SPIRAL BUFFET: Guide to Asia’s Most Dynamic Interactive Dining @ Sofitel Manila!

UPDATE: SPIRAL BUFFET: Our Top 10 Favorites in SPIRAL Sunday Brunch, BEST Buffet in Town!



After 13 months of re-conceptualization and an extensive USD 11 million investment, SOFITEL’s flagship restaurant SPIRAL is back to provide the Most Dynamic Interactive-Dining Experience in Asia, and the Ultimate-Buffet Experience in Manila

SPIRAL’s goal is “to bring the authenticity and warmth of the traditional French markets and Asian hawker stalls into a five-star hotel setting“. It recreated 21 Ateliers (workshop for artisans) where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes.

I must admit, it can be overwhelming. This post provides a guide on what foodies rave most about, what not to miss, and offer suggestions on how to further improve the experience. 

Let me tour you around the New SPIRAL…

2013 Luxurious Sofitel Escape Series:

Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:

Here are the quick stats about Spiral and the overall layout of the 21 Ateliers:

Spiral Atelier Stations

Size of Restaurant: Total area of 2, 921 sqms (La Veranda: 270 sqms)
Seating Capacity: Total of 452 seating capacity (Indoor – 396 seats, Outdoor – 56 seats)

Cuisines: Twenty-one dining ateliers:

  • Salad and Appetizer, 
  • L’Écailler, 
  • Sushi Sashimi, 
  • L’Epicerie, 
  • Hot Japanese, 
  • French Stove, 
  • Rotisserie, 
  • Wood fired Oven, 
  • Churrasco, 
  • North Indian, 
  • Asian Noodles, 
  • Peking Duck Oven, 
  • Steam Baskets, 
  • Chinese Wok, 
  • Filipino, 
  • Thai, 
  • Korean, 
  • La Boulangerie, 
  • La Patisserie, 
  • Chocolaterie and 
  • Creamery.


SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-140.jpg
#1 L’EpicerieMeat and Cheese lovers will be on seventh heaven in this room where one could feast from a wide variety of premium aged hams, charcuterie, smoked fish, artisanal cheese from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland creamery products.  Pair them with olives, herbs, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sauces and condiments for a real gourmet experience. 

The Cheese Room is the most-raved-about feature of the new Spiral.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-8.jpg
It offers an extensive array of artisanala cheese! (in photo: Manchego, Tomme de Saoie, Gouda, Gruyere, Comte)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-9.jpg
You can get unlimited parmesan for your pasta, pizza, and other dishes.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-10.jpg
You can satisfy your craving for Hamon Iberico and

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-5.jpg… other premium- aged hams, and charcuterie 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-11.jpg
Your cheese and ham platter are not complete without 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-14.jpg
… different nuts, dried fruits, olives

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-15.jpg
… herbs, sun dried tomatoes, sauces and other condiments.

(Suggestion: Can you please bring back the Honey Cheese Truffle Sauce?)


#2 French StoveWith every dish meticulously prepared, authentic French dishes are a labor of love.  Savour home-made seared foie gras, luscious roasted meat and carving, seafood, grilled food and regional French cuisines that will surely impress every gourmand.

We loved every dish served in the French Kitchen starting with…

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-137.jpg
the Unlimited Foie Gras during dinner,

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-11.jpg
expertly-cooked pastas,

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-158.jpg
French soup of the day, and

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-125.jpg
different hot French dishes cooked from Bonnet French stove – a customized oven used by Michelin Star Chefs around the world and weighing one ton of steel.

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-10.jpg
I personally like the freshly-cooked shrimp with turmeric 🙂 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-147.jpg
#3 Wood fired ovenPizza with pizzazz – just as the Italian “Mama” makes it at the traditional wood-fired oven with fresh ingredients.

Nothing beats pizza from traditional wood-fired oven available as part of the buffet. 


SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-66.jpg
#4 ChurrascoSavor a variety of mouthwatering juicy skewered steaks and sea food with matching hot sauces and your choice of herbs straight from the churrasco which originates from Brazil.  Ask the chefs that move around to grill what their fine meats and seafood are on offer that day.

The Churrasco Boys are always there to fulfill your Carnivore Craving like…

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-62.jpg
Pork Shoulders,

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-63.jpg
Leg of Lamb,

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-64.jpg
Beef Striploin Medallion Wrapped in Bacon, and

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-65.jpg
Beef Prime Rib…

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-61.jpg
… with an extensive selection of herbs, sauces, and condiments for your meat- eating pleasure.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-73.jpg
#5 RotisserieThe aroma of roasted meats triggers the sense of taste and brings back the time honored traditions since 1400 in Paris.   Slow cooked meats give you a chance to try a selection of home – cooked lamb, chicken and pork with its rich natural juices blended with various marinades and herbs from the secret recipes of our chefs. 

Often overlooked is the Rotisserie Chicken roasted on the spot, usually with

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-71.jpg
the Pork Pata Tim 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-167.jpg
Tip: If you like the marinated beef type, go to the Korean Section… 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-168.jpg
… for the sweet Grilled Korean Beef 🙂


SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-163.jpg
#6 Hot JapaneseFrom a delectable choice of fresh natural ingredients, Japanese cuisine never ceases to amaze one with its simplicity and artistry.  Enjoy a selection of traditional grilled sea food, meat and vegetables cooked at the robata or at the teppanyaki.

Another new introduction to the SPIRAL experience is the Teppanyaki Grilled Meat and Seafood.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-164.jpg
I particular love the grilled seafood !

(Suggestion: The Angus Rib Eye offered usually lacked in taste and you need to add teppanyaki sauce for flavoring. Sometimes it’s also hard to chew, so select the meat with a good marbling. Maybe, they can double-check the supply of their meat.)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-58.jpg
#7 Sushi SashimiA raw bar with all the fresh sushi and sashimi prepared for you by our sushi chefs.  Japanese rituals abound at this cold stone counter.  Temakis and nigiri are in abundance.  

You can also try the Fresh Sushi and ….

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-3.jpg
… Fresh Sashimi, 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-19.jpg
… Yakitori with Bacon-wrapped variations, and


SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-160.jpg
… Unlimited Shrimp Tempura!




SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-109.jpg
#8 Asian NoodlesHand pulled Asian noodles prepared many hours before; with a variety of broth, sauces and an extensive range of condiments and soup stocks to choose from.  If that is not enough, ask the chef to make your own noodle recipe.  Try the authentic steamed and fried dimsum from different parts of China.

I love Chinese Food and I am married to a beautiful Chinese; that means we  have Chinese Food every time there is a special celebration in my wife’s family.  SPIRAL  serves one of the best Chinese cuisines in Manila. 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-113.jpg
You can try their different noodles with chicken broth or …

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-155.jpg
… the spicy Laksa broth 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-110.jpg
#9 Steam BasketsSavor endless authentic steam and fried dimsum from siao long pao, siomai, dumpling and wonton from all over China.

The dimsum did not disappoint as well.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-144.jpg
We usually order 8-10 pieces of Hakaw for each growing boy 🙂 It’s so yummy!

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-1.jpg
After the hakaw, we would also horde the Buchi 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-115.jpg
#10 Peking Duck OvenRoasted to perfection, enjoy peking duck, one of the Chinese atelier’s star dishes which goes back to the tradition of the Emperors Palace in Beijing during the Imperial times.  Also on offer are  Chinese barbecue.

You can also satisfy your Peking Duck craving in the Spiral’s buffet.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-150.jpg
#11 Chinese WokThe sight of flames, the sight and sound of the Chinese master chef cooking stimulates one’s appetite. Let him entice you to try his signature dishes reflecting all parts of China whether Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan and regional.  Also choose from a selection of Wok cooked Chinese dishes.

As there’s almost a complete selection of our Chinese Favorites, we often neglect the Chinese Wok dishes created by the Chinese Master chef.




SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-159.jpg
#12 North IndianInspired by maharajah of Northern India, your taste buds are in for a fiery and spicy treat. Discover the pomp and pageantry of Indian cuisine – North (naan and tandoori) and South Indian cuisine (dosa and chutneys) at its best. Lavish and homemade dishes include tandoori-spiced meats with Indian and Asian breads and sauces.  Vegetarians will surely have a feast with a selection of dal, paneers and chutney. 

For something exotic, you can select from the prepared North Indian Cuisine,

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-122.jpg
and Tandoori cooked meats.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-117.jpg
If you are vegetarian, the North Indian Station is the best for you with a good selection of dal, paneers and chutney.



SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-76.jpg
#13 La BoulangerieFollow the smell of warm and freshly baked baguettes, pain au chocolat, croissants and you end up at the La Boulangerie right at Spiral where you can choose from a selection of freshly baked breads – all hand rolled.  Healthy choices include rye and gluten free breads.  

Typically, we would often skip the bread because it fill you up quickly and lessens your capacity to savor other favorites. 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-148.jpg
#14 Salad and AppetizerFresh locally grown produce and organic colorful vegetables freshly picked from our garden will be tossed for you by our chefs with your choice of home made salad dressings.

I usually love to start my meal with a healthy serving of Salad.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-56.jpg
#15 L’ÉcaillerJewels from the sea from oysters, salmon, prawns, crabs and other seafood sourced from all over the world prepared with fresh organic vegetables and your choice of sauces from white wine, vinegar or zesty lemons. Indeed, the world is your oyster, this time, its freshly shucked oyster by the l’écalier. 

There’s fresh seafood galore from oysters to prawns, and sometimes lobsters too 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-90.jpg
#16 FilipinoWarm your palates with a delectable array of traditional Filipino dishes like beef tapa and adobo with its unique sauces from coconut base and dashed with spices. These can be paired with your all-time favourites such as the mouth-watering kare kare with its peanut based sauce and the amazing crispy pata among the many which will want you to crave for more.  Surely just take the culinary adventure and try the Filipino dishes with homemade and heirloom recipes from our notable Spiral Chefs. 

For tourists, they can savor the Filipino all-time favorites like Adobo, Kare Kare and Bulalo (Beef Shank Soup).  

(Suggestion: I wonder why there’s no Lechon in the Filipino Food line-up)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-93.jpg
#17 ThaiFiery flavors of Thai cuisine beckon you with its fabled soups and curries. In contrast to the chili dishes Thailand is known for, Thai food infuses a lot of zesty lime, kaffir and basil to its rich flavors. 

You can also explore the rich flavors of Thai food…

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-98.jpg
#18 KoreanSizzling plates and freshly tossed vegetables await Korean food aficionados.  Korean dishes like dakdoritang (spicy chicken stew) and changjorim (soy braised bean), kimchi, bulgogi , beef short rib barbeque, chili chicken barbeque, pork rib barbeque, squid chili barbeque, bibimbab , five kInds of kimchi and five kinds of namal will be on offer for you.

… and Korean Food (specially the kim chi).


SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-31.jpg
#19 La PatisserieSweet endings are the perfect way to end a memorable dining experience – succumb to the temptation of freshly baked French pastries of all shapes, fillings, textures and sizes. 

Not one but three flavors of Chocolate Fondue — Chocolate, Milk, and Strawberry.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-178.jpg
Marshmallows on sticks with chocolate fondue is always a hit with kids and the kids-at-heart.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-35.jpg
(Suggestion: Can you please bring back the freshly- baked soft chocolate chip cookie that every Foodie would look forward to in the old Spiral buffet? It was one of the reasons why we love to go to Spiral and I wonder why it was removed in favor of just serving it on a bowl.)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-26.jpg
#20 ChocolaterieChocolates are the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Indulge in artisanal chocolates, truffles and pralines intricately designed whether dark, white or milk chocolate from the best cocoa in the world  and all freshly made for you by our chocolatiers.  One bite of these devilishly good chocolates will surely send you to seventh heaven with its intense flavors and colors. 

We love the extensive selection of Sweet Desserts in the New Spiral Experience!

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-6.jpg
I can’t help but get pieces of chocolate pralines, the dark chocolate rum truffle or the cute bear chocolates, every time I pass by this station.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-30.jpg
Don’t miss the bestseller: Vanilla Milk Rice Pudding with Caramel Sauce (tall container with lid).

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-39.jpg
For the kids, Gummi Bears and …

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-166.jpg
… and lots of candies in different shapes and flavors 🙂

(Tip: Best time to bring your kids here is during dessert time.)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-32.jpg
I love the look of the seasonal fruits section where the colorful and mouth-watering fruits are cut in front of you.

(Suggestion: I do hope they have fresh and sweet mangoes in the buffet).

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-77.jpg
Crepes anyone?

Do-it-yourself Halo Halo by my Mercato Centrale partner RJ Ledesma 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-183.jpg
In time for Christmas season, Puto Bumbong and Bibingka!

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-180.jpg
#21 CreameryImagine sweet temptations – all types of ice cream at the tip of your tongue from your favourite fruity and citrus flavors along with dark chocolates and toppings.

Usually, we would end the meal with a creamy serving of artisan ice cream…

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-181.jpg
… with tiny yummy pieces of chocolate balls. Don’t miss this 🙂



Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-3.jpg
The Sunday Brunch includes an unlimited serving of premium Champagne! You can choose from Martini Asti (P1,800/bottle), Marguet, Blanc de Noirs, Crut (P4,000/bottle) and Moet Chandon Champagne.

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-5.jpg
You can create your own Mimosa (Champagne + Orange), Mango Royal (Champagne + Mango juice) or Kir Royal (Champagne + Creme de Cassis).

The Unlimited Champagne is also available during the weekend Spiral Breakfast.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-174.jpg
During dinner, you can order wines and spirits from the mobile bar.

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-17.jpg
The Sunday Brunch Ambiance is Comfy Elegance…

Spirals Ultimate Sunday Brunch-16.jpg
… with live Jazz music lifting your spirits to a new high.

SPIRALS Breakfast by Sofitel Manila-8.jpg
During Sunday Brunch, there’s a limited selection of vegetable and fruit juice coolers. 

At night, the ambiance is posh romantic with the four new chandeliers creating the mood.

(Note: Photo was taken during the SPIRAL’s launch and this is how Spiral is illuminated at night)

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-139.jpg
The unlimited foie gras is only available at night 🙂

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-82.jpg
Don’t miss the elegant candle ceremony at 6.30pm to open the Spiral Buffet.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-88.jpg
SPIRAL ladies with candle lights in a Rajo Laurel creation.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-170.jpg
Rhythmic movements21-foot sculpture located behind the iconic Spiral staircase by Eduardo Castrillo, National artist – man’s tribute to nature by using industrial elements such as bronze sheets and tubes to mimic the graceful movement of a developing plant.

OVERALL, I’m proud to have the most interactive dining experience right here in Manila at SPIRAL.

I personally love The Cheese Room’s wide artisanal choice, the French Cuisine (with unlimited Foie Gras), really good Chinese Dimsum, the Chocolate Dessert Buffet and the Unlimited Champagne during Sunday Brunch.

I do hope they can bring back the freshly- baked chocolate chip cookie and the honey cheese truffle sauce 🙂


SOFITEL LUXURY HOTELS Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Official Website: www.SofitelManila.com
Sofitel’s FacebookSofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Twitter: @SofitelManila
YouTube: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Email: FBReservations@SofitelManila.com
Telephone: +632 832-6988 or 551-555 Loc. 6988

Operating Hours and Buffet Net Prices (As of November 2012):

Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am – 10: 30 am
Monday to Friday: P1,719.55 (Adult), P982.60 (Kids rate)
Saturday-Sunday: P1,965.20 (Adult), P1,105.43 (Kids rate)

Lunch: (Mon- Sat): 12 noon – 2:30 pm
Monday to Saturday: P2,431.94 (Adult), P1,351.08 (Kids rate) 

Brunch: (Sun): 12 noon – 3:00 pm 
Sunday: P3,046.06 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Kids rate)

Dinner: (Daily) 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm 
Sunday to Thursday: P2,800.41 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Kids rate)
Friday & Saturday: P3,046.06 (Adult), P1,596.73 (Kids rate)

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice 

Supper at La Veranda: 11: 00 pm – 1:00 am  

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Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents with 130 addresses, in more than 50 countries. Sofitel offers contemporary hotels and resorts adapted to today’s more demanding and more versatile consumers who expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence. Whether situated in the heart of a major city like Paris, London, New York or Beijing, or nestled away in a country landscape in Morocco, Egypt, Fiji Islands or Thailand, each Sofitel property offers a genuine experience of the French “art de vivre”.

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Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet was invited to the launch event of the new Spiral to experience the buffet and to stay overnight stay as their guest courtesy of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel Manila but I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. As a policy, I don’t accept advertising from food and travel places we feature in the blog. 

P.S. Where to sit is an important decision to maximize your dining experience at Spiral. Here’s a guide:


If you are a group of 8 or more people, reserve one of the private rooms. 

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-50.jpg
Voyeur (63 sqms, seating 12 people) with a living room style complete with leather sofas and a big dining table.  

Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am – 10: 30 am: NO RESERVATIONS
Lunch: (Mon- Sat): 12 noon – 2:30 pm: P16,000+++ 
Brunch: (Sun): 12 noon – 3:00 pm: P24,800+++ 
Dinner: (Daily) 
Sunday to Thursday 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm  : P18,000+++
Friday & Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm  : P24,800+++ 

*for private dining usage, per meal period charging

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-47.jpg
Hidden (37 sqms, seating 10 people) with a living room style complete with leather sofas and a big dining table.   

Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am – 10: 30 am: NO RESERVATIONS
Lunch: (Mon- Sat): 12 noon – 2:30 pm: P16,000+++ 
Brunch: (Sun): 12 noon – 3:00 pm: P19,840+++ c
Dinner: (Daily) 
Sunday to Thursday 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm  : P18,000+++ 
Friday & Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm  : P19,840+++

*for private dining usage, per meal period charging

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-101.jpg
Tasting, a semi private dining room (33 sqms) is a less formal area to entertain guests up to 8 people. 

Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am – 10: 30 am: NO RESERVATIONS
Lunch: (Mon- Sat): 12 noon – 2:30 pm: P12,000+++ 
Brunch: (Sun): 12 noon – 3:00 pm: P14,800+++ 
Dinner: (Daily) 
Sunday to Thursday 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm  : P14,000+++ 
Friday & Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm  : P14,800+++ 

*for private dining usage, per meal period charging

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-104.jpg
Indulgence, Epicure, Decadence seating 12 people which could be joined together to fit 36 people and measuring 34 sqms each room. 

Breakfast: (Daily) 6:30 am – 10: 30 am: NO RESERVATIONS
Lunch: (Mon- Sat): 12 noon – 2:30 pm: P16,000+++ 
Brunch: (Sun): 12 noon – 3:00 pm: P24,800+++ 
Dinner: (Daily)
Sunday to Thursday 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm  : P18,000+++ 
Friday & Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm  : P24,800+++ 

*for private dining usage, per meal period charging


You can specify where you want to sit when you make your reservation.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-106.jpg
Station 100. This is near the Asian Stations and best if you have tourists or foreigners with you.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-135.jpg
Station 200. Go for this if you like a high- ceiling ambiance but this is a less private area because it is beside the high-traffic escalator.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-134.jpg
If you are only two, you might want to reserve the table near the fountain below the spiral staircase.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-131.jpg
Station 300. This is the best for Filipinos who love desserts because it is beside the Dessert Stations.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-78.jpg
If you reserve early, you can specify the couch tables in either Station 200 or Station 300 area.

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-24.jpg
Station 400. This is the most private couch dining tables because there’s not a lot of people passing through this side. Specify the tables near the wine cellar.


The indoor trendy lounge (270 sqms) that opens to an outdoor terrace with four gazebos leading to the iconic lagoon shape poolside the hotel is famous for. One could literally watch the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky from the ceiling in the comfort of a glass enclosed lounge.        

SPIRALS Buffet by Sofitel Manila-133.jpg
For a bar mood ambiance you can dine at La Veranda which is usually reserved for Ala Carte diners.

Sofitel Adventure-27.jpg
You can reserve the outside tables so that you can watch the sunset while sipping your cocktails 🙂

P.P.S. We are honored that Tim Yap once described Mercato Centrale Food Market as the Cubao Expo version of SPIRAL. We are inspired by the new Spiral to take Mercato to a whole new level.

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  1. I know how my first Spiral visit will be (Yeah never went to buffets ever since all the booze has slowed down my metabolism):
    Get a seat at the wine cellar, and just keep on going to the Cheese, Steak, and Foie Gras station, and sipping on some wine (or a martini 😛 ).
    Foie gras alone, sulit na!
    Funny. In the proposal to relaunch Spiral before, I was under the impression there was supposedly an exclusive Moroccan station?
    – Ray

  2. Hi Anton, what does the meal per period charging mean? And Im quite confused unlimited champagne but there is a per bottle price?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. "Meal per period Charging" means it's like consumable for the period you reserve it.
    As for the Champagne, I indicated the price if you were to order it on a separate basis outside the Breakfast/ Sunday Brunch.

  4. My husband wants to go on a buffet and since the holidays are rolling over, would love to take him here.
    My question is, which one between the unlimited champagne (brunch) and unlimited foie gras (dinner) it the best? We will for sure be torn between these two choices hahaha! I love to have both champagne and foie gras. 🙂
    Leaning towards Sunday brunch though because Sofitel is absolutely beautiful with natural light. So psyched up for the cheese room and the dessert/chocolate room! Dyan ako sigurado magbabad hihihi!:)

  5. Hi Anton! Borrowed your pata tim photo (with your link and name and all) and posted on my fb wall. That’s my cousin slicing! 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Do they serve the same selections per period?
    i.e. Breakfast – less
    Lunch – medium
    Dinner – Twenty-one dining ateliers

  7. Hi, Anton how are you? Thanks for the wonderful postings about the new restaurants in Philippines. Talagang hindi magpapahuli ang Pilipinas. Parang nagtravel na tayo nito around the world. The price per head, I will say it’s OK kasi marami na iyong mga foods at imported pa. I wish that I will visit in the restaurant, too.

  8. Hi Anton! Excellent post! Thank you so much for the tip. Now I know that Spirals is finally open again. Your previous posts about Boracay was really helpful – was able to visit Dos Mestizos, Cyma, Aria. My heartfelt gratitude for all the tips. =)
    BTW, I was curious about your full disclosure:
    “Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet was a guest of Sofitel Philipppine Plaza Hotel Manila but I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it.”
    For this blog post, did you receive any money/free service/free food/other perks from Sofitel? What do you get from being a guest of Sofitel? Is this post considered an advertisement for Sofitel?
    I asked these questions because your latest disclosure varies from your usual full disclosure:
    “Full Disclosure: I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. As a policy, I don’t accept advertising from food and travel places we feature in the blog. We paid for our meals.”
    If you have received anything from Sofitel, I hope you would indicate what you received specifically (and how much) in your blog. It would help us in our decision making. Thank you very much and God bless you always.

  9. Hi Enrico,
    Thanks for the comment and for the clarification.
    We were invited to the launch event of the new Spiral to experience the buffet and to stay overnight stay as their guest courtesy of Sofitel. 
    We did not receive any cash or advertising money from them. This post intends to share our experience to help OAP readers plan their own awesome experience 🙂
    Live an Awesome Life, 
    Anton Diaz
    Founder and Digital Publisher

  10. Its nice that since you’re a professional blogger you can take photos.
    My experience with Spiral this Oct 30 was a bit embarrassing bec they told me I cant take photos. I asked the guy where is the SIGN that says so. He said it’s part of the policy. I would want to challenge him to bring out the policy but it was Halloween and I didnt want to spoil the evening. But honestly… I was a bit pissed bec of the embarrassment.

  11. thank you for sharing this! 🙂
    Question, with so much food, how do you pick and how do you pace yourself? 😮

  12. “We were invited to the launch event of the new Spiral to experience the buffet and to stay overnight stay as their guest courtesy of Sofitel.”
    Super dooper lucky D:

  13. ah this is where the Sofitel Advantage Plus membership comes in handy, it costs as much as a free room stay and comes with 1 room stay but you get 1 free adult buffet when dining for 2….
    So if your going to stay here for 1 night, might as well become a member, just make sure you can book your free night when you want. thats the hard part

  14. @novemberheridan – the trick is to go for the must try food, don't drink juices or water during the meal, eat fruits/veggies first, and save space to indulge on the desserts!


  15. A lot of food for one night! Can’t wait to try it out this weekend to celebrate my parents and nephew’s birthdays. Unlimited foie?!?! Count me in!

  16. P2800-p3000 dinner prices?!? Really? That’s insane! This is the Philippines! I think i’m in the wrong business… I remember the good days when a 5 star hotel buffet was P800-P900. What the hell happened? Food prices in the Metro have become unrealistic compared to other Asian metropolis restaurants. I’m still in shock at those prices I don’t know what to say. And I think I am the only one complaining.

  17. I was given a table at la veranda. I can still eat at the buffet, right? I won’t be restricted to just the a la carte menu?

  18. The truffle honey, foie gras and the chocolate chip cookies are the ones I look forward to every visit. Looks like I’ll be missing them when I come to brunch. I do hope they bring it back before I viist.

  19. Hi Anton,
    I’ve been a lurker for some time and I just had to un-lurk at the sound of foie gras.
    I demand an answer:
    Is the unlimited foie gras served every night of the week or just on weekends?
    Please respond before I start throwing stuff at random people!

  20. Hi Anton,
    Sorry to break the chain of good feedback but I guess it would be better if you can discourage the people from patronizing “foie gras ” since we all know where it comes from. I believe a number of western countries have laws against the sale of foie gras due to how it is traditionally produced. I just cant afford to see people enjoying this delicacy without knowing how it was produced.
    Again, sorry to spoil the fun.

  21. hi. very informative post!
    Why is it that friday and saturday cost higher than sun-thurs dinner? is there a variance in the menu between those days?

  22. Hi! I’m really curious as to how Spiral manages to be consistent in taste every single day! Such an inspiration. Anyway, I’m actually a chef in our local community, and our restaurant just recently branched out. Problem is, unlike Sofitel, I’m having a hard time managing inventories and recipes! Can you guys give me an advice on this? Thank you in advance!

  23. Don’t mind my previous comment because I found the solution to my problem!! Have you heard of EGS? A friend of mine told me that EGS takes restaurant management to a whole new level and as I browsed through their website (http://www.eg-software/ EGS), it proved to be true. All my recipe and inventory management troubles are now gone! Amazing, isn’t it? Why don’t you guys give their website a visit 😉

  24. There is space for improvement on service – twice I’ve experienced that which no real 5 star hotel/restaurant would ever tolerate. There are two incidents of bad taste in my mouth with regard to unjust preference and rudeness by both Spiral’s management and wait staff. Both instances involve days that should have been days of complete happiness and celebration – Mother’s Day for me and my son’s birthday today. Because I don’t look like a “mother” I was skipped when gifts were given at each table – I watched for 2 hours before my partner did the obvious – “you forgot this table” and then today (my son’s birthday celebration) I was seated by a Spirals hostess (after waiting my turn in line), then after settling in at the table and over half of the party up to get food – I was told to move because the table was a preferred table for someone who came later. Simple rudeness always leaves a bad taste. Sofitel Spirals – shame on you. You are no 5 star restaurant.

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