Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @Soderno – Successful First UTT in the South (despite the Mesocyclone)

(ATTN 8/9/2012Mezza Norte@Ayala Technohub will  be closed today Aug.9  to give time for the vendors to recover and to give way to relief efforts. Distrito in Makati will resume operations this Thursday (Aug. 9) and Mercato Centrale will resume operations tomorrow Friday (Aug. 10).  We are also accepting donations (non-perishable food and clothes) for the flood victims in Mercato and Soderno as of August 8Soderno@Molito will be closed for tent maintenance because it was damaged by the heavy winds and rains last weekend.)


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Thank you to all the food vendors and foodies who attended and made Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @ SODERNO a success despite the Mesocyclone that hit Metro Manila that night.

Here is a photo essay summary of what happened in UTT 9.0: 

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UTT’s first time at the South —  Soderno @ Molito Lifestyle Center.

I liked the UTT@Soderno because we felt relaxed and the crowd flow was steady.

UTT 9.0-1.jpg
The event officially opened around 6.30pm when our partner and host RJ Ledesma welcomed the foodie crowd.  The event ended at about 10.00pm.

Dining tables were available in the airconditioned area…

…and our alfresco area.


Mommie Corrie’s VIP Chicharon

UTT 9.0-7.jpg
I was so excited that my favorite VIP Chicharon finally joined the UTT series.

UTT 9.0-6.jpg
It’s crunchy all throughout and not oily at all. We had fun munching on it. 🙂

UTT 9.0-5.jpg
Watch out for Mommy Corrie’s VIP Chicharon as they start to introduce this to foodies. 🙂 

UTT 9.0-14.jpg
Aidan enthusiastically rated the food, and he gave VIP Chicharon a rating of 5. He is now officially a kiddie food critic. 🙂


Happy Panda

UTT 9.0-21.jpg
It’s about time that someone brings in a concept similar to Panda Express that merges the flavors of American and Asian cuisine.

UTT 9.0-23.jpg
I liked the Crispy Chicken shots with the oozing signature sweet sauce.

UTT 9.0-25.jpg

Good luck to the Happy Panda team! I do think their concept will work.


Calidad Española

UTT 9.0-10.jpg
Calidad Española is a company dedicated to providing high quality Spanish Chorizos. It was founded in June 2012 by foodies who lived in Spain for the last 40 years.

UTT 9.0-12.jpg
They sell four variants (Christorra, Chorizo Picante, Chorizo de Cantimpalos, and Chorizo Criollo) for P225/pack (approx. 250g).

UTT 9.0-9.jpgGood luck to Colleen and Myleen Huenefeld and Reena Lagdameo on your Calidad Española business!


Bread Winner

We preferred Bread Winner’s Pulled Pork over the Salmon Burger.


Dessert Discoveries

UTT9.0-7549.jpgNutella Rocks continues to rock the foodies of the South in Ultimate Taste Test 9.0. 🙂 

(Read UTT8: Global Gastronomy Winner: “NUTELLA ROCKS!” by Baked Bites)

UTT 9.0-48.jpg
I liked Especial Goat’s Milk Pastillas de Leche — very milky soft.

UTT 9.0-53.jpg
A lot of foodies were also rooting for Red Velvet Crinkles by Little Bites Cupcakery to win the taste test.

Raphael enjoying his first Ultimate Taste Test experience. 🙂

I also enjoyed the high quality sorbet from Pure Flavors because they were quite tasty and not icy at all. I liked the Chocolate flavor while some foodies liked the Pistachio.

Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream, the overall winner in Ultimate Taste Test 7.0, introduced his new flavor — Chili Bacon Tablea!

(Read Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Winner: Merry Moo’s Queso de Bola and Food for the Gods!)

Russian Winter

Frisch Team
And there was also Liquor Ice Cream by Frisch!


Drinks Discoveries

UTT 9.0-18.jpg
Mocktail Republic’s Mango Margarita served with salt was awesome.

UTT 9.0-30.jpg
The boys loved it; they kept coming back for more and more. 🙂

UTT 9.0-58.jpg
Another favorite was Organikka’s healthy vegetable juice drinks (P125/bottle). We really liked all the flavors of Moringa, Ampalaya and the Four-in-One.

UTT 9.0-54.jpg
Khao Shong Thai Instant Coffee was also interesting. I didn’t know that the Thais have their own coffee brand.

UTT 9.0-4.jpg
It was also nice to discover that we have our own coffee liqueur — Goofy Goat’s Kape Liqueur.

UTT 9.0-15.jpg
…and Goofy Goat’s Ginger Liqueur.

Dairy Fresh Goat's Milk
Foodies were also treated to Dairy Fresh Goat’s Milk at the UTT. 🙂


Mercato Vendor Discoveries

The Mercato vendors were in full force to join Soderno’s Ultimate Taste Test Challenge, including:

UTT 9.0-27.jpg
Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen’s Panzarotti — Authentic Italian Pizza Pockets.

UTT 9.0-42.jpgChef BAB’s Sisig and Squid Sisig by Dads Moms Kitchen.

UTT 9.0-40.jpg
Crispy Isaw and Laman Loob by Nina’s Grill.

UTT 9.0-59.jpg
Mrs. Po’s Chinese Food spread — from fresh lumpia, kikiam, cu-chai to camaron.

UTT 9.0-20.jpg
Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winner Manila Q’s Fish Ham and Bagwang. 🙂

(Read Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winner: Manila Q’s Bagwang and Fish Ham)

UTT 9.0-44.jpg
Showbiz Isaw.

UTT 9.0-35.jpg
Cebu’s Balamban Liempo.

UTT 9.0-34.jpg
Crunchy Belly by Carlo’s Kitchen. Deadly pulutan!

Chicago Pizza
Chicago Pizza!

UTT 9.0-32.jpg
Tonton Chaya’s Ramen and Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza).

UTT 9.0-49.jpg
Ensaymada by Piper’s Pan.

UTT 9.0-55.jpg
Thank you for all the support and for making Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @Soderno a success!

And the UTT 9.0 Winners are… (Watch out for the results!)

Stay safe and stay dry, guys! 

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