OREO MOMENTS: In Search of the Best Oreo Dessert in Manila (2/3)

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Jony's Shake-7.jpg
Our family loves OREO, especially the kids. Oreo has been a part of our family history.

Over the past seven years of blogging, we’ve hunted down the best OREO desserts to cap our memorable family meals.

Here is a glimpse of our quest for the Best Oreo Desserts in Manila:


Duo - 13
Duo SurpriseVery interesting presentation and yummy dessert. This is basically an Oreo Cheesecake that has a leche flan consistency in the cake, but best of all, it is not too sweet. We felt this should be for 3-4 persons but we finished it anyway.

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Five Cows
Five Cows’ Rocky Almond Bars. Our chef’s heavenly creation of chocolate & vanilla ice cream, caramel & chocolate sauces, praline, chopped almond over an oreo crust & topped with a generous swirl of extra chocolate sauce.

It was indeed heavenly and sweet.

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Mom & Tina's
Mom and Tina’s Mini-Oreo Cheesecake. According to Marbee Go of Wedding Essentials and Manila Bulletin Travel, this is the best Oreo Cheesecake in town. We have to agree; this is a must-try!

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Memory Lane-41
Memory Lane’s Refrigerator Cake. Graham with cream and oreo cake best paired with coffee.

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Happy Lemon (13 of 15)
Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream. It’s a simple milk tea drink blended with Oreo cookies — Aidan’s favorite! We just requested the staff to remove the coffee ingredient.

Look how young Aidan is in this photo! Looks like Raphael as well!

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Sutra Christmas-55.jpg
SutrA’s Oreo Cheesecake. An Oreo cheesecake to end the night.  Sleep tight and sleep well.

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Brasserie Ci Cou - Best French Resto in Manila?-33.jpg
Brasserie Cicou’s Oreo Macaron. Uhmm-hmm!  Need I say more?

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OREO Mudpie for dessert!
Friday’s Oreo Mudpie. An Oreo Overload version of Friday’s Famous Mudpie Dessert. Yum! Did I just eat this by myself?! (July 2012)

Jony's Shake-8.jpg Jony's Shake-5.jpg
Jony’s Famous Oreo Shake. Never leave Boracay without experiencing Jony’s Shake. Of course, we tried the Oreo Milkshake while watching Boracay’s Sunset and people strolling by, and listening to the waves. The BEST! (July 2012)

Cafe del Sol OREO-4.jpg
Cafe del Sol Boracay’s Oreo Cheesecake. One of Boracay’s must-try desserts on the island. (July 2012)

Chuckdeli-5.jpg Chuckdeli-4.jpg
Chuck’s Deli’s Oreo Milkshake. Oreo Milkshake mixed with 3 whopping scoops of Arce Dairy Ice Cream and Carabao’s Milk. Calorie overload, but I must say, this is simply the BEST Oreo Shake we’ve ever had! Burp! (July 2012)

…And our quest continues!

(Quick Question: For you, what’s the best Oreo Dessert in the Philippines?)


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