MEZZA NORTE – Historic Opening of the Mercato of the North!

Read FirstMEZZA NORTE: The Mercato Centrale Experience Comes to Quezon City (Starting July 26)!

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Thank you to all the foodies who celebrated with us the historic opening week (last July 26-28) of Mezza Norte — the Mercato of the North!

Despite the rains and the huge crowd, we shared yummy eating moments with friends, and family. It was fun to see the smile on everyone’s face and tummy 🙂

We are adding more tents to make the space bigger, and adding more food entreprenuers to make it yummier going into the BER season.

Here is a photo essay of the first Friday market day of Mezza Norte:

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Mezza Norte is located in the center area (in front of the restaurants) in UP-Techno Hub Mall.

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Foodies from nearby residences, offices, and BPO’s  are the main customers of the market.

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Thank you for the strong support for Mezza Norte! 

Mezza Norte-39.jpg
We love the Foodies of the North! Thank you for celebrating your get together, special occassion, and weekend gimmick with us 🙂 


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For sometime now, I’ve been searching for the best Pansit Batil-Patong of Tuguegarao experience here in Manila. The search is now over!

You got to try Tuguegarao’s Best Pansit Batil-Patong only in Mezza Norte! 

Mezza Norte-28.jpg
The home made pansit is prepared carefully in front of you and the ingredients are cooked with bulalo broth. 

Mezza Norte-33.jpg
Order the all-meat for the best pancit experience.

Mezza Norte-38.jpg
Your Mezza Norte experience is not complete without tasting the authentic pancit from Tuguegarao!

Mezza Norte-29.jpg
Here’s a recommended ritual on how to eat it.

Mezza Norte-40.jpg
I just love the overall taste of the pancit with the sauce and a sip of the batil 🙂 Try this!


Mezza Norte-12.jpg
Another unique addition to the Mercato Centrale food vendor family is a yummy chicken barbecue version from Dadi’s Berd 🙂

Mezza Norte-10.jpg
I love the sweet sauce and ham-like taste of Dadi’s Berd Charcoal Grilled Chicken. You got to try this too! 


Most of the yummy food vendors of Mercato came in full support Mezza Norte 🙂

Mezza Norte-4.jpg
The Angus Beef Tapa Lady

Mezza Norte-37.jpg
Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers

Mezza Norte-17.jpg
Chef Resty’s Angus Roast Beef

Mezza Norte-9.jpg
Z’s Sausages 🙂
  Mezza Norte-11.jpg
Maila’s Ihaw Ihaw

Mezza Norte-13.jpg
Lu Chi Authentic Dimsum Shabu-Shabu House

Mezza Norte-14.jpg
Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly

Mezza Norte-15.jpg
Chef Bab’s Sizzling Sisig

Mezza Norte-20.jpg

Mezza Norte-18.jpg
Manila Q’s Bagwang 🙂

Mezza Norte-23.jpg
Hok Luk Chinese Food


Mezza Norte-3.jpg
Mochiko’s Oreo and Milk Mochi!

Mezza Norte-21.jpg
Merry Moo’s Artisan Ice Cream

Mezza Norte-24.jpg
Mio Gelati’s Gelato

Mezza Norte-19.jpg
Bumble Tea’s Bubble Tea 🙂

Mezza Norte-22.jpg

Mezza Norte-1.jpg
MrsAwesomePlanet with Mezza Norte Market Manager

Thank you to all Foodies of the North for a very warm welcome! 

Mezza Norte-42.jpg

MEZZA NORTE, Mercato of the North
UP Techno Hub Mall, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City 
Every Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 6pm to 3am. 

If you are interested in becoming a food  vendor or doing an event in Mezza Norte, please email

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Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is a co-founder of MEZZA NORTE.

P.S. Acoustic Band plays their first set at 9pm and second set at 11pm.

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13 thoughts on “MEZZA NORTE – Historic Opening of the Mercato of the North!

  1. Mr. Anton Diaz when will you plan to open night food market in the City of Manila. not in makati. not in alabang. not in ortigas. not in quezon city. please!!! we have many foodies also here in Manila

  2. Hi.
    I went to Mezza Norte on its first Saturday despite the heavy rain. It was my first time to visit a food “bazaar”. It was good. However, my biggest complaint is the shortage of seats. It was just too few. Plus, the place needs more trash cans.
    More power!

  3. how i wish mezza norte is located in a more convenient place, like qc circle where the space is bigger and no limited parking.

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