BOON TONG KEE in Manila?!

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Finally, Boon Tong Kee — my favorite Hainanese Chicken in Singapore (next to Wee Nam Kee) — is now here in Manila.

It quietly opened in Mall of Asia, and some say it is not as good as the one in Singapore.

Here’s what we have to say about Boon Tong Kee…

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MenuBoon Tong Kee Story | Meat | Vegetable & Soup | Beancurd, Appetizer & Egg | Seafood | Noodle, Rice, & Porridge | Beverage

Boon Tong Kee opened on the second floor, in front of Highland Steakhouse and IMAX. It has a typical fast food layout. I recommend that you reserve the table in front of the open kitchen.

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★ Crispy Beancurd (P185 +10% service charge).

We loved this soft, pillow-like beancurd that had a crispy outer layer…

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…and the wasabi mayo that came with it.

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Prawn Toast (P195 +10% service charge).

The prawn toast was OK. It’s a good starter if you want something different.

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★ Fried French Bean and Scallops with Spicy XO Sauce (P495 +10% service charge).

This was really good! A classic Singaporean (or Malaysian) dish with the XO sauce. It was deliciously spicy and had great flavors.

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Deep Fried Prawns with Salad (Regular – P295 +10% service charge).

We found this a bit weird because of the multi-colored candy sprinkles. 🙁

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Signature Boiled Chicken (half – P425 +10% service charge).

The Hainanese chicken version of Boon Tong Kee here in Manila needs improvement. We found it bland. (I had high expectations for it — I was thinking it would be better than Wee Nam Kee’s.)

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It was not presented well at all; the chicken meat was just piled up.

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The sauces are very minimal. I guess I got used to the eat-all-you-can condiments of Wee Nam Kee.

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★ Crispy Roast Chicken (half- P395 +10% service charge).

I would recommend the Roast Chicken, which is a fried version of the Signature Boiled Chicken, because of its flavor.

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Crispy Cereal Prawn (Large – P595 +10% service charge).

The Cereal Prawn was a bit tough and not enjoyable to eat.

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It would be prudent to lower your expectations since it is still on soft opening. I would recommend it if you’re looking for something new in Mall of Asia. Go with the Crispy Roast Chicken, Fried French Bean and Scallops with Spicy XO Sauce, and the Crispy Beancurd.

We love Boon Tong Kee in Singapore, so I’m hoping the Manila branch can improve the quality of its Signature Boiled Chicken to be at least at par with the Singapore version.

Let me know what you think about Boon Tong Kee’s flagship store in Mall of Asia.

2/F, Entertainment Mall, (by Seaside Blvd) SM Mall of Asia  
Operating Hours
Sunday to Thursday 10.00am to 10.00pm
Friday, Saturday 10.00am to 11.00pm 
Telephone: +632 804-2862
Facebook: Boon Tong Kee Philippines

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Full Disclosure: Our food was courtesy of friends from SM MOA. We are not connected with the actual establishment or any organization marketing it.

P.S. Thanks to our friends from SM MOA for the lunch meeting. Hopefully we can partner with you guys in future projects in MOA and AURA!

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12 thoughts on “BOON TONG KEE in Manila?!

  1. Personally I like Boon Tong Kee better than Wee Nam Kee in Singapore. I’m sure it won’t be as good – kasi they’re catering to the Pinoy taste bud? Hehehe..
    Do they have the Coffee Ribs? 🙂 That’s my fave in SG!! 🙂
    Bump into you soon Anton! 🙂 Regards to Rache!

  2. Didn’t like their Hainanese Chicken and Cereal Prawns as well. The scallion chicken in nearby Lugang Cafe is so much better, almost equal to that of Tao Yuan. Maybe they need to get better quality and bigger chickens.

  3. Hi Anton, i am not sure if you have been to Ang Mo Kio an authentic Singaporean resto located at the Podium. I tried their Hainanese Chicken and i could say that it can rival Wee Nam Kee’s.

  4. We are regular patrons of Ang Mo Kio… and I must say there Hainanese is simplicity at it’s best. Most of their dishes are authentic and just plain yummy. The Laksa and Bakuteh is something to look out for.
    Talking about this, is really making me hungry…

  5. Hi Mr. Anton. I’ve tried Ang Mo Kio at the Podium as well, and it’s really authentic Singaporean flavor fest. The Hainanese Chicken, Laksa and Hokkien Prawn Mee are really good. The place is a must-try.

  6. I still say that Wee Nam Kee still offers the best hainanese chicken rice here in Manila, far better than AMK’s and BTK’s!:D

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