MASATAMI SHAVE ICE’s Swiss Cheese and Peanut & Black Sesame Duo

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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #9


  130 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  105 foodies rated 4- I love it!
    69 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    25 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    12 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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I love Masatami’s super smooth ice shavings, and a lot of foodies rave about the Swiss Cheese flavor. For a more mature and unique taste, you’ve got to try the Peanut with Black Sesame, which, for me, was a surprisingly good combination of flavors.

Masatami’s shave ice does not have toppings and the ice itself is flavored already. They use a unique piece of equipment to shave the ice super thinly. It’s a good dessert that’s best to share, or mix and match the flavors.

Congratulations to MASATAMI for being a Two-Time Winner of the Ultimate Taste Test series!

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The Story behind MASATAMI SHAVE ICE:

Children would often be fond of eating anything cold and delicious – from plain ice cubes to ice candies and snow cones! Masatami Shave Ice is inspired to bring out this “child” in each of us (through) a more sophisticated yet intriguing way of using flavored ice blocks and serving it as shaved ice. Masatami Shave Ice is also showcased as a concept from Hawaii.  

Masatami Shave Ice is a dessert food made from ice finely shaved into a consistency slightly more dense than frost and mixed with flavored syrup. Most snow cones are made with crushed ice, whereas shaved ice is ground further and has a smoother consistency similar to snow. The syrup added to the ice soaks into the densely packed shavings and does not sink to the bottom, creating the frozen treat. 

Masatami Shave Ice uses the latest technology in making different flavored ice blocks and syrups. It is just like ice cream, but in the form of shaved ice. Add some sweet syrup and some toppings like fresh fruits, and you’re bound to have a sweet ending to your delicious meal.

About Super.Ice Inc.:

Super.Ice, Inc. is a company established in 2011 to provide quality, affordable products, delivered with a unique customer experience. The founders are armed with extensive backgrounds in the food service, management, and retail industries.  The first Masatami Shave Ice was introduced to the public last December 2011.

Super.Ice, Inc. is one of the sister companies of Metro Grind Corporation (est. 1999), operator of Orbitz Pearl Shakes and Thumbs-Up Ice Cream.  Other concepts are casual dining restaurants namely Five Cows Resto & Ice Cream Bar in TriNoma, and The Creamery Resto & Ice Cream Bar in SM Mall of Asia. 

Armed with a strong desire to bring a global experience to the local market, they rallied a team of local and international consultants to take charge of Research and Development for their latest products. Every new project is a testament to their mantra: “We opt not to consider the cost, but, the quality of serving.” 

What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Too creamy
  • Fun presentation
  • I recommend for Peanut and Sesame
  • Sooo Good!
  • Peanut rocks!
  • Can’t taste the peanut at all
  • Creamy
  • Delicious!
  • I really love the swiss cheese flavor
  • Peanut and black sesame duo was good
  • Delicious flavors! Swiss cheese, not too much!
  • Langka I feel is a little powdery
  • Loved the swiss cheese. The black sesame w/ choco tastes like choconut
  • Like the swiss cheese
  • Interesting shaved ice!
  • Owner is so generous!
  • Superduper love the swisscheese!
  • Swiss cheese!
  • Swiss cheese was good
  • Good! Good!
  • Nakakaumay lang pag tagal
  • Texture & flavors perfect!
  • Taste is funny
  • Dessert @ its finest
  • Too milky
  • Cheesy goodness!
  • Cool and smooth
  • It’s okay 
  • Innovative
  • swiss cheese was good
  • good
  • peanut duo is tasty
  • berry was really good
  • swiss cheese baby
  • love the ingredients
  • all flavors were yummy
  • could really taste flavor
  • superb
  • love the cheese
  • peanut good
  • a bit rich & creamy for shave
  • v.v good
  • nutela
  • delicous cheesecake but can’t trace green tea
  • the swiss cheese is good
  • yummy peanut…
  • tasty
  • not bad made just right
  • has that ice cream texture, very rich
  • I love the swiss cheese
  • good the texture
  • fell in love w/ swiss cheese
  • velvet
  • too sweet
  • swiss cheese is too salty
  • unique taste good
  • swiss cheese FTW
  • cold and smooth
  • too sweet
  • love the langka flavor
  • mild flavors
  • not what I was expecting
  • melts too easily
  • love the cheese 
  • the swiss cheese langka were good
  • Swiss cheese = Yummy!
  • Taste good
  • swiss cheese is the best!
  • Ultimate awesome!
  • Loved the swiss cheese!
  • Swiss Cheese!
  • Very Nice
  • Sarap
  • Swiss cheese the best
  • Toppings maybe?
  • Good concept No flavor.

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Flavored Ice Flavors:
Swiss Cheese
– P60.00 (small), P90.00 (large)
Peanut & Black Sesame Duo – P65.00 (small), P95.00 (large)
Langka P65.00 (small),  P95.00 (large)

#2 St. Peter St., Brgy Oranbo, Pasig City 1600
Branches in Robinson’s Galleria and Mall of Asia!
Telephone Number: +632 687-4373 / 687-3436
Facebook: Masatami Shave Ice 

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