THE OFF PRICE SHOW Concept in Manila :)

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is a new lifestyle discount shopping experience in Manila from the creators of The Great Bulacan Sale.  It brings together the non-moving inventory of the top brands in one venue where you can shop at 50-80% off the retail price.

Here’s a preview of the Off Price Show Experience:

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The Off Price Show is held at the World Trade Center Tent (beside the Dutdutan – Tattoo Festival) this September 28-30 Weekend.

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Registration is FREE for BDO Credit Card Users (You can apply onsite), otherwise the entrance fee is P100.

(Note: Ensogo and FB Registrants don’t need to register. Please proceed to the leftmost section)

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Each customer is assigned a barcode number so that the organizers can provide a better shopping experience on an ongoing basis.

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At the center of the venue is Stylista which showcases the fashion concept of 4 of Manila’s upcoming fashion stylists namely Racquel Guttierez, Richard Yu, Ralph Mista, and Miki Lijauco using the show’s merchandises. 

(Note: There is a fashion show at 3pm and 8pm.)

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It features popular fashion brands for women…

The OFF PRICE Show-12.jpg
… including bags and accessories.

The OFF PRICE Show-14.jpg
You can buy fashion gifts for your inaanak…

The OFF PRICE Show-17.jpg
Men are also happy with the diverse selection of polo shirts and clothing for the boys.

The OFF PRICE Show-10.jpg
Don’t forget to look around and you might just meet your old college friends…

The OFF PRICE Show-6.jpg
Toms offer buy 1 take 1 shoes, 

The OFF PRICE Show-7.jpg
Crocs at a bargain price, and

The OFF PRICE Show-8.jpg
… other shoe brands.

The OFF PRICE Show-34.jpg
You can buy perfumes,

The OFF PRICE Show-30.jpg
… different makeup,

The OFF PRICE Show-13.jpg
… bed head, and

The OFF PRICE Show-37.jpg… sunglasses.

The OFF PRICE Show-18.jpg
There’s a limited display of Ikea products,

The OFF PRICE Show-29.jpg
… Pacsafe and other bag/travel accessories.

The OFF PRICE Show-31.jpgThere are 10 cashiers at the checkout counter.

The OFF PRICE Show-5.jpg
The biggest inconvenience though is the long lines. 

The OFF PRICE Show-19.jpg
You can eat in Cibo while you shop or while you wait in the line. Cibo Menu Front | Cibo Menu Back


Don’t miss this different kind of discount shopping experience 🙂 

Lifestyle Brands, Discount Shopping
World Trade Center Tent
September 28-30, 2012
10.00am to 10.00pm 
Twitter: @TheOffPriceShow 

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Full Disclosure: I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. We are friends with the organizer of the show from JCI Manila Organization 🙂

P.S. Here are some tips and strategies for a better Off Price Show experience from the organizers:

1. Arrive at The Off Price Show well before it is scheduled to open!
Shopping time is from 10am – 10pm. You will still have to wait in line because of the many shoppers but it will not be half as long if you get there later in the day.

2. Bring a jacket or 2 or come in with warm clothing!
The air-conditioning system at the venue is very good and it gets to be colder even when it is packed.

3. Bring a companion with you!
This is where girlfriends / boyfriends / spouse / maids are best to be with. One can go stand in line for you while you shop and take turns with them. The amount of time standing in line at The Off Price Show will then be cut in half. This works in taking meals and refreshments.

4. Bring yayas for the kids!

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