CHOW FUN’s Chicken Fry & Dark Chocolate Buchi

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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #8


  144 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  108 foodies rated 4- I love it!
    91 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    33 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
      4 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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CHOW FUN, Chef Francis Lim’s new resto, attempts to introduce the new generation of Filipinos to a Modern “Playful” Chinese Food concept. This is his second restaurant after his successful Modern Thai resto called NAV in the Brgy. Kapitolyo Food Street.

He is the first cousin of my wife, and their family certainly knows what yummy Chinese cuisine is all about. 🙂

In UTT X, many foodies raved about his oozing chocolate buchi creation and the unique sweet-salty twist to fried chicken. Try the complete menu in his Little Baguio resto soon!

Congratulations, CHOW FUN, for winning in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test X!

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The Story behind CHOW FUN:

Chow Fun started out as an idea to bring fun and new twists to Chinese cuisine. As we all know, Manila is (no stranger to) Cantonese cuisine. Chinese cuisine is very diverse, and Cantonese food only belongs to a certain region in China, whereas there are a lot more regions that produce wonderful, festive food. To name a few that inspired us, there’s Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Yunnan, etc. “Fun-dining”, as we like to categorize it, is in the play of these traditional dishes, adding flair and inventive recreations of traditional dishes but definitely not shying away from familiarity with what we have come to know and grow up with.

Danio Caw, the brains behind this concept, came to me about almost a year ago. With the both of us having traditional Chinese descent, we found a common denominator in translating these ideas into refreshing dishes that…most people may come to love. Take for example our “Sour Caramel Pork” — it is our take on the traditional sweet & sour pork, only refined by giving it more mature, well-balanced flavors compared to the traditional version (which is monotonous, having just sweet and mildly sour tones). Our dishes promote flavors as well as textures, ranging from mildly sweet to salty, sour, crunchy, savory, meaty and sticky. (We bring) life to a classic but still (respect) its roots and culture.

(To complement our) food, we also have interiors that are playful and warmly-lit (but not of fluorescent lighting), …giving you that experience in taste, ambiance and homey service from our friendly and outgoing staff.

We have been operating for about four months now, and the menu is ever-changing as this is how we want to go about modernism with Chinese cuisine.

Our menu prices are from P200-P500, depending on the servings, which I must say are beyond adequate to a person’s satisfaction. 🙂 
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What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Chicken is good w/ beer
  • Sauce not fit
  • Best booth in the bazaar
  • Park Chocolate & buchi.. Who would die thoughts
  • Sauce is good, love the buchi
  • Yummy chicken! Flavor is divine
  • Sauce is also good. Buchi the best!
  • Yummy Chicken, great Buchi
  • Chicken is perfect! Buchi is a bit starchy
  • Awesome Buchi!
  • A little sour
  • Dark choco buchi! Yum!
  • Delicious Chicken! 1st time I liked buchi
  • Great Flavor
  • Buchi was hard
  • Great Chicken & buchi
  • Really like flavor of chicken
  • Fun!
  • Love the dark chocolate buchi
  • Good! Food! Best served hot!
  • Great! Super sarap
  • Really good
  • the buchi is 5/5
  • I like the concept coz it’s unique but i find it sweet
  • Excellent
  • Chicken fry was really tasty
  • Buchi is amazing
  • I’m not a fan
  • Cool food creative
  • The chicken was good
  • I didn’t like how the chicken tasted but the choco buchi was great
  • So tasty
  • different
  • chicken was good
  • too sweet
  • too salty chicken, buchi is good
  • the spice exploded in my mouth
  • a bit salty
  • great chicken sauce, awesome sleeve
  • needs more ice cream
  • nutella
  • love the dark choco
  • just tasted the truffles no chicken
  • taste good
  • chix is great
  • the cinnamon chicken is very good
  • loved it
  • the buchi itself can do a little more flavor
  • choco buchi it was good
  • extra ordinary
  • im giving both buchi and chicken a 5 star
  • pang pulutan
  • I like how it’s salty and sweet at the same time
  • buchi is good
  • love reminds me (of) shanghai
  • yummy
  • love it
  • ok
  • best buchi evar
  • awesome
  • Too Salty
  •  Yum! Buchi
  •  Slightly Overseasoned
  •  Less salt
  • We’ll definitely come back
  • chicken love
  • Very nice excellent dessert!
  • Very Good!
  • Best Buchi Ever!
  • Buchi is too sweet
  • Too oozy.
  • Good buchi
  • Fun and Sweet.
  • Loved the dark chow buchi. 
  • Sobrang sarap ng chicken.
  • Awesome chicken.
  • Chicken is one of a kind!

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CHOW FUN Modern Chinese Bistro
103 J.Abad Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan 
Chef Francis Lim
Mobile: +63 917 550-1191

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2 thoughts on “CHOW FUN’s Chicken Fry & Dark Chocolate Buchi

  1. Hi, Anton how are you? This is also a good place to eat. I love to eat Chinese dishes, too. The restaurant is also good for family gatherings, reunions, and other occasions. Minsan, kailangan mo ring mamasyal para makita mo iyong mga bagong lugar at kainan.

  2. Congratulations, Chow Fun! Since this UTT, you’ve definitely gotten even more delicious! Love the lechon macau rice (and I don’t like fried rice!) and that egg kuchay is just sublime! Now craving for more of your delicious food! Keep up the delicious creativity!

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