JAM FOODS’ Angus Beef Salpicao!

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  32 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
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We’ve loved JAM Foods Tapa ever since we discovered it in Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 (read:  Oh, Tapa of My Dreams!), where it was the overall winner.

Numerous foodies regard it as the Best Tapa in Manila because of its flavorful, bacon-like taste. They also now have the lean tapa version, but we like our tapa with little strips of fat. 🙂

They introduced their latest innovation in UTT 8–the Angus Beef Salpicao, which are chunks of beef cube goodness. They are sold as pre-packed Salpicao that you can cook and enjoy at home with your family.

The foodies have spoken… It’s the best food in the Global Gastronomy Event! Congratulations to the two-time Overall winner of the Ultimate Taste Test Challenge! Congrats, JAM Foods!

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Angus Beef Salpicao (P650 for 800g pack)

From being a humble part of Pasta Works’ menu, Angus Tapa has gradually made its way to the hearts of its customers. Due to the overwhelming experience the Angus Tapa brought to its clients, owners Chef John and Michelle Cu-Unjieng realized that it would be great if customers could take it home and share it with their loved ones as well. Now, Angus Tapa is freshly and deliciously packed, and comes with a friendly price that everyone can afford. It is fast becoming the city’s favorite!

Chef John is currently the Executive Chef for Hexagon Lounge in RCBC and Recipe Hunter Food Concepts. He is also the Chef Consultant for Las Paellas Cafe, Tia Maria and Cowboy Grill Concepts.

JAM is a family acronym, which stands for Chef John, Alfonso (son), and Myka (daughter) / Michelle (wife).

  • perfect!, 
  • best with rice, 
  • love love love, 
  • salpicao is the best, 
  • salpicao tasted good, 
  • angus beef tapa is really good!, 
  • The best!, 
  • cooked well, 
  • tapa/salpicao, 
  • I loved it, 
  • it’s good sana may rice, 
  • taste like ordinary beef, 
  • less oil pls, 
  • yummy & tasty, 
  • superb, 
  • not chewy, 
  • so delicious, 
  • tastes like liver but soft, 
  • great marinade! 
  • Will recommend to friends. 
  • Pure litid! 
  • Love tapa. 
  • Love the angus tapa. 
  • I enjoyed the salpicao. 
  • It wasn’t so hot anymore.. 
  • Not the angus beef that I’ve expected. 
  • Superb! 
  • Not a tapa. 
  • My favorite. 
  • I like cupcakes to be moist & a bit sweet. 
  • It was really nice, 
  • tender, 
  • salpicaos the best, 
  • tapa was good, 
  • salpicao is tasty beef tapa a bit salty, 
  • tapa is a bit too salty, 
  • meet is tender and flavorful, 
  • salpicao is good, 
  • best with rice, 
  • angus beef tapa is really good, 
  • best tapa I’ve ever tasted so far, 
  • super soft, 
  • salpicao is good, 
  • will definitely buy from their store, 
  • I like the tenderness of the meat/beef, 
  • just a little oily, 
  • like the tenderness of beef tapa not too salty, 
  • salpicao was tender and good 
Congrats to Chef John for creating a winning food product with your Salpicao!
Try out JAM Foods Tapa and Salpicao in the Angus Beef Tapa Lady booth in Mercato Centrale!

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