how much are you going to pay all in all for an hour of wake boarding with the cable park fee, board rental, and the vest and helmet included? thank you!

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