WILDFLOUR by Chef Walter & Margarita Manzke

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WILDFLOUR is a play on words that sounds like “Wild Flower” to communicate its fun indie vibe.  The use of the word “Flour” pertains to its bakery identity.

News about this new resto literally spread like wildfire throughout the Manila foodie community, and people haven’t stopped raving about its food.  (See: Table for Three | Wildflour Café + Bakery)

Indeed, this is one of the most awesome restos in Bonifacio Global City that you should check out now…

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I like the facade of Wildflour — it’s like walking into a SanFo or LA restaurant.

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It has an open kitchen that you can literally view from the outside, enticing you to check it out.

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It was primarily intended to be a bakery but the food was so good, it overshadowed the baked items.

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Wildflour Menu: Appetizers, Main Courses, Breakfast | Desserts, Drinks and Wine

It has an intimidating upscale appeal because of its minimalist modern ambiance.

The acoustics are a bit poor inside the resto. You can hear the conversations bouncing around, so it’s not ideal to schedule a meeting here.

Wild Flour-26.jpg
The chef wanted the resto to be fun rather than stiff, and to be more down-to-earth than aloof, so they put this accent piece of food cartoons.

(Tip: The best place to sit is the couch by this display.)

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★ Tarte Flambes (P395 +10% service charge). Caramelized onions, smoked bacon, gruyere.

One of its signature appetizers is the tarte flambes, which resembles a square pizza with a crunchy tarte base and generous serving of gruyere cheese (instead of parmesan).

The simple toppings of caramelized onions and smoked bacon made this really delicious. 🙂

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★ Croque Madame (P380 +10% service charge). Ham, gruyere, fried egg.

Foodies say that Wildflour offers the best experience during breakfast because of its yummy breakfast fare. The Croque Madame was simply divine!

Wild Flour-15.jpg
We loved how soft and milky the bread was, and how each ingredient was carefully prepared, making lots of foodies rave about it. The serving’s big, good to share and worth every peso. 🙂

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“Banh Mi” Sliders (P295 +10% service charge). Crispy Pork, Chili, Brioche.

For the three little boys, we ordered these three little burgers that look burned and tough from the outside but were actually and yummily soft — from the brioche buns to the mini-pork patty. These were really good! 🙂

Wild Flour-19.jpg
The sliders came with a generous serving of french fries that Raphael absolutely loved. 🙂

Wild Flour-16.jpg
★ Umalag Farms Beef Short Ribs (P750 +10% service charge) Served with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce.

The highlight of our meal was this very thick serving of organic Beef Short Ribs from Umalag Farms.

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The meat was tender, soft, and tasty in itself. We loved the buttery-soft slices of fat that literally melted in our mouths.

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★ Pastel de tres Leches (P160 +10% service charge).

For dessert, you’ve got to try this cocktail cake, which is a leche-flan based treat topped with milky cake and cream. I personally liked it even though it was a bit too sweet.

Wild Flour-22.jpg
★ Chocolate Pot de Creme (P160 +10% service charge). Sea Salt Caramel and Peanuts.

For chocolate lovers, order this luscious serving of chocolate creme. It was quite good, just a bit salty and with a bitter aftertaste.

Wild Flour-28.jpg
Here is the souvenir shot of Aidan and Raphael with the awesome chef of Wildflour.

Chef Walter Manzke is a California-based chef who started his career in Patina restaurant in 1993. He worked for Alain Ducasse, and finally in Church & State Bistro in LA.

Wildflour is his first restaurant in Manila along with his co-owners — his wife Margarita Lorenzana Manzke and sister-in-law Ana de Ocampo. They belong to the family that owns a group of restaurants, which include Shi Lin and Basil. They plan to open Republique, their first resto in LA.

Wild Flour-29.jpg
Thank you for creating a fun, yummy resto and for elevating the restaurant scene in Manila! We will be back for sure in Wildflour. 🙂

Let me know if you have any yummy dish recommendations in the comments section?

Wildflour Café + Bakery
G/F, Net Lima Bldg,
4th Ave. corner 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone: +632 856-7600
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday
Breakfast: 8.00am to 2.00pm
Dinner: 11.00am to 10.00pm 


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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the establishment or any organization marketing it.

P.S. The restaurant is on soft opening so please bring cash, and take note that parking is slightly difficult in the Net Lima Building area.

21 thoughts on “WILDFLOUR by Chef Walter & Margarita Manzke

  1. hey anton,
    its jay how are you. great post! Chef Manzke is a really famous chef in LA so people should really try and eat here. is it a busy restaurant right now? I really hope so! I see them at the Farmers Market a lot and im gonna walk up to him and congratulate him next week for opening this restaurant. I have heard about it before you posted from a friend of mine who actually tried and apply here. I really hope they do good :).. Im next in line along with my boss who is going to open a place there so stay tuned :).

  2. Better to mention in your blog that they are on soft opening and NOT accepting reservations nor credit cards 🙁 Gotta bring cash. Parking-wise, their assigned spaces in the Net Lima bldg.are always occupied. Have to park a few blocks away 🙁

  3. Ate there and had the arugula salad, bahn-mi, mac n cheese, and the short ribs. Salad was just ok. Bahn- mi was ok but prefer the flavors of the real thing. Mac n cheese was horribly bland while the short ribs was pretty good, if only they would trim some of fat off the top layer of the meat. It was a below average meal if only because of that bland mac n cheese.

  4. 2 of us went for an early dinner tonight and we were able to get a table right away. We had the salad with walnuts/mango/goat cheese (waay too much dressing), burger (awesome brioche bun but the lettuce was limp and missing the crunch that it should provide), and short ribs (great flavor but could have been more tender). Overall a decent meal. Service could have a bit more seamless – we had to ask 3 times for bread, 2 times for check and we watched the waitstaff ask 3 tables if our dessert belonged to them. They do take credit card now.

  5. Manage your expectations on the service. They have bad service. We reserved in advanced, but were not given the appropriate table for the number of people we were. Serving takes long and the staff is not respectful at all.

  6. GF is requesting that I date her to a nice restaurant. Officemates recommended this wild flour so I check the Tripadvisor (I thought this is a credible rating site!) they have good reviews as well. GMA7 featured it other blogs and instagram (check Gretchen Barreto instagram saying the food is delish)…
    This is what happen to me:
    July 5, 2013 Friday after lunch time I phoned the Wild flour that I would like to make a reservation for 8PM 2 pax. They only allow reservation on the alfresco side (outside)–and they will only hold it for 10 minutes- wow! They must be good so I said ok.
    8:05 PM we arrived at the wild flour after hurrying up and beating the traffic going there (it’s raining that night). We are not even greeted at the door I have to look for the manager to ask for the reservation. Someone told me I’ll just wait… then they ushered us to a table outside of the store with one chair no set up at all beside a seemingly waiter’s station with all the dirty plates and all. I gave the regular chair (wooden chair) to my lady they have to pull up a white collapsible mono block (plastic chair) from the rubble beside us. The mono block is so uncomfortable that I opted to sit in the high chair even if the table top is now leveled to my knee. Utensil (in a tin can) was delivered to our table sparsely whenever the waitress had time. The only consolation is they pour the water in our glass not in our head.
    Then came the menu… It’s printed in a paper with stains of food in it not even a mediocre effort to make it look good. The food we want to try is not available (their tarte flambée) I was told. Their serving was so small there is this pasta pillows that only have 10 pcs in it and the rest are few leaves (Php 400++). The steak and egg which is supposed to be the grand slam is a so-so. If u tried eating fried rice and mix it with lots of kimchi and a fried meat with a raw egg as a toppings in it that’s how it taste (Php500++).
    They have a good marketing for generating this kind of attention (social media and mainstream at that) but they are con artist with a thick face.

  7. Wow we now have a place that serves Flammkuchen in Manila! I’ve discovered this tasty dish since moving to Berlin. I look forward to eatin in Wildflour when we get back to the Philippines. Hopefully by then they would have smoothed out and improved operations and customers service!

  8. they have bad service, rude staff and clueless manager. visited the place just this afternoon for the cronuts and was advised they will be available in 30mins. decided to have coffee while waiting. after 40 minutes, we were told there were no more cronuts alloted for dine-in and have to fall in line to take them out. we got pissed off. called the attention of the manager on duty but he claimed he is just new. the staff who served us were unapologetic and rude. sent a message on their fb to inform the management. hope it will reach them.

  9. Let’s just be thankful Chef Walter Manzke married a Filipina! Honestly Wild Flour is what we’re use to in the states and more. I hope in the future Chef Manzke will infuse locally grown products into their menu especially in their baked goods. We need to see more of an effort of farm to table dining in PI. In Amish & Mennonite communities in USA, you can get the best baked treats and wonderful cooking for a fraction of the price of restaurants. In fact in LA you can have a gourmet meal at the Original Farmer’s Market. I guess it’s such a big deal in PI because it’s not common. Personally, I miss the classic diners in good ol’ America. If more Filipinos will take home cooking and baking more seriously then you will eventually see more home grown Wild Flour establishments (there would be no need to import it). Studying culinary arts & living abroad would help too.

  10. For busy restaurants like this, i think it’s fair that they do not accept reservations. you know how it is in Manila where people tend to reserve and not arrive on time, so the reserved table is wasted space when it could have welcomed other people to enjoy the food.

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