OREO MOMENTS: Our Friends’ Awesome Oreo Moments (3/3)

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Ray Serion 1.jpg
Thank you to all our OREO Lovin’ Friends who shared their own Awesome Oreo Moments with us!

I personally love this collection of OREO Moments… Enjoy!



Ray Serion 2.jpg
Hapa-dog’s Captain Oreo! Aye! Aye! Sir!

CelinaNolasco MioGelati.jpg
Celina’s (of Mio Gelati fame) Oreo Moments with friends. After-party snack. 🙂

Spanx OREO is my fuel.jpg
Spanx’s Oreo is my Fuel! (with cameo appearance of Rubber Duckie) 🙂 (Rubber Duckie, you’re the ONE!)

Cecille's Boys-1.jpg
My boys enjoy Oreo everyday and take them to school for baon. They prefer double stuff oreos. I don’t know how it started but it’s been years. 

This picture was taken in 2006 when Cold Rock just opened at the Fort Strip. Of course the order shared was chocolate ice cream with Oreo topping.

Six years later, Oreos are still on the grocery list and so far no sign of stopping.”

– Cecille of Chuvaness.com (2012 TattAwards Stylissimo Winner)

Risa Chocolates (1 of 1)
“The turning point slowly happened when I needed to earn extra income. I zeroed in on baked goodies.

There was one Christmas season where I baked hundreds of oreo cheesecake at night and do my day job. After the high of getting to sell so much stuff, I began to toy with the idea of going into baking as a business. I quit my job but returned after a year because I realized that baking was not THE career I wanted to take. I still enjoyed my marketing job, but always, always, always, something was missing.”

– Pam of Risa Chocolates (Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Overall Winner 4.14 rating)

Jin Loves to Eat.jpg

Jin’s Oreo Cheesecake!

I have a confession. I am a sucker for promos.
“Buy one, take one!”
“Buy two and get the 3rd item free!!!”
“Buy one pack, get 50% off on the 2nd pack” (thus, my sprawling and still-growing collection of Marks & Spencer panties)
Today at the grocery, I see this:

Before: HK$19.90 
NOW: $13.90

Oh, help me, sweet Jesus!
I. Just. Could. Not. Resist.
So I buy 2 trays, one original and the other with chocolate creme filling. After all, twelve dollars saved IS twelve dollars earned.
I decide to reward my smartness with an Oreo Cheesecake. (Light bulb!)
So I use my HK$12 earnings to buy three blocks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese at HK$29.90 each.
Go figure.

Krista's Oreo.jpg
Christa (of Christa’s Kitchen — her Macarons fame) shares with us her personal Oreo recipe of Not-so-Wicked Oreos! and her handsome family! What’s the next dessert, Christa?

Krista's OREO2.jpg

Christa’s Recipe : Not-so-Wicked Oreos!

250g whole wheat pancake mix
1 pack Oreo cookies (we love the double stuffed!)
1 tsp vegetable oil

Prepare the mix according to package directions. Set aside. Pre-heat the pan and lightly brush with oil. If using a mold, place mold on the non-stick pan. Pour a teaspoon of the batter and top with an Oreo cookie. Pour another half teaspoon to cover the cookie. Cook until set, about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes per side. Serve warm. Enjoy! 😉

2011 new year oreo cheesecake (sARah mEIer) 3.jpg2011 new year oreo cheesecake (sARah mEIer) 2.jpg
sARah mEIer’s Home-made 2011 Oreo  Happy New Year Cheesecake!

mayad (1).jpgmayad (12).jpgmayad (11).jpgmayad (2).jpgmayad (7).jpgmayad (10).jpgmayad (9).jpgmayad (5).jpgmayad (8).jpgmayad (4).jpgmayad (3).jpg
(In this photo set: Margarita Koopmans, Kristopher King Caldera, Cecilio Quimpo, Mikeel Arana, Alvin Paver, Amanda Tirol, Alleine Comprendio, Bryan Kouju, John Paulakis, Jose Alberto Esquera, Tintin and Evan, Raphael Jamil Pranga)

Mayad Studios Team, Top 25 Most Influential Videographers in the World, shares with us their OREO Fun Shots while on a break!

Cuisiniers Giant Double Stuff Oreo White Chocolate Cheesecake.jpg

QUESTION: When is one OREO Cookie enough?
ANSWER: When it’s made with one large package of OREO Cookies.

Try the Giant Double Stuff Oreo White Chocolate Cheesecake by Raphy Dela Cruz of Cuisiniers

my moment with oreo (mary anne ramos).jpg
Mary Anne Ramos Moment with Oreo of Blue Toque (Ultimate Taste Test 8.0 Winner!)

Mayad Academy-1.jpgMayad Academy-3.jpgMayad Academy-6.jpgMayad Academy-7.jpg
We shared our Oreos to break the ice with these Cool Malaysian Boys (Bryan, Bernard, and Gregory) and Singaporean Benny Loy! They are participants of the 2012 Mayad Academy in Boracay.

Mayad Academy-2.jpg
Oreo Moment with Gregory aka Dj Toni (2012 Mayad Academy Graduate)

291340_425253524179631_826347095_o.jpg 621167_425258200845830_1375149314_o.jpg280265_425616207476696_878805532_o.jpg
Oreo Moments of Mercato Girls (Ayrene, Paula, Khaye, Angel and Madel)

today 007.jpg today 006-1.jpg
Jovana Rada and Jason Ng enjoying Oreo in the Office.

Photo on 27-7-12 at 1.43 PMphoto4
Tina Sanchez’ Funny Oreo Moment!

Feel free to share your own Oreo Moments in the comments section. 🙂


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