BLUE TOQUE’s The Ultimate Mousse Cake!

UTT8WinnerUTT8: Global Gastronomy Winner #5:


142 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  98 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  66 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  10 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
   2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

UTT8 Global Gastronomy!-31.jpgThe Ultimate Mousse (a Blue Toque Special).

The moment I tasted Blue Toque’s THE ULTIMATE Gourmet Mousse Cake, I knew it would win a spot in the Top 10 of Ultimate Taste Test 8. It was so smooth; its Belgian Chocolate had a yummy nutty and chocolate-y taste; and it had a balanced creamy and crunchy texture.  Di nakakasuya — a great product indeed from Blue Toque!

Some foodies also liked their Cream Cheese Brownies that had a generous cream cheese topping.

(Read this back story from Anne: Anne’s Lab LifeUltimate Taste Test #8: Global Gastronomy)

Congratulations, BLUE TOQUE, for winning the #5 spot in Ultimate Taste Test 8.0! Blue Toque is also the overall winner in the dessert/cakes category. 🙂



Passion, curiosity and hard work — these are some of the values behind Blue Toque.

Blue Toque is a newly established home-based business that sells desserts with a professional touch. The creator of Blue Toque desserts, Anne Ramos, discovered her passion for baking during high school. Equipped with very basic knowledge about baking, she experimented with different recipes, gave the baked goods to her friends and received very good feedback. Some even encouraged her to start a pastry business. So after finishing a business degree in Ateneo de Manila University, she studied in a culinary school to expand her understanding and to learn from experienced chefs. She trained under Chef Ernie Babaran and took her OJT in the fine-dining restaurant, Aubergine, at The Fort. Balancing passion, hard work and fun, she graduated top of her class both in theory and in practical hands-on. With a Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts, she bagged multiple awards such as “Achievement of Excellence Award”, “Academic Excellence Award” and got the title, “Overall Winner” for the ISCAHM in-house competition.

The name “Blue Toque” fundamentally represents the two major institutions that shaped her knowledge and honed her skills–“Blue” symbolizes Ateneo and the “Toque” (chef’s hat) stands for her culinary experience.

Blue Toque offers new and original premium cake creations such as “The Ultimate” (a multiple layer mousse cake with intermingling flavors and textures), “The Merousse” (the marriage of meringue and mousse) and BT Belgian Chocolate Mousse. Aside from that, it also serves classics like red velvet cake, brownies and cookies. Special orders for events are also accepted.

At Blue Toque, we love hearing comments from our customers. From these, we constantly strive to improve, craft and innovate more creations for people to enjoy. Unlike other mass-produced desserts in the market, our goal is to provide you with quality desserts. We only use natural ingredients, sans artificial preservatives. Everything is made from scratch–no shortcuts. It is part of our pledge to use only the finest quality ingredients, not to substitute, and definitely not to skimp on ingredients. We prioritize quality over quantity. You get what you pay for… and maybe more!

Hoping to constantly delight our customers’ taste buds so that they can enjoy great desserts with great company, Blue Toque’s carefully hand-crafted desserts are meant to be shared with families, friends and loved ones!

BT RGB web 4x4

“The Ultimate”A multiple layer mousse cake with an utterly unique blend of flavors and textures: the right mix of crunchiness & creaminess…

simply the ultimate!

  • Php 150/ slice
  • Php 625/  6” cake
  • Php 1195/ 9” cake

“Always-Sold-Out” Cream Cheese Brownies
An irresistible dense and fudge-like brownie swirled with generous amounts of cream cheese topping.

  • Php 225 (box of 6)
  • Php 285 (box 0f 8)
  • Php 650 (box of 20)

  • excellent!, 
  • yummy, the one on the stick tasted good! 
  • Just a little too sweet though (probably just for me)
  • wonderful!
  • I love the cream cheese brownies
  • mousse is a bit too sweet, very good
  • great for sweets! 
  • Familiar taste
  • love the brownies cheesecake! 
  • Very good. Great taste! 
  • Love the ultimate! 
  • My favorite so far! 
  • Nice brownies! 
  • Delicious. Hindi nakakaumay & not too sweet. 
  • Nice taste
  • loved the ultimate
  • the ultimate is the best!
  • brownie was ok but I didnt like the mousse
  • typical taste
  • I love the cream cheese brownies
  • highly recommended
  •  mouth watering
  • like the taste of the cheese brownies
  • now I know why it’s sold out
  • I love the unique taste
  • not too sweet so it’s really good

UTT8 Global Gastronomy!-30.jpg

We’re happy to discover BLUE TOQUE in UTT 8.0. No doubt, they will be one of the top desserts in the very competitive dessert scene in Manila! Congratulations on your latest UTT Winner recognition!

If you are looking for a new dessert for your special occasion, I highly recommend Blue Toque’s The Ultimate Mousse Cake!

BLUE TOQUE by Anne Ramos
821 Sto. Cristo St. Binondo, Manila
Telephone:  +632 242-6282
Mobile No.: +63 917-828-5778
Email Address:

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