BARNEYS BURGER – Legendary Pampanga Burger Since 1988

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I first tasted Barneys Burger at Midnight Mercato. One thing that stood out about it for me was the burger patty — malinamnam.

There are a lot of burger sellers applying in Mercato Centrale, but most of them get rejected because of their mediocre taste, but not Barneys. (Although the burger bun they use can be improved. Right now, it resembles the local monay bread that can’t hold the patty well.) It has an interesting history, which started in 1988 in Guagua, Pampanga.

Congratulations, Barneys Burger, for winning Ultimate Taste Test 8.0: Global Gastronomy Top Spot #6!


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The initial vision when Barneys was conceived and born in 1988 at Guagua, Pampanga was to be a provider of quality food at affordable prices to the local community. The result is Barneys, still serving a hamburger that has become a byword not only in Guagua but also in nearby towns. Over the years, the product offering has grown from the original Barneys Classic Burger, to include the Classic Cheese Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Barbecue Burger and Barneys Fully Loaded available in quarter pound and one third pound patty sizes.

With our very own signature recipe, prime grade beef is blended fresh daily. Every patty is scooped, topped and griddled to perfection only as you order. The vision of Barneys has evolved slightly while retaining its core element:  To be the best provider of quality food in its local community. With this outlook, the outlets have again been approached on many occasions by customers not only inquiring for more outlets, but by those interested in acquiring franchises.

Barneys Burger is now open for franchising.

Product sample at Ultimate Taste Test: Barneys BBQ Burger @ P85 (1/4 pound)



  • delicious
  • I’m so wanting a whole burger!
  • the meat was superb! 
  • Soft bread too!
  • more seasoning
  • flavorful patty
  • you can add vegetables
  • burger love
  • juicy
  • patty is too thin good flavors though
  • patty is good but but is not very soft
  • patty is a bit sweet, location please?
  • bread too thick, normal & nothing new
  • yummy patties, delicious
  • good burger
  • tender beef
  • really juicy
  • not oily at all
  • I suggest adding vegetables on it.
  • Thumbs up! Just okay. 
  • Good taste but could use more meat. 
  • Nice bbq flavor. 
  • Love the patty. 
  • Nice taste. 
  • Patty is very tasty, but a bit sweet. 
  • All time favorite burger. 
  • Juicy patty. 
  • Nice presentation. 
  • Great flavor. 
  • Tastes good! 
  • Great taste! 
  • Burger is simple but tastes natural so ok!
  • want more, flavorful patty
  • more seasoning
  • you can add veggies
  • burger love
  • I love it  pure beef


We will watch out for your first branch in Manila or your next stint at Mercato. Congrats, Barneys Burger!

BARNEYS BURGER by Paolo Rodriguez
SM San Fernando Pampanga
Mobile: +63 917 551-1726

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  1. Wow. I am proud of this product from my hometown. Na miss ko bigla… Used to buy this for meryenda after school 🙂

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