HAPADOG’s Californippon Dog, Kat’s Meow and Shifudo Pasta :)

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106 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
122 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  90 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  28 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    0 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Hapadog-13.jpg Hapadog-11.jpg
CALIFORNIPPON DOG (P175 and P90 half-a-hapa). California roll toppings – avocado/mango, cucumber, tamago, kani, ebiko, nori flakes with a choice of Japanese or Wasabi Mayo.
TEMP-TATION DOG (P175 and P90 half-a-hapa). Tempura hotdog, grated Daikon radish, Tentsuya sauce, Green Onions.
KAT’S MEOW (P175 and P90 half-a-hapa). Tonkatsu hotdog, bonito flakes, pickled radish, choice of Japanese or Wasabi Mayo.

HAPA is “a slang of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry“.  So, HAPADOG is a gourmet hotdog that is 50% Japanese and 50% American. The combination of Asian flavors and toppings with really good hotdog and bun can be very addicting.

We love the Californippon, which is a cross between a California roll and a hotdog, and Kat’s Meow because of the bonito flakes and tonkatsu-style hotdog. But we are just addicted to the taste of the hapa-pasta–and the best for us is the Shifudo, which is a seafood, Japanese cream-based spaghetti.

Congratulations to the Hapadog team of Khristine Ong, Karen Ong and Ray Serion for making it to the Top 3 in Ultimate Taste Test 8.0!


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Riding the wave of an array of emerging hotdog concepts in North America, balikbayan foodies Khristine Ong, Karen Ong and Ray Serion, decided to bring a different hotdog concept to the Philippines. Hotdogs/sausages have been a Filipino food staple. We eat it with a bun, ketchup and mustard, sometimes we even eat it with rice

Hapadog merges the western American hotdog with authentic Japanese ingredients. A combination of Japanese-style toppings infused over the finest quality wiener, nestled inside the freshest baked hotdog bun, makes for a delectable taste experience like no other.

Hapa-Genius, Khristine Ong, concocted the original 9 signature hotdogs – The Kat’s Meow, Popeye’s Dog, Ka-noodle My Dog, Californippon, Korokke Dog, Miso Hungry, Temp-tation Dog and The Hapadog. And within a few months, the trio launched the Hapadog at Midnight Mercato.

Hapadog now has 3 branches: SM North Edsa (Sky Garden), Alabang Town Center and in Makati (along Pasay Road).


SHIFUDO PASTA (P215). Udon or Spaghetti pasta, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimps, Japanese Cream.

  • different, new
  • california dog was cool
  • a bit overrated
  • wonderful!
  • pasta sauce is creamy and tasteful
  • unique taste of kat’s meow and shifudo pasta
  • the wasabi-mayo is a winner
  • taste good
  • new take on hotdog
  • didn’t like the pasta
  • pasta’s good even when it’s cold but maki wasn’t satisfying
  • the pasta & teriyaki dog is really good
  • Pasta was really really good!
  • The hapadog needs something more interesting
  • excellent
  • unique flavor, best! 
  • Bland taste. 
  • The flavors are very great! 
  • Nakakabusog & very unique! 
  • Great pasta. 
  • Great innovation of hotdog sandwich. 
  • Great Japanese infusion
  • love the noodles
  • great texture
  • concept was good but the hotdog was mediocre
  • the tempura and pasta are very tasty
  • unique western taste
  • california dog was cool
  • hapadog was great but I didnt enjoy the pasta
  • very creative
  • californippon dog is really good
  • hapadog is super yummy
  • tonkatsu dog is good
  • tastes really japanese
  • a mix of jap and italian idea is good


You can try out Hapadog in the new foodie wing of Ayala Town Center (where Wee Nam Kee is located) or their new branch in Makati (near Ukkokei Ramen Ron).

Congratulations, Hapadog! Cheers to more success and more branches!

HAPADOG by Khristine Ong, Karen Ong, Ray Serion
Store Locations: Alabang ATC, SM North Edsa-Skygarden, Pasay Road in Makati (soon to come)
Telephone Number: +632 519-6889
Mobile Number: +63 917 597-7878
Email Address: info@hapa-dog.com
Website: www.hapa-dog.com
Facebook: Hapadog – original japanese-style hotdogs

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