MASATAMI’s Rainbow & Swiss Cheese Shave Ice!

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Masatami Shave Ice offers really fine ice shavings (finer than the crushed ice used in snow cones). The concept was inspired by the shave ice desserts in Taiwan.

Their equipment creates flavored ice blocks, and the best I’ve tasted is the Swiss Cheese flavor. You can really taste the cheese and creaminess in the ice itself. It’s already like ice cream in consistency but with the texture of shaved ice. Kids would love the playful colors of the rainbow shave ice.

A lot of foodies enjoyed Masatami as evidenced by the long lines during the Global Gastronomy event. Congratulations to Masatami for winning the Top 2 spot in Ultimate Taste Test 8.0!



Children would often be fond of eating anything cold and delicious – from plain ice cubes to ice candies and snow cones! Masatami Shave Ice is inspired to bring out this “child like” (quality) in each of us, using a more sophisticated yet intriguing way of using flavored ice blocks and serving it as shaved ice. Masatami Shave Ice is also showcased as a concept from Hawaii.

Masatami Shave Ice is a dessert food made from ice finely shaved into a consistency slightly more dense than frost and mixed with flavored syrup. Most snow cones are made with crushed ice, whereas shaved ice is ground further and (has) a smoother consistency similar to snow. The syrup added to the ice soaks into the densely packed shavings and does not sink to the bottom, creating the frozen treat.

Masatami Shave Ice uses the latest technology in making different flavored ice blocks and syrups. It is just like ice cream, but in the form of shaved ice. Add some sweet syrup and some toppings like fresh fruits, and you’re bound to have a sweet ending to your delicious meal.


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  • just right
  • omfg best dessert
  • swiss cheese is awesome!!! 
  • Super love it
  • great icecapade
  • too sweet and unique
  • very real flavors
  • not my kind
  • ice is perfect
  • swiss cheese is great
  • not so good rainbow flavor
  • like the swiss cheese
  • perfect for dessert but it’s got a lot of flavor too much
  • I love the rainbow colored shaved ice
  • not a fan of sweets but swiss cheese got me
  • yummy! Cool rainbow drink. 
  • PAMBATA! Good to taste. 
  • Generous samples & good product. 
  • Exciting to the eyes. 
  • Great to have for summer, the swiss cheese shaved ice is heavenly!
  • something new! 
  • bring back shaved ice cream yeah!!! 
  • and the texture of ice is nice, swiss cheese!
  • swiss cheese is terrific
  • not sweet enough
  • hopefully there will be more flavors
  • swiss cheese is awesome
  • super love it!
  • not too sweet
  • good, swiss cheese!

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Don’t miss out on trying Masatami when you are in Robinson’s Galleria or Mall of Asia! A great alternative to ice cream. Plus, it’s really fun for kids. Hope you can open more accessible branches in Makati or BGC!

Congratulations, Masatami Shave Ice!

MASATAMI Shave Ice by Michelle C. Co
#2 Saint Peter Street, Bgy. Oranbo, Pasig City
Branches in Robinson’s Galleria and Mall of Asia!
Telephone Number: +632 687-4373 / 687-3436
Email Address:

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