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STUDIO KITCHEN is hailed by foodies as one of the best-kept secret restos located in Alabang. I was surprised that there’s a restaurant this good in the south area. It would have been more appropriately located in Makati or Bonifacio Global City.

Most people don’t know it probably because the name STUDIO KITCHEN gets lost in translation. The restaurant is the “Art Studio” of Chef Mark Tan, with the plates as his canvas and the dish as his artwork. In Manila, when you say “studio kitchen”, it can connote a place where they sell kitchenware.

Also, the resto is hidden on the second floor of the Commerce Building where fast food joints like Army Navy and Yellow Cab are located on the ground floor. You wouldn’t think that a gourmet, fine dining place would exist here.

But once you discover it, you’ll rave about its Modern American Cuisine and share this foodie secret with everyone you know.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
MENU5-Course Degustation | Starters, Soup, Rice, Pasta | Entrees, Dessert, Coffee and Tea, Drinks

Studio Kitchen’s ambiance is fine dining. Thankfully, the acoustics are pleasant too (the acoustic foam minimizes the echo in the dining area). It was perfect for celebrating my mom’s 71st birthday. 🙂

If you are on a date, try the Chef’s Degustation Menu. If you are with family, just order a la carte and share the dishes.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
The meal begins with a unique bread starter — small and very cheesy bread rolls.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Studio Kitchen Caesar Salad (P320 +10% service charge). Romaine Lettuce with a Housemade Caesar Dressing, Garlic Croutons, Aged Parmeggiano Reggiano and Crispy Jamon Serrano.

The ingredients are carefully selected and prepared by the chef. The leafy greens are nice and crisp, while the Jamon Serrano slices pack a flavorful punch and give this Caesar Salad classic a different twist.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Spicy Garlic Prawn Ala Chitarra (Entree Size P525 +10% service charge). Handmade Fresh Pasta, Jumbo Prawns, Confit Cherry Tomatoes, Parmeggiano Reggiano, Chives.

Nothing beats fresh, handmade pasta and really big and fresh jumbo prawns.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Funghi Pasta Ala Chitarra (Entree Size P490 +10% service charge). Handmade Fresh Pasta, Swiss Brown, Shiitake, Parmeggiano Reggiano, Chives.

I love the chef’s take on the sauces — not too sweet, not too salty, and has just the right amount of creaminess for the pasta.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Seafood Chorizo Paella Rice  (P350 +10% service charge). We use Calasparra Rice (made to order, allow 10-15 mins).

This is how we like our Paella — cooked upon order, with a good layer of tutong at the bottom, fresh seafood toppings, and rice that is full of flavor.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
Thing is, it’s a small, personal-sized serving. How I wish they can make a bigger version!

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
Pan-Roasted Lapu Lapu with Curry Sauce (P595 +10% service charge). Curry Emulsion, Prawn, Mussels, Baby Carrots, Eggplant, Potatoes, Jasmine Rice.

The Lapu Lapu and Shrimp are complemented by the interesting curry sauce (which seems to have a bit of atis flavor in it). We love the use of microgreens in the dish. Who knew that such cute vegetable sizes could have a concentrated amount of flavor? A good choice for the health-conscious.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Braised US Beef Short Rib (P695 +10% service charge). Slow-cooked Beef Short Rib, Mushroom Risotto, Asparagus.

This is another dish we love — really soft and juicy beef on a bed of almost-soupy mushroom risotto. You will want to savor each and every spoonful. Sarap!

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Laiskonis “Egg” (P130 +10% service charge). Chocolate Pot de Creme, Maple Syrup, Caramel Sauce, Caramel Foam, Maldon Salt.

A very cool dessert! Layers of maple syrup and caramel sauce hide creamy chocolate at the bottom of this perfectly cut eggshell.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
The flavors are intense but quite enjoyable. Order one per person because, after taking a bite, you’ll forget about sharing it.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
Plate of Mignardises (P150 +10% service charge). Chocolate Sandwiches, Fresh Coffee Marshmallows, and Macarons.

These sweet treats aren’t extraordinary, but the kids would surely like them. 🙂

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
★ Chocolate Coulant (P300 +10% service charge)Dark Chocolate-Almond Cake, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Chantilly, Macerated Strawberries.

Chocolate cake with tiny almond pieces, with oozing chocolate ganache in the middle — the perfect birthday cake for my mom. Yum yum! 🙂

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
Happy Birthday, Momsy!

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!
Thank you, Chef Mark Tan, for deciding to come back to Manila with your family and bringing your Providence, LA and The Bazaar by José Andrés experience to the restaurant scene here.

It was nice to see that the chef’s parents were also involved in the operation. His dad is the one who usually entertains the guests with the story of how they decided to finally retire from US life and how he convinced his only chef son to return home to his roots. Admirable decision!

Good luck, Chef Mark! Congratulations on your first year restaurant anniversary!

A Creative Cuisine Restaurant
Unit 202 Commerce Center Building,
Commerce Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang
Telephone: +632 822-0508 
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 
Lunch 11.30am to 2.00pm 
Dinner 5.30pm to 9.30pm 
Facebook: Studio Kitchen Alabang  

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P.S. Studio Kitchen is a bit hidden. It is across Acacia Hotel and is located on the second floor of Commerce Building, where Army Navy and Yellow Cab are located. Parking is along the streets.

Read More: STUDIO KITCHEN of Chef Mark Tan!

9 thoughts on “STUDIO KITCHEN (ALABANG) of Chef Mark Tan!

  1. God, these foods are mouth watering. Nice presentation of the foods. I love to eat seafoods, too. Definitely, I will visit there if I will visit in Philippines later especially in Alabang Area. Thanks, Anton for sharing the information about the unique restaurants in Philippines.

  2. Wow! Will surely try this!
    Oh my, Anton, don’t be surprised that this is in Alabang! You will be surprised at the number of chefs and culinary luminaries who live in the south, but are hesitant to put up establishments here due to the very discriminating palates of the southerners coupled with their value-for-money mindset. Given this, food establishments will also have to cater to these chefs and luminaries. In addition to this, given the more relaxed lifestyle in the south, a lot of residents have the time to cook and cook well they do. : )
    A bit off topic, but would like to cite as an example is Hanakazu in BF Homes Paranaque which offers some of the best and freshest sashimis at a portion of the price of most high end Japanese establishments elsewhere (and, IMHO, Hanakazu’s sashimi even outshines some of these establishments).
    Perhaps there are more restaurants in Makati and Fort Bonifacio vs Alabang or the south, but the percentage of excellent restaurants vs total restaurant population in their respective areas will probably be the same.
    So I say, try more restaurants in the south, especially the hidden ones. Then maybe you will change your mind about a good restaurant being better placed in Makati or the Fort. : )
    Looking forward to your southern features, Anton!

  3. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for the comment. We will try the hidden restos in the south and we will try Hanakazu's sashimi soon 🙂 sounds really good.
    Thanks for the greetings too 🙂

  4. Why not have a good resto in Alabang? There are discerning palates in the South and its good to have places like this that are quietly appreciated. Mona Lisa which is beside this is also very good. Maybe nice to have places like these so that true foodies would come and visit. I mean people go all the way to Pampanga for a good meal or to inconspicuous places like in office buildings. 🙂

  5. Wow nice resto, the atmosphere of the place was so beautiful, the customers can have 5-star hotel-like experience when dining.. The menus looks also delicious ..

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